It's your process that's broken.

It's not you❤️

The career you want is totally achievable with what you already have!

Read on.


⏩ You are capable & have a lot of valuable skills to offer, a part of you for sure believes this... But when it comes to selling yourself, you're not comfortable communicating it effectively & you're not getting offers.

⏩ You're getting stuck at a stage in the process (either not landing interviews or landing interviews but no offers)... But you know if hired you would do an amazing job.

⏩ You feel frustrated & wish you could skip the whole "interviewing thing" & just be hired already... bcz you KNOW you're valuable. You're just unable to voice it in the high pressure situations like interviews.

⏩ You're craving some clarity, & guidance! & You're just looking for the right support ❤️ where you're seen, heard & non-judgmentally guided yet also given freedom to find what works for you!❤️

⏩ Or... you know you're due for a major upgrade when it comes to your certainty, your confidence & your career mindset to get to your next career goal! You want to feel excited about possibility again, and see the path to it from where you are!

Ok cool, I'm here for it all. ❤️


If you've resonated with me and how I say things, then I can help you!

And we'll have fun and get a lot done at the same time!

Follow this page for a sneak peek into what you can expect from the entire Six-Figure Curriculum experience.


I have always been a rule breaker.

I think I got that from my dad.

I was laid off in 2014, & I was told by a career coach & recruiters "how hard things would be due to the economy," & "how I should be more realistic with my expectations." They said I'd been overpaid and "not to expect the same circumstances to come around again."

This narrative just didn't sit right with me.

I went on to create a path that led to 3 competing job offers (including one I turned down) and they came back to offer another 20% salary + flexible working hours.

I went on to build a network where there is never a shortage of opportunities. Now my MO is helping those in need, connecting others, & creating opportunities seemingly out of thin air all the time.

Using my skills and unique, firsthand experiences, I've created a thriving business as well as a corporate career as an HR Leader.

I've had my share of EPIC FAILS, so I'm no stranger to how it feels to be judged by others, feel embarrassed and like nothing is working...

I was in major financial debt. I've been fired for poor performance, laid off multiple times, through economic ups and downs, and demoted for not being “ready”, only to have them hire a new boss that I had to train.

I’ve been told I’ll never make the amount I wanted, that the salary I was targeting was “unheard of with someone with my experience level”.

Through all of these experiences, I actively chosen a different mindset, and refused to accept these "opinions" as ultimate truths. I said no to things that (at the time) felt hard to say no to but I knew were right, and I chose the path that ultimately served me the best. And here we are.

While I’m a career coach now growing a company to eliminate the fear & anxiety around landing competitive job offers and building six-figure careers, what I believe I’m meant to share with you here isn’t only about your career.

There are a lot of people who have great jobs but who haven't experienced joy or fulfillment from what they do. They haven't even taken their vacation time. Now they're looking back regretting where they put their focus. I want to help you do this in an emotionally wealthy way, not just "check the box" of having everything look good on paper, but FEEL good in real life too!

A lot of people are working very hard and being undervalued and mistreated day in & day out.

There’s lots of "responsible people" who work hard but never seem to get promoted or move into the salary brackets or level of leadership that they want to be in.

To me, this is about a whole lot more than just “getting you your next six-figure job.”
It’s about giving you freedom in your thinking, career, and life.

It's about changing your entire career trajectory into something more extraordinary than you've ever imagined before.

Throughout this page you will see countless examples of Badasses who have struggled and won, struggled and won. From brand new grads to women and men in their 50-70's of all races and backgrounds with the most beautiful accents. If you're in the struggle right now, you're not alone. It's time for a flip in your game, and the work I do with you 100% provides exactly that!
A flip of the game.

Bea was from Spain & struggled to interview in the US, thinking her experience didn't count & her accent might be the issue


There are 2 Types Of Results

#1 - Milestone Results

Milestone results are the "smaller" seemingly more "insignificant" results, that actually make our ULTIMATE big results (Like the offers and pay raises) inevitable in the end.

#2 - Ultimate Results

The ultimate results are the big shiny results like the offers and the pay raises! But these are not the only results we need to celebrate hard.

From fearing interviewing to her long-awaited IDEAL six-figure position as school principal!

Dannetta Grant went from being terrified of interviewing for a teacher leader position for 12 years to landing her IDEAL six-figure role in her ideal school. She was also given a PERFECT interview score from someone who had been in education for 50+ Years & interviewed hundreds of candidates.

