Ep #176: Transactional Networking: Attachment vs Commitment

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | Transactional Networking: Attachment vs Commitment

There’s one overarching problem I see often in the search for your premium role, and that is transactional networking. Transactional networking has you operating from an energy of attachment, which is normal and natural, but it comes with huge costs you might not be seeing right now.


We can all get into tunnel vision mode when it comes to exciting opportunities. You might see one that has you putting all your energy into it, fixated and hopeful. However, this mindset is the equivalent of expecting a ring on the first date. It’s slowing you down, leading to unhealthy actions, and creating unnecessary heartache.


Tune in this week to learn the difference between transactional networking and non-transactional networking, a.k.a attachment and commitment. I’m showing you what happens when you’re engaged in transactional networking, how it’s creating needless spinning and dwelling, and instead, what commitment to the end result looks like in practice.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • What transactional networking means.
  • The difference between attachment and commitment.
  • Why it’s normal and natural to get attached to any given opportunity.
  • What happens when you’re engaged in transactional networking.
  • How we try to interfere and manipulate an outcome from attachment.
  • The power of cultivating commitment to the end result you want.


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