Staying Positive While Looking For A Job – 4 Mental Tools

Staying Positive While Looking For A Job - 4 Mental Tools


Staying Positive While Looking For A Job – 4 Mental Tools


Today I’m addressing the subject of job search depression, job search anxiety and the common emotional roller coaster that looking for a new job can be, and some mental tools to keep yourself motivated and out of self-pity.

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1) Yes, it’s challenging! (And That’s Ok)


The big misconception we have is that it’s going to be easy and it should always feel good. But with anything worthwhile, this is not the case, is it?

Accepting the fact that what you’re doing is a challenging thing so it’s not going to be rainbows and daisy’s the whole time along can bring you a lot of peace just with that.

Just knowing that it’s going to sometimes be uncomfortable and hard, and that’s ok.

No one is making you do it, you could take any old job, or you could go on welfare recognizing that it is going to be challenging at times just like anything worth doing can really put things into perspective for you.

I think that a lot of people think it is going to be so easy, and that’s why they get down on themselves.

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2) The river of misery


The river of misery is the place between where you are and where you want to be. So say if you’re in a job now that you don’t really like, but it pays the bills.

That is the pond of misery, it’s not very deep and you can splash around in the pond, but it’s not really where you want to be. So you need to embark on a journey down what is called the river of misery.

Anything that is worthwhile requires a time of discomfort between where you are and where you want to be, for example, Weight loss, building a business, getting your dream job, having a baby all those things require you to go through a period of discomfort first right?

With weight loss, you’ll have to say no to urges for cake. with business, a lot of rejection and a lot of things don’t work at first because you’re creating something out of nothing,

With dream job you are going out there and getting rejected, of course, it makes sense you wouldn’t want to go back out there after getting knocked down but that’s what we do that’s how it works.

That’s all part of the process.

This is why it’s helpful to have a coach, someone who is with you, and sees the finish line, they stop you from quitting (even those little quits) and they see and support you through the whole process until the end.


3) Your willingness to continue to get up and go back out and try again.


If you’ve been turned down for an interview or two or 3, you may not want to get back up and go out there, it is hard to do because your brain says, that was scary and I got rejected, it makes sense that you don’t want to go back out again on another one where that could happen again, but the thing is its rejection, it’s not death.

We didn’t die. Sometimes our brain thinks we are going to die when we get rejected, that is how it’s wired.

Our brain is trying to protect us and it is trying to keep us safe. So it says just give up you don’t need to put yourself through that again.

But it doesn’t’ understand that you’re not really going to die from being rejected. In olden times it could have meant that, if you were rejected from the group it could mean you were out on your own and wouldn’t survive.

Now in today’s’ modern society, it doesn’t mean that but we are still just as afraid of rejection.

So Rejection is basically just a feeling that we will overcome, and it’s necessary towards our success.

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4) It’s ok to be disappointed- but it’s how fast you can bounce back that will dictate how fast you get the results you want.


If you didn’t get selected for something that you were really excited about, sure you might be disappointed and that’s ok, it happens to everyone.

The trick is what you will make it mean?

A lot of people make it mean something personal about them, and sometimes people make it mean that they will never get to their goal. Both these thoughts won’t serve you for moving forward.

The most successful people don’t make it about themselves because it serves no purpose.


They choose to think things like:


Ok well, that one didn’t work out what’s next?

What other opportunities do I have going on?

OR – Oh well Now I am freed up to interview with companies that really do need me.

Just remember – this process isn’t always easy, and it’s not always fun, and that’s ok. You got this!

There you have it: The Four Mental Tools To Continuing To Stay Positive in the Job Search!

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