Ric Barrosa turned down one offer to receive a WAY better oneincluding a 25k raise + bonus & perks!

From finance to Implementation Specialist in one jump WHILE doubling his salary!

Nicholas went from a job he wasn’t enjoying anymorehis first job out of university, he’d been there for 8 years—to committing to make a change when he hired me.

He was not only able to successfully switch industries, going from finance to Implementation Specialist in one jump, but he also doubled his salary in the process! He was able to do this all without gaining any additional experience or certifications!

Miesha created a 150% increase by understanding her value and communicating it effectively using the program's teachings!

From "low-ball", frustrating offers to creating a new title & position and getting her new salary band approved!

Jamie made one key shift in identifying her true value & negotiated a 15k raise including perks like (WFH & extra time off)!

“Through the program, I was able to find an even better six-figure role which I’m really excited about & it aligns with who I am NOW as a person."

“I’d been trying to make this work for a really long time & I realized I needed some support. Career was very scary for me, I had a lot of self-doubt, and for the first full week I was part of the program it made me feel better about myself.

My fiancé said in the end, I’m really glad that you did it and It really paid off”

Elyna Kim - Customer Operations
Greater Boston Area

In the end, they said: “WE want you here at this table when we’re making decisions about this organization.”

“I had great credentials, great background, wondering what I was doing wrong...
I used the program and started implementing it, and WOW there is so much good stuff in there I just got to work, I didn’t have time to sit around, my competition is out there getting career coaching and I went to work”

“I increased my income by 20k and without the program, I wouldn’t have achieved that.”

“The first module is so valuable as it gets you in the right mindset, money was one of the biggest things I overcame, I negotiated for the first time.”

“Usually the science degree comes last when it comes to compensation. When I first approached you I didn’t think I could even attempt this compensation, Environmental sciences don’t make this kind of money. I’m happy to report that I’m in the top 10% of earners in my industry.“

Isa Valdez - Environmental Scientist
Arizona United States

From wobbly self-confidence after moving back to the USA from Cuba & a long job hunt to a 178k position for a Dell company!

Carolina went from swimming in self-doubt & wavering confidence after moving back to the US from Cuba to getting clear & grounded in her value & negotiating a 178k offer after being in the job search for months before finding me & making the decision to hire me.

From avoiding interviews to owning her brilliance & landing her IDEAL six-figure role during the pandemic!

Ciara went from majorly doubting herself & even feeling relieved when she wasn’t called for the interview to owning her abilities as a self-made HR professional and landing an even better position than she imagined. She did this DURING the pandemic within 3 months of working together.

From a toxic work culture & a long job hunt to a new six-figure position in a new industry with no prior experience!

Mark went from beating himself up a lot to working with me & rewiring his brain. Not only did he get hired in his ideal six-figure role but, thanks to his brilliant ideas and new standout confidence, he's now seen as a thought leader in his field. This is just the beginning for Mark.

How Mike went from over-preparing to relaxing into who he is & landing his most lucrative, premium offer yet!

~~2 competing six-figure job offers!~~

Michael went from not understanding the process, feeling frustrated, & hitting a wall to navigating his job hunt gracefully & with CEO confidence. He landed 2 competing, six-figure offers! #goodproblemstohave

Transitioning into a new industry ⏩⏩ from teaching to UX design

After a few months of listening to the podcast and signing up, Colleen successfully changed careers after years in the teaching industry. She landed her first official UX Role!

Lizzie went from a full-time art teacher to making more as a part-time Marketing & UX Manager

“I searched "How to interview" and I came across your podcast and I listened constantly every day, it put me in the right mindset and got all these ideas!

I was energized after a coaching call of absorbing and learning and I got a message for a new company in my home town looking for a web designer!

“I got hired on as a Marketing and UX design Manager! As long as you’re in that mindset and that momentum! Now my new boss is like “Yeah you can work from home if you want”

Mastering interviewing & making a quantum leap in 2 months!

Kelly went from getting thrown off in interviews to making a quantum 23K LEAP in her career in just 2 months after starting our work together! Now that she’s comfortable with the process of interviewing, so much more has opened up in her career. She was even invited to interview for a higher paying role in her same company after only 2 weeks of starting!

From insurance rep to a six-figure Sales Force business partner!

Connie went from feeling not worthy, & like she didn’t have any “official paid” experience in Salesforce (but having passed the Salesforce exam) to getting hired into a six-figure Salesforce position, where she gets to travel & continue her growth with the support of her awesome new team & company!

