Ep #209: 1 Simple Shift to Speed Up Your Job Search

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | 1 Simple Shift to Speed Up Your Job Search

What’s one simple shift you can make today to speed up your job hunt? I have one trick you can use today to start getting the results you’re looking for, but be warned, this one might trigger some people. It starts with a simple question: when you’re looking for new opportunities in your career, how often do you find yourself stating the amount of time you’ve been unemployed?


People all over LinkedIn are saying things like, “I’ve been out of work for 6, 12, 18 months…” Sentences like this are never helpful. Stating how long you’ve been unemployed for has no useful value whatsoever, but people keep proclaiming it, like it matters. The truth is, focusing on how long you’ve been out of work is detrimental to your ability to create new opportunities in your career, so it’s time to try something new.


Tune in this week to discover how to speed up positive results on the search for your premium role. I share one simple shift that gets you focused on what’s possible instead of how long you’ve been unemployed, and you’ll learn the ways of thinking that will drive you toward a career you truly love.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • How focusing on how long you’ve been unemployed or between roles is holding you back.
  • Why the amount of time since you last worked is irrelevant.
  • How things can be true but totally irrelevant at the same time.
  • Some of the other unhelpful sentences people get caught up in during the search for their premium role.
  • Where you need to focus if you want to land a premium role that you love.
  • How to speed up results on the job hunt.

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