The Best Way To Find Job On LinkedIn

The Best Way To Find Job On LinkedIn

The Best Way To Find Job On LinkedIn


The problem most people have who have started to try their hand at networking for a job on LinkedIn, is they think Linkedin is the only tool they need.



They think they can just start reaching out to people on LinkedIn using the InMail feature (maybe they even pay for the premium plan) and they think they will start to generate opportunities interviews and job offers.

The truth that they soon discover that it’s not that simple, and in fact, it doesn’t work this way at all.

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They figure out quickly that without knowing how to find the right people, and without the right messaging strategy to navigate the conversation to where they need it to go, the conversations fizzle out and they’re back at square one…

That’s IF they get a reply at all, which quite often they don’t. Because lots of people aren’t checking their LinkedIn regularly.

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What happens next?

Well, most people will give up and say that it doesn’t work, continue to stay stuck, avoid the fact that their career isn’t where they want it to be, and go back to doing random things that also didn’t work before, in the hopes of something changing…


But it doesn’t change unless you change it.


Linkedin is a super powerful tool, but not on its own. It becomes 100x more powerful when used in conjunction with the Opportunity Stacking Strategy to get the right people’s attention in the right way.

For example: One of my clients started using this strategy and she was able to get on the phone with someone that same day to chat about a job opening!

If you are still trolling the job boards if you’re trying to figure out LinkedIn on your own and still nothing.

There’s a good reason why it’s not working.


And it’s not you, so don’t take it personally. It’s your strategy.


If you keep going down the same path, using the same strategies that haven’t worked for you up until now, it’s like a bumblebee banging his head against the glass repeatedly trying to fly through it with no success, not even realizing that there is an open window just a few inches over that he could fly out of and be home free.

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After my client had a few chats using this strategy, she was able to secure a job offer for 22k more than she was previously making.

She didn’t have any hands-on experience in her field, yet that didn’t matter due to HOW she approached people, the method matters.

If you are looking for similar results to my clients.

I will help you map out your specific plan of action at no cost to you.

I’ll help you figure out what’s held you back until now and what you need to be doing to move forward.


This 4 Step Plan Will Allow You To:


  • Quickly Identify The Right Opportunities For You

  • Build Your Network (Even if you currently have 0 contacts)

  • Access The 80% of Hidden Job Opportunities You Never Knew About

  • Nail the Interviews for The Job You Want

  • Negotiate & get paid what you’re worth

Then if you decide that you want my help to implement this plan then we can work together to get you there.

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I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!


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– XO Natalie


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