"After I started the coaching and I realized how I could better communicate my value, I also realized at the same time the organizations that I would connect best with. When I started doing my coaching, and really translating my wins and figuring out my numbers using the VCVC method and the culture that I had achieved those results in, then I was much more clear on what to do.

My new salary is 25% more than my previous role. I'm now a VP of Product, and I was underpaid in my previous Director role."

Ninon got clarity on her value to land a VP of Product Management position at a 20% salary increase in 2 months!

"The way you presented things aligned more with me, and it was easy to find the money and spend it once I found you." - Ninon

Nicole broke through her income limitations as a former teacher & created her own high value environment

"I had some fear of success. It was a weird fear of, "What if I'm successful?"

Clarifying Value from the Inside Out to Achieve Measurable Results: A Client Success Interview with Rocio



We’ll co-create a safe play zone, so you get the results you want every time.

We’ll start with a rock-solid, unshakeable foundation of psychological safety so you’ll have the confidence and fearlessness you need to TAKE ACTION. At every step, you’ll rest easy knowing you have your own back.  

Please don’t worry. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do, and we’re not going to do anything you don’t feel 100% confident in doing.

And before we dive into the deep end of the pool, we’re going to pop on some swimmies and practice swimming laps in the shallow end.

Think of it this way:
The six-figure job you’ll love is a mountain. Your job search starts at the bottom.

You’re going to run into the inevitable—

  • You’re going to get ghosted.
  • Interviewers are going to say things that trigger a fear or stress response.
  • You’re going to get a “no” that's really hard to hear—likely about a job that felt like "THE ONE."

Without the foundation of safety… frankly, these events will kick you while you’re down. You’ll end up back at the bottom of the mountain every. single. time.

Safety allows you to continue making forward progress.

When you’re faced with ups and downs (and we all are), you’re going to have a reasonable response and keep going.


The program will give you a clear understanding of the Central Nervous System that’s going to serve you for the rest of your life.

With your Central Nervous System as your new Best Friend Forever, you’re going to feel your emotions, process them, and continue your trek up the mountain stronger for them.

Let the future you be proud of the protection your past self put in place.


Relax into and trust my elevated self-confidence process, The Self Confidence Rocket Launcher.

When you learn to be congruent with who you REALLY ARE and powerfully raise your self-belief, you’re going to sit down for interviews with your highest confidence level.

Your interviews are going to feel light as air—truly like a conversation between friends to determine if the job is right FOR YOU—because you know your worth and the insane value you bring.

You’re going to feel so deeply connected with your value, you see it as plain, simple fact.

You’re not “convincing” anyone. Instead, you’re having a conversation about what you know to be true.


  • You’re worth the competitive salary.
  • You’re worth the perks you most desire, including generous vacation time and flexible hours.
  • You’re WORTHY. Period.

When you step into the identity of a 100K earner, here’s what happens next:

  • Interviews will be a breeze and the right responses will POUR out of you. Your answers will sound and BE effortless, knowledgeable, and on-point.
  • You’re going to start attracting unbelievable opportunities. That’s right—uplevelled opportunities will start coming to you.
  • A brand new sense of pride will be your norm.
  • The clouds will part. 🌤️  Seriously though, you’re going to clear away so much confusion and uncertainty. You’ll know your value and how it translates into straight cash 🤑🤑 for employers, and I'll teach you the clearest, most direct way to communicate it so you get the highly sought-after, standout, competitive six-figure job offer you deserve.



THE opportunity creation strategy that will have the organizations eager to interview you.

(Say BUH-BYE 👋👋 to feeling like you’re "the lucky one" to get an interview.)

Are you still waiting for opportunities to come to you?

🛑 There’s a better way, and it’s in the Six-Figure Curriculum.

Bonus: It’s simple.

There’s really just ONE crazy impactful thing you have to do, and I’m going to lovingly guide you through it.

You can count on me to celebrate your wins right alongside you and give you encouragement and support whenever you need it.

I’ve been there and I know how tough it feels without the right tools.

With the right tools?

It can feel easeful, energizing, and—dare I say it?—
even fun.

We’re going to take steps “you ought to do” and make them into playful experiments that keep giving.


Banish interview anxiety FOREVER. You can work with & manage nerves like a boss.

What’s inside the program?

Just my templates, scripts, and EXACT method to getting responses from the companies you’re excited about working for… AND the exact scripts to negotiate your salary… AND the confidence + mindset to actually do it. 💁‍♀️ 💁‍♀️

In my program, I compare interviewing to a Ferris wheel and a roller coaster. Let’s get really honest. A lot goes into an interview. It’s like a whole dang theme park.

For purposeful and powerful interviews, you’re going to want to work on your confidence, awareness, attachment, value, communication, and the list goes on and on and on.

My methods make it simple.

Thanks to the program, you’ll

  • over-explaining yourself, rambling, and freezing during interviews.
  • spending the whole interview hopin’ and prayin’ THAT—a gap in your employment history, a recent termination, etc.—doesn’t come up.
  • fear of rejection or “not being good enough” for the job.
  • the painful lulls and emotional hangovers that follow whenever you hear the word “no” on your journey.

Also during the program, you’ll INVITE IN:

  • a clear path and agency over your next steps
  • a constantly flowing pipeline of interviews so you’re always acting in your best interests and never desperate for the job.
  • the momentum, motivation, and fierce, go-get-‘em energy you need to keep going until you have a SIGNED OFFER in your hands. 👏


This is the part of the program where we package your brilliance into a unique set of stories that you’ll become remembered for.

Together, we’ll co-create the stories that will land you the job.

What are interviewers looking for when they ask the ever predictable, “So tell me about yourself”?

They’re NOT looking for a regurgitation of your resume. (And, in fact, that’s one of the top mistake job seekers make!)

What they’re looking for is SUBSTANCE. A deeper, multidimensional understanding of who you are.

And the most effective and powerful way for them to get it is through story.

In the Six-Figure Curriculum, I’ll teach you to tell stories that bring life and color into the way people understand you, your mission, style, and personality because people are inherently interested in what makes other people tick.

When you use the methods inside the program, your stories are going to shine and WOW the people in the room.

Some things you’ll learn?

👉 How to use story to create a lasting impression through emotional resonance and personal connection

Why it’s BEST if what you say during job interviews ISN'T perfect (this includes your stories too!)

👉 Six tools to “kick it up a notch” and make your stories more interesting AND more effective

You’re going to have specific results, stories, and anecdotes to share in interviews so you can create conversations that feel like you’re talking to someone who already loves you and thinks you’re brilliant.


Translate your value + impact into the dollar amount you’ll bring in, so it becomes a no-brainer to hire you.  

YES, OF COURSE, we’re going to talk about salary. Don’t worry—you’ll complete the curriculum with all your burning questions about making six-figures answered and put to rest.

In fact, you can expect complete clarity on what makes you valuable & different so that you can communicate it to high quality organizations with more ease.

Here's the thing...

I’m willing to bet you have the potential to make more than you are thinking of asking for & more than what you make now.

My job is to empower you and help you see it.

What’s inside our last and most important activity together?

  • actionable strategies to manage a few, fleeting moments of discomfort so you can score the salary, benefits, and job you love for years to come
  • what exactly to expect from a negotiation. (I know it makes people uncomfortable, so I’m going to get really detailed here. Think step-by-step instructions, templates, and scripts.)
  • self-evaluation and reflection that WILL strengthen your game as you go—and get you excited for your next interview!

The level of support you get inside this program is honestly unheard of at this price point. That’s why the price will be going up to $3,500 after May 11th! 


  • The videos that will get your next six-figure offer in the order I suggest watching them. (No worries - I make it easy for you!)
    This is my entire body of work + your bonuses!
  • The printable The Six-Figure Curriculum Playbook. With over 200 pages of material, you're going to stress better, interview better, and create the six-figure offer most congruent with your unique needs and desires. ❤️
  • Tight-knit Linkedin Coaching Community - inside the LinkedIn Communityall the coaching you need!
  • Weekly live coaching calls Tuesdays at 1pm PST & replays on demand.
  • Personalized challenges throughout the program to keep you in expansion mode!

You get to stay in the community and keep any new resources created for my future teachings… FOREVER.



My story

I’m Natalie Fisher, Career & Mindset Certified Life Coach, career mentor for professionals, & host of the Get a Six Figure Job You Love Podcast.

I was laid off in 2014 when the company I worked for closed. From one day to the next, 178 people were all out of work, including many talented & amazing humans & co-workers who I still call friends today.

As someone who actually enjoyed job interviews (my friends joked, “Natalie is the only person I know who actually likes going to job interviews"), I felt excited at the prospect of a new start. 

My co-workers, however, did not feel the same way. Many were fearful and nervous for their futures.

The organization that laid us off hired a company to help employees get back to work after events like reorgs and sudden closures. 

The career counselor who led the first workshop was very discouraging. She said things like, “You won’t be able to make the amount you were making here. This was an anomaly, you'll have to start at the bottom and work your way up again."

A voice in my head screamed, This isn't right. I'm going to prove her wrong. And so I did. Then I figured out a way to talk about my ability to bring value and results in a way that didn’t feel icky to me. That's when I started explaining to others how they could do the same thing for themselves and snag higher salaries as a result.

In 2019 and 2020, I coached over 100 professionals to get not just “get jobs”, but also to get high-paying, flexible, and highly sought-after jobs people like recruiters told them were not possible for them with their current experience & education.

I’ve noticed over and over again there is only one crucial difference between the professional who makes a high six-figure salary vs. one who is underpaid for adding the same value…

It’s whether they understand, believe in, & know how to talk about their value in a way that lands with them first, so they can exude high value when it matters most.

This is not a “nice to have". It’s a must if you want to have a career where you make what you deserve, do work you enjoy, & create the impact you’re capable of.

Your salary grows in proportion to your ability to communicate your value effectively, & it’s about more than just salary... because we also want a wonderful life, one that is congruent with our values.

The Six Figure Curriculum comes from truth, value & service… and it's the missing piece for those who are great at what they do, BUT their income & environment do not currently reflect that.

The Six Figure Curriculum is the richest curriculum you’ll ever learn in that it shines a spotlight on your unique gifts.

The Six Figure Curriculum creates trust, resonance, and unlocks magical opportunities.

The Six Figure Curriculum effortlessly draws in and filters for the kind of organizations who will align with you most and are happy to pay you what you deserve. (This also happens to be the most profitable career strategy.)

And, most importantly, The Six Figure Curriculum isn’t “another damn thing” you HAVE to do.

If you’re just starting out, this is what will get you connecting with the right humans fast. If you already have an established career, this will be the difference between stressful, hit-or-miss interviews and confident, “Oh, I totally crushed it!” moments.

The Six Figure Curriculum will be the end of interview & salary talk dread forever.

Let interviewing & advocating for yourself feel as meaningful as actually doing the work you love. And let your income finally reflect your real-life contributions.


The Answers to
🔥All Your Burning Questions🔥

  • When are the coaching calls? Will there be replays?

    Tuesdays, 1 PM PST.

    All calls are recorded, you can watch the replays whenever you like, AND please feel free to join whenever you can. If you're able to join an hour late at 2 PM, you're more than welcome to do so. I highly encourage you to do what works for you!

  • Do I need to be on the live calls to get coaching?

    I never want you to miss out. There’s no FOMO in my program. You’re going to get the value you paid for. What if you want coaching and can’t attend the live calls?

    Tag me in the LinkedIn community. I’m more than happy to coach you there as well. I may even respond with a voice message or a short video. You will get the attention you need!

  • What’s included?

    When you sign up, you get:

    👉 live coaching calls every Tuesday

    👉 30 video lessons (each video runs 30 minutes or less)

    👉 a library of free masterclasses

    👉 The Six-Figure Curriculum Playbook
    This includes your pre-work, reading, activities, and worksheets. It’s 200+ pages long and, when you download it, the entirety of the course is right there at your fingertips. It’s meant to be used in order, but it’s flexible. You can also skip around and choose the lesson or activity that’s most impactful to you on any given day. That’s why I like to describe the program as structured yet flexible.

    👉 access to any new masterclasses, e-books, freebies, etc. I create for the program.

  • How do the coaching calls work? What can I expect from them?

    I do 1-on-1 coaching calls in a group container.

    What the heck does that mean!?

    During our live calls, I coach whoever wants coaching live 1-on-1. Raise your hand, and I’ll coach you directly. I’ll give personal feedback and support, just like I do with my 1-on-1 clients. (Yes, I have time to coach everyone who raises their hand!)

    Other people in the community will ask questions that are top of mind for you. They’ll bring up challenges you want coaching through, but maybe aren’t quite comfortable talking about yet for whatever reason. They’ll describe what is and isn’t working for them and help you strategize your next move. They’ll inspire you. Take what works and leave the rest.

    I get so many people who choose to sit back and listen in the calls telling me they love the energy the calls give them. They tell me the calls reinvigorate their mind and spirit. In other words, the calls in and of themselves become valuable mindset work.

    Even if you don’t know what you need, come to the call. You’ll get what you need. We’ll get to the breakthrough you’re waiting for.

  • How long can you be in the group coaching for?

    It's lifetime.

    This program is unlike any other out there. When I say it’s lifetime, I mean lifetime—and not just for the videos, not just for the playbook—for the live coaching calls too.

    The value for the price is INSANE, it’s literally too good of a deal, and you’re welcome to every single coaching call you can make for as long as you wish to attend them.

  • How long after joining the program does it take for people to get their dream job?

    If you’re actively participating and doing the work, the average is about 90 days.

    During the last iteration of the program, we saw an explosion of job offers immediately after the 8-week challenge (during weeks 9, 10, and 11).

  • Did anyone fail to get a job after participating in your program?

    There is only one way to fail, and that’s to give up.

    If you keep going, you will get the results you’re looking for. Some people get job offers in weeks, and, for some people, it takes months. (The people who take months are often working on a really big result, like doubling their salary.)

    People who are successful are not smarter, more experienced, or more talented than people who do not succeed.

    What successful people share in common is that they do not give up.

    Keep going, keep coming to calls, and keep working through the activities in your playbook, and you’ll get a six-figure job you love.

  • What if I don’t know what I want? Is it still a good fit for me?

    The video lessons, your playbook, the free masterclasses (especially “How to Make Confident Decisions In Your Career Without Second-Guessing Yourself”), and the live coaching calls are there for you if you’re unsure about the job you want.

    Do the activities in the playbook and watch the masterclasses your own pace, and/or… bring it to coaching!

    I’d be happy to help you work through it live, and—bonus!—our discussion will help other people. There are so many people who know exactly how you feel and are wrangling with similar issues.

  • I don’t think this program can help me because I don’t think anything can help me. I’m not even sure my problems can be solved.

    You have an innate value that is not dependent on anything other than your existence.

    You’re worthy and deserving exactly the way you are. You don’t have to “hustle for worthiness” (as Brené Brown would say) or answer to anyone but yourself.

    This program is about so much more than helping you get a six-figure job. It’s about you fully realizing how worthy you are, owning how wildly capable you are, and discovering the very real possibilities that exist for you, including and especially the ones you haven’t even considered yet.

  • I’ve been burned before. I invested in a coach or a program, and I didn’t get the results I wanted. I’m afraid it’s going to happen again.

    I hear you my friend. SO HAVE I.

    Because I, myself, have bought SO many programs—some good and some not-so-good—you can count on my commitment to you.

    My commitment to you: That stops here.  

    This is a lifetime program. You’re going to get the results you paid for.

    You might even get several interviews with several offers. When you get your six-figure job, you will get your investment back several times over.

    I never want anyone to feel like they didn’t get results from the program. Do your part, do the WORK, and the results you want will follow.

  • Do I need to have LinkedIn to take part in the program?

    Nope! There’s no rule saying you need to be on LinkedIn to get a job.

    In fact, there are no “rules.”

    There are people in the program who have landed a job without an up-to-date resume. Several people received a job after getting coffee with an old coworker. One person even secured their six-figure dream job from a Facebook comment.

    There are no rules, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.

  • Is the program suitable for applicants who have experienced or may experience ageism?

    Yes! I’ve worked with clients in their 70s, and they’ve been successful.

    Ageism is not something I’ve personally experienced, so I’ve brought in guest experts who can speak to it for you.

    I’ve poured my heart into the program, and I believe in serving you in every way I possibly can. If there’s anything I can’t personally speak to and it keeps coming up, I’ve brought in guest experts to cover those topics.

  • Do I have to be in the U.S. to take part? What if I’m in Canada?

    Funny you should ask—I’m Canadian! These tools absolutely work in Canada. Most of my clients happen to be from the U.S., but I’ve had clients from Canada and many different European countries.

    The mindset shifts you learn in the Six-Figure Curriculum are universal, and I’m really pleased to say people have applied it from all over the world. The program is suitable for anyone in an English-speaking country.

  • I’m returning to work after a two-year break. Can the program help me?

    Yes! If you’re experiencing any fears or hesitations about returning to work, I’m thrilled to help you work through them in the program. If you don’t know what to say about your break—or anything else—during interviews, I’ve got you.

    The program is perfectly suited for anyone looking for a six-figure job they love, and it's extra, extra useful for those who believe they have circumstances or challenges that may make their search "especially difficult." (It doesn't matter as much as you think, and we're going to work on those beliefs!)


Start from the beginning. Or depending on what you most need right now, pick a module.

Spend 5 minutes watching just one video.

Spend 10 minutes doing just one worksheet exercise.

That alone could change the trajectory of your career.

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