Ep #108: Small Shifts Lead to Big Results: A Client Success Interview with Colleen

Get Six Figure Job You Love | Small Shifts Lead to Big Results: A Client Success Interview with Colleen


This week, I’m introducing you to one of my amazing clients: Colleen. Colleen is currently a User Experience Designer. Having been a teacher for many years prior, she decided she wanted to make a change. But while she knew teaching wasn’t for her and she wanted more, she wasn’t sure how to make it happen.


She thought about going back to college and retraining, but she eventually retrained in EX Design by taking an online bootcamp. Then it came time to find an opportunity in her new industry, and she experienced rejection in her first interview. That’s when she found me. Since then, we’ve been making small shifts, and they’ve led to big results.


Tune in this week to hear about everything Colleen has been through since she came to me for help in her career. Colleen is sharing how she tried to do all of the hard work on her own, the shifts she was able to make once she started getting an outside perspective, and how she sealed the deal on her first offer in her new industry.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Colleen’s experience of switching careers, retraining, and interviewing for new roles.
  • What Colleen has learned about rejection on her journey.
  • Why Colleen decided to reach out to me for career coaching.
  • The work Colleen did to start creating intentional self-confidence.
  • How our work together facilitated Colleen’s evolution from where she was when we started to where she is now.
  • The unhelpful beliefs Colleen had before we worked together around needing to do all of the hard work on her own.
  • How small, simple shifts in her mindset and her actions have led to big results in Colleen’s career.
  • Colleen’s advice to anyone who’s looking for help securing a premium offer in a new industry.

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Hello, and welcome to the Get A 6-Figure Job You Love podcast. This is episode 108, small shifts lead to big results with my awesome client, Colleen. Hey there, welcome to the Get A 6-Figure Job You Love Podcast. I’m your host, Natalie Fisher. I’m your host, Natalie Fisher. I’m a certified career mindset coach who also happens to want to skip all the BS and get to what it really takes to create real results for you and your career. On this podcast you will create real mindset shifts that will lead to big results and big changes in your career and your income. No fluff here. If you want to get a six figure job you love and create real concrete results in your industry and make a real impact you’re in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s go all.
All right. We’re here today with another one of my amazing clients and members of the program, Colleen, and she’s going to share with us her journey today. We’re going to get into the good, bad, the ugly, everything that Colleen has been through since she came to me and our journey working together so far. I’m so excited to get started. We’ll start with Colleen, introduce yourself, tell us a bit about what you do and anything you want to share to kick us off.
Awesome. All right. Thanks Natalie. I can’t believe I’m here doing this. This is so exciting. Currently I’m a UX designer and I basically transitioned careers. I was a teacher for many, many years. I knew I got to this point where I was just like, this isn’t for me, but what do I do next? And so I found myself on YouTube like I tend to, and I found this video that was all about the top money making college careers. I was convinced I was going to go back and get another college or degrees rather, get another degree because I love school. And I’m like, yeah, whatever. I’ll just go back and do a thing. That video led me to the idea of computer science. And my brain was like, oh no, you can’t do that. You don’t like math. I was like, well, just explore a little bit.
And that led me to software development and coding. I taught myself coding skills for six months, but then I thought, I don’t know if I want to just sit on a computer by myself all day, not talk to anybody, right? Coming from teaching I was used to collaborating with people all day long. But eventually I landed on UX design. And so that led me to signing up for this boot camp program that had a money back guarantee basically saying if you went through the program and you applied to jobs every single week for six months and you didn’t get anything, you would get your money back. I was like, okay, let’s do it right. Low risk.
Sounds like a good deal.
Right. That started March of 2021. I graduated from the boot camp program in December and then I was applying for jobs. My first interview came in January, and oh man, thinking back to what I was thinking, the way I was feeling and that very first interview was just mountains away from how I feel about it now. I found you Natalie, because I was rejected from that first interview in January. And somehow I think I found your YouTube channel, which led me to your podcast. Your podcast on rejection. I forget the title of it, because I know you have a couple, was one where you explained how why humans feel rejection and what it is and how to really break it down and how it doesn’t mean the end of the world. That was life changing for me after that interview.
And then I managed to of sales my way into a second interview with that company, although it was for a different department rather. I managed to sort continue interviewing with that same company. I landed myself three more interviews with that company, but it ultimately ended in rejection. And so at that moment I was at the lowest of my low. And really coming from teaching where you literally walk in the room and you’re like, yeah, you’re a warm person in the building. Okay. Here’s a job. Right? It’s really not that hard. I’ve been rejected by teaching positions before, but literally would be accepted two or three days later from a different place. And so it really wasn’t that much of a blow.
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But when I was rejected after those four interviews with the same exact company, that was a new low for me, I didn’t know what to do with myself. And so I was toying with that idea of signing up for the program right around then and I told myself that if I didn’t get it, that I would sign up. I had reached out to you on LinkedIn, I think I had asked you something about that and said, yeah, I think I’ll do it. But if I get a yes, I won’t do it right now because obviously then I’ll have a job, I’ll be busy. Of course I ended up getting the no and signing up.
I’m glad you brought that up because I feel a lot of people have that same thought. They’re like, well, I’m waiting to get a yes, I’m not sure if I will. What I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore was that the program is so much more than just you getting the job. Tell us a little bit about how you’ve evolved and how you facilitated that evolvement of who you were when you joined. And now that’s more than just you getting the job, which we will talk about your celebration of course at the end. But tell us a little bit more about the evolvement of you as a human.
I know it’s come a long way because I hear your voice when I’m in other situations or like this isn’t even a work scenario, but I’m like Natalie would tell me this. And then I know also because I tell other people the same things that you tell me or that I’ve heard you say, that I now know are 100% true and were completely helpful in getting me to be successful ultimately and to be hired. And so when I think about what it is besides just getting a job, a lot of it has to do with confidence. I’ve definitely noticed even in some of my mentors, the way that they speak, even people who did get hired, I would hear people say, peers of mine say things like I don’t know why they hired me. I can’t believe they hired me.
I’ve heard mentors say other things surrounding topic of interviewing and how uncomfortable they are with interviewing and things like that. I just found it shocking because it was like, well, you’re supposed to have a certain mindset. Right? Once someone hands you the thing that you supposedly want. Right? But there are these people I knew who had what they wanted or thought they had what they wanted and they were still having these thoughts and saying these things and just feeling really down. And I was surprised and I was thinking, well, I hope by the time I get hired I don’t feel that way or I don’t talk that way because I want to be way more confident. I know that I am now.
I was just going to say it’s great that you brought that to the conversation because so many people think that once I get the thing then I’ll be happy. Once I get the job, once I get the pay, once I get to my goal, then I’ll be happy. I think you noticed something really clear there, was it’s not about that because there are so many people that you saw that had that already and were still not happy, were still kind at their next level of problems. It was like, well now how am I going to do it? How did I even get it? Was it a mistake? Imposter syndrome kicks in, something else kicks in.
And it’s because they haven’t managed that root problem of their thoughts and their feelings aligning and them feeling that confidence and sense of certainty that comes from themselves, which is something that I know you worked on really hard because you implemented the work, especially in the beginning of the program with the intentional self confidence. And that’s where you set the foundation for being able to handle whatever happens with your success or if you get rejected kind of thing, because it’s really about your thoughts and feelings that create how you feel, not the external circumstance. That’s essentially something really important that so many people don’t get in their lives and careers.
Absolutely. Because I saw so many people on your website commenting as they’re giving the rating on the program and they’re commenting like, I was at this level of job or I had this executive level position and I was still dealing with these things and I was thinking, wow, that’s pretty profound, right? Because here I am just trying to break into this industry and get a junior level type design job. Right? And I’m thinking, wow, when these people are in charge or I hear people on our calls who talk about negotiating
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million dollar deals and things like that. And I’m like, I can’t even wrap my mind around it, but yet in the background they’re still having these issues and I think, wow, that’s got to feel kind of shitty I think.
It’s totally preventable. You can feