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⏩ You are capable & have a lot of valuable skills to offer, a part of you for sure believes this... But when it comes to selling yourself, you're not communicating it effectively because you're not getting the offers

⏩ You're getting stuck at a stage in the process (either not landing interviews, or landing interviews but no offers)... But you know if hired you could do an amazing job

⏩ You feel frustration & wish you could skip the whole hiring process, & just be hired already... bcz you know you're valuable but you're stuck in being able to voice it in the high pressure situations like interviews

⏩ You're Craving some clarity, & guidance! & You're just looking for the right support ❤️ Where you're seen, heard & Non-judgmentally guided ❤️

⏩ Or You simply feel you could use a major upgrade when it comes to your certainty, your confidence & your career & where you know want it to go?

It's ok friend ❤️

I understand what it's like to feel like you're stuck, & not in control of your future... & like there's just Something you're missing.

You're not alone.

I've been through this too & I've figured out how we can all turn it around.

At one point in time, many of these feelings, beliefs & realities were very, very true for the people I've worked with & for myself too.

I remember when I was laid off in 2014, I was told by a career coach & recruiters "How hard things would be due to the economy, & how I should be more realistic with my expectations..."

I decided I would choose something different.

I went on to create my own path that led me to 3 competing job offers one which I turned down and came back to offer another 20% and flexible working hours.

I went on to build a network where there is never a shortage of opportunities. Helping those who need, connecting others, & creating opportunities for myself & those in my circle has become part of who I am.

I went on to use this skill to create a thriving business as well as a corporate career as an HR Leader.

This was me 8 years ago

I was in major financial debt, I have been fired for poor performance, laid off multiple times, been through economic ups and downs, I’ve been demoted for not being “ready”, only to have them hire a new boss that I had to train.

I’ve been told I’ll never make the amount I wanted, that the salary I was targeting was “unheard of with someone with my experience level”.

Through all of these experiences I chose to create my own path forward. Say no to things that felt hard to say no to but I knew were right, and I chose the path that ultimately served me the best. And here we are.

While I’m a career coach now, & growing an online coaching company to eliminate the fear & anxiety around career, what I believe I’m meant to share with you here isn’t only about your career.

There are a lot of people who have great jobs but haven’t had the enjoyment, fulfillment or vacations even and are looking back regretting where they prioritized their focus.

A lot of people working very hard and being under-valued and mis treated day in & day out.

There’s lots of "responsible people" who do a great job but never seem to get promoted or move into the salary brackets or level of leadership that they want to be in.

This to me is about a whole lot more than just “Getting you your next six-figure job”
It’s about giving you freedom in your thinking, in your career, life, and changing your entire career trajectory into something more extraordinary than you'd imagined before.

Bea was from Spain & struggled to interview in the US thinking her experience didn't count & her accent might be the issue


These are the types of results to expect

From fearing interviewing to her long-awaited IDEAL six-figure position as School Principal!

Dannetta Grant went from being terrified of interviewing, for a teacher leader position for 12 years to landing her IDEAL six-figure role in her ideal School a Principal. She was also given a PERFECT interview score from someone who had been in education for 50+ Years & seen hundreds of candidates.

Ric Barrosa turned down one offer to receive a WAY better one Including a 25k Raise + Bonus & Perks!

From Finance to Implementation Specialist in One Jump WHILE doubling his salary!

Nicholas went from a job he wasn’t enjoying anymore, he’d been there for 8 years, was his first job out of university, To committing to make a change when he hired me.

He was not only able to successfully change industries going from Finance to Implementation Specialist in one jump, but he also doubled his salary in the process! He was able to do this all without gaining any additional experience or certifications!

Miesha created a 150% increase by understanding her value and communicating it effectively by implementing the program's teachings!

From "low ball" frustrating offers - To a Department creating a new title & position to get the new salary band approved!

Jamie made One Key shift in identifying her true value & Negotiated a 15k Raise including perks like (WFH & Extra time off)!

“Through the program, I was able to find an even better six-figure role which I’m really excited about & Aligns with who I am NOW as a person."

“I’d been trying to make this work for a really long time & I realized I needed some support, Career was very scary for me, I had a lot of self-doubt, and For the first full week I was part of the program It made me feel better about myself.

My fiance said in the end, I’m really glad that you did it and It really paid off”

Elyna Kim - Customer Operations
Greater Boston Area

In the end, they said: “WE want you here at this table when we’re making decisions about this organization.”

“I had great credentials, great background, wondering what I was doing wrong...
I used the program and started implementing it, and WOW there is so much good stuff in there I just got to work, I didn’t have time to sit around, my competition is out there getting career coaching and I went to work”

“I increased my income by 20k and without the program, I wouldn’t have achieved that.”

“The first module is so valuable as it gets you in the right mindset, money was one of the biggest things I overcame, I negotiated for the first time..”

“Usually the science degree comes last when it comes to compensation, when I first approached you I didn’t think I could even attempt this compensation, Environmental sciences don’t make this kind of money. I’m happy to report that I’m in the top 10% of earners in my industry.“

Isa Valdez - Environmental Scientist
Arizona United States

From wobbly self-confidence after moving back to the USA from Cuba & a long job hunt, to 178k Position for a Dell company!

Carolina went from swimming in self-doubt, & wavering confidence after moving back to the US from Cuba, to getting clear & grounded in her value & Negotiating a 178k Offer after being in the job search for months before finding me & making the decision to hire me.

From avoiding interviews to owning her brilliance & landing her IDEAL six-figure role During the pandemic!

Ciara went from majorly doubting herself, & even feeling relieved when she wasn’t called for the interview, to owning her abilities as a self-made HR professional and landing an even better position than she imagined. She did this DURING the pandemic within 3 months of working together.

From a toxic work culture & a long job hunt to a new six-figure position in a new industry with no prior experience!

Mark went from beating himself up a lot, to working with me, rewiring his brain, & not only did he get hired in his ideal six-figure role, but he’s being looked at as a thought leader with the ideas he bringing to the table, & this is just the beginning for Mark

How Mike Let go of Over Preparing to Relaxing into who he is & landing his most lucrative Premium offer yet!

2 Competing six-figure job offers!

Michael went from not understanding the whole process, feeling frustrated, & hitting a wall, to feeling confidence in figuring it out how to navigate the process gracefully & landed 2 competing six figure offers! #goodqualityproblems

Transitioning into a new industry from teaching to UX design & this is just the beginning!

After a few months of listening to the podcast and signing up, Colleen successfully changed careers from years in the teaching industry to UX Designer! Landing her first official Role UX Role!

Mastering interviewing & making a quantum leap in 2 months!

Kelly went from getting thrown off in interviews, to making a quantum 23k LEAP in her career in just 2 months after starting our work together! Now that she’s comfortable with the process of interviewing, so much more has opened up in her career! She was even invited to interview for a higher paying role in her same company after only 2 weeks of starting!

From insurance rep to a Six-Figure Sales Force Business Partner!

Connie went from feeling not worthy, & like she didn’t have any “official paid” experience in Salesforce, (but having passed the Salesforce exam) - to getting hired into a six-figure Salesforce position, where she gets to travel & continue her growth with the support of her awesome new team & company!



You NEVER need to send in another tedious application again (Unless your applications are working)

We are going to BUILD you a Well Branded LinkedIn with tons of QUALITY Connections.

That’s going to be your FIRST of MANY competitive EDGES.

We are going to do that together.

You are going to get an outpouring of support from ME & this Group, Both tactical and mindset support.

Then I’m going to teach you Everything you need to DO But more importantly How you need to think about it so that you will see it working before your eyes.

You don’t need to come from a giant corporation with newsworthy leaders to get the the role you want & so much deserve.

None of my clients came from any big name companies before they started working with me & they’ve landed Top Quality roles.


You’ll get intentionally Self-Confident & powerfully Raise your Self-Belief.

With the proven process to Bring out your true value and lay it right out on the table. In such a clear way that you won’t be able to deny it or question it ever again.

When you go through this process you will NEVER AGAIN say things like:

  • I don’t really know what my value is
  • I’m not really sure what I even did was that a big of a deal
  • I made so many mistakes
  • It was no big deal I really was just doing my job


  • I know my value I Really do! I just can’t seem to CONVINCE them of it?!

Hint*** When you so deeply connected to your value you won’t feel like you’re ever convincing anyone.

No worries I will guide you through how to do this.

Instead this will start happening:

  • Amazing answers will pour out of you.
  • Uplevelled opportunities will start coming to you.
  • You will handle any situations where you are not treated with value & respect VERY differently than you do now.
  • You will believe in your value daily and walking around with a new sense of pride will be the norm
  • You will be clear on how your value specifically translates to monetary results for employers
  • You will have specific results, stories and anecdotes to share in the interview as if it was a conversation with someone who already loves you and thinks you’re brilliant.


Interview Anxiety will become a thing of the past, & nerves are workable

  • You will never again over explain yourself, ramble, freeze or avoid a topic in an interview.
  • You will never again think to yourself... “Oh shit” I should know that…
  • You will never again fear blowing a great opportunity
  • You will never again allow a rejection get you down for ANY significant length of time. &
  • You will ALWAYS know what went wrong (or Right!) when you interview!
  • You will have control over your next steps, in fact you’ll already know what they are.
  • You will always be ONE if not TWO - THREE steps AHEAD!
  • You will have more interviews in line than you probably thought you wanted.
  • You will over-market yourself until you have the right OFFER SIGNED.
  • And it’ll feel Purposeful, POWERFUL & You’ll Never be in the same stuck position again


We’re going to untangle your limiting Mindset around your SALARY So that you can make the money you know you should be making...

I’m willing to bet you have the potential to make more than you are thinking of asking for, & more than what you make now.

I’m going to help you to see how you can ask for more and get it.

Then you're going to confidently do that again & again throughout your career!

To your first 100k and then into a 200k a year career

Under-earning is a habit that you're going to shed once and for all.

This is simply about Understanding the Value you bring, which we will tie into How much you make.

And you can do all of this without having to compromise having a life outside of work.


Heads Up: Sometimes this process is can be SO effective that some of my clients Land jobs they suddenly feel are such huge up-levels so quickly, that find themselves coming up against Imposter syndrome...

After you land the role at the amazing new Salary with the amazing new perks.

THIS IS just the start!

And it will come with NEW guidance that is needed.

NEW Level NEW Devil.

I am going to support you with what’s next!

👉 What are your impact goals now that you’ve landed this amazing role?

👉 What type of value do you want to add and how can you use your beautiful brain to do it?

👉 Do you want to start planning to move into leadership?

👉 Do you want to become the go-to person in your department, expert on a particular subject matter, or an industry leader in your field?

👉 Do you want to become a speaker or contributor who helps all the others around you?

You will be planning out how to add the most value you’re capable of in your first 90 days in this new role.

You will be pro-active about imposter syndrome creeping in, any self-sabotage tendencies you might have, any upper limit issues we will NIP them right here.

So you will set yourself up for the NEXT level Career (With the Next level Salary) that you didn’t even think about being possible UNTIL NOW.



& PRICE GOES UP TO $2,500.00

Expiring Bonus #2
Story Telling Examples & Masterclass!

Expiring Bonus #3
Powerful Decision Making Mini-Course


  • The Career of "Netflix Style" of easy-to watch videos (my entire body of work is in here for you + the bonuses)
  • Printable workbooks + worksheets
  • Private written coaching inside the LinkedIn Community (All the coaching you need)
  • Weekly live coaching calls At Tuesdays at 2pm PST, Replays can all be watched on demand.
  • Personalized challenges throughout the program to keep you in expansion mode!

You get to stay in the community and keep all assets that get created in the future… forever.



My story

I’m Natalie Fisher, Career & Mindset Certified Life Coach, Career mentor for professionals, & host of the Get a Six Figure Job You Love Podcast.

I was laid off in 2014 when suddenly the company I worked for closed. From one day to the next 178 people were all out of work. Many very talented & amazing humans & co-workers who I’d still call friends today.

As someone who actually enjoyed job interviews (My friends would joke saying: “Natalie is the only person I know who actually likes going to job interviews)... I felt immediately excited at the prospect of a new start. 

My co-workers however didn’t feel the same… Many were very fearful and nervous for their futures.

The organization that laid us off, hired a company to help employees get back to work after an event like this. 

The career counselor who led the first workshop was very discouraging. She said things like: “You won’t be able to make the amount you were making here. This was an anomaly, you will have to start at the bottom and work your way up again… She said this among other things…

Something in my head said, this is not right. I will prove her wrong. & So I did. Then I figured out a way to talk about my ability to bring value and results in a way that didn’t feel icky to me. Then I started explaining to others how they could do the same for themselves, and yield higher salaries as a result.

In 2019 and 2020, I coached over 100 professionals to get not just “get jobs”, but unreasonable jobs people like recruiters told them were not possible for them with their current experience & education.

I’ve noticed over and over again there is only one crucial difference between the professional who makes a high six figure salary vs. one who is underpaid for adding the same value….

It’s whether they understand, believe & know how to talk about their value in a way that lands with them first, so they can exude high value when it matters most.

This is not a “nice to have.” It’s a must if you want to have a career where you make what you deserve, do work you enjoy, & create the impact you’re capable of.

Your salary grows in proportion to your ability to communicate your value effectively, & it’s about more than just salary. Because we also want a wonderful life, one that is congruent with our values.

The Six Figure Curriculum comes from Truth, Value & Service… and is the missing piece for those who are great at what they do, but their income & environment does not currently reflect it.

The Six Figure Curriculum is the richest curriculum you’ll ever learn, in that it shines a spotlight on your unique gifts…

The Six Figure Curriculum creates trust, resonance, and unlocks magical opportunities.

The Six Figure Curriculum effortlessly draws in and filters for the kind of organizations who will align with you the most, and are happy to pay you what you deserve… this happens to also be the most profitable career strategy.

And most importantly, The Six Figure Curriculum isn’t “another damn thing” you HAVE to do.

If you’re just starting out, this is what will get you connecting with the right humans fast. If you already have an established career, this will be the difference between stressful, hit-or-miss interviews and confident “Oh I totally crushed it” moments.

The Six Figure Curriculum will be the end of interview & salary talk dread, forever.

Let interviewing & advocating for yourself, feel as meaningful as actually doing the work you love. And let your income finally reflect your real-life contributions.


Questions you might have.

  • Can people from all Countries get results in your program?

    The Mindset tools are universal and timeless.

    So short answer YES. Any English Speaking Country at least. (Only because the program is in English)

    Because while I do speak fluent Spanish I won’t coach in Spanish for the sake of the group understanding me on the calls!

  • Honestly I’m worried about getting lost in a crowd of people? What is the experience really like? Will I be able to get coached?

    I coach everyone on the calls. Every week. It’s that Simple.

    If you want coaching on anything inside the program.

    Enter the zoom.

    Click “RAISE HAND”

    I will call on everyone until there is no one else to call.

  • I secretly think I shouldn’t need a coach & should be able to do this on my own, I've always relied on myself before..

    Diego said it best.

    “I played with the idea of working with a coach for months. I never did it before and was unsure of getting any kind of results. I was also ashamed/insecure about sharing my personal situation and challenges.

    After not getting much action (interviews) in May/June I decided to move forward and commit to it.

    I had a conversation with a few other coaches' sales people & decided that your program was the best value and more what I was looking for.

    A weekly no none-sense approach with enough specific attention that I knew I’d be able to get what I needed.
    I didn’t care much about the online program. In fact, I did not believe that part would be valuable. Once I explored it, I changed my mind.

    My initial skepticism wasn’t towards you, but to the idea of coaching itself. I relied pretty much on myself before and would not have considered it if I weren’t really desperate.

    The cost was worth it and within a reasonable range for me.”

    Fast Forward - Diego Landed a Six-figure offer as an Engineering Manager at a Company he truly aligned with & negotiated in a way that he felt good and they accepted. He's Now a Principle Software Engineering Manager At Microsoft.

  • I don’t want you to tell me what to do (because that’s what coaches do) are you going to do that?

    Only if you want me to. I do give Strategy and steps but the results achieved come from the Ninja MINDSET tools I’ll teach you.

    I know this because I can give two people the playbook for “How to land your six-figure job” and one person can tell me I’m a genius and it works! And the second person can take the EXACT Same play book and tell me I scammed them. That’s why I don’t JUST hand out the playbook.

    I know that the REAL difference between people who get results and those who don’t is their mindset specifics.

    So if you want the strategy and that's what you need I’ve totally got you!

    If not, you will get the Mindset power that will Fuel you into your own unique strategy!

    Either way you get BOTH. That's why it's a WIN WIN.

  • What are the live coaching call call times and what if I can’t attend them?

    2pm PST Every TUESDAY.

  • How long do I get access to this program for?

    Ok are you ready for this? You might not believe me.

    It might seem too good to be true.

    Business coaches told me NOT to do this.

    But You get access forever.

    To unlimited coaching weekly forever.

    To the program materials including the video modules, workbooks, coaching inside the Private Linkedin community & EVERY bonus I ever add.

    When you’re in you’re now part of an exclusive club that supports each other toward your most terrifying and audacious goals, relentlessly for life.

    Find a single other online community that does that for this level of investment. I’ll bet you can’t.

  • SHHH I don’t want you to know this, but I don’t think this program can help me because I don’t think anything can help me. I’m not sure that my problems can even be solved.

    You have an innate value that is not dependent on anything other than your existence. From being yourself.

    From taking up space.

    From taking risks.

    From succeeding by your own definition of success.

    From resting.

    From living your life how you want to live it.

    This experience is more than helping you get the jobs you want and live the career you love. It’s about fully realizing how worthy you are, how capable of more and realizing the real possibilities that exist for you that you haven’t even considered yet.
  • I’ve been burned before.. I invested in a coach or a program and the result didn’t pan out… So I’m just afraid it will be the same thing over again.

    I hear you my friend. SO HAVE I. I'm the kind of person though who will keep going. And I didn't let that hinder me from getting the results I wanted. And because I myself have bought SO many programs, some good and some not. I have created this one to the level where that stops here.
  • People not getting results stops here.
  • That stops right here with this program for a ONE REASON.

    It is a lifetime program for this Exact reason, I don’t want anyone feeling like they did not get what they came for, so as long as you do your part it is 100% happening. Let’s GO.
  • I’m looking for a 1:1 coach, not a group program.

    My 1:1 is 10k for a six month commitment.
  • In this group you get to coach with me 1:1 in a group setting for less than half that price.
  • Plus you get the learning and gems from all the group's participants as well.

    If you are a coach, mentor, manager of any type in your role, this will be invaluable to you to see how others move through challenges to get results, as well as it will help you solidify your own coaching, AND give you aha moments you didn’t even know you needed.

    It’s like when you’re in a classroom and someone else asks a question that you think is SO good and you can’t wait to hear their answer yourself!

    Ready to move forward?


Depending on what you most need right now, pick a module. Or start from the very beginning.

Spend 5 minutes watching just one video.

Spend 10 minutes doing just one worksheet exercise.

That alone could change the trajectory of your career.

Any single tool, technique or worksheet can change the way you show up, to compel that human to hire you today.

There is so much gold, and any starting place is magic.

Start today. Don’t wait.

As many of my clients say, I just wish I’d decided sooner...

Let’s do it.


Total Investment of $2500 USD  

Or 6 payments of $447/Month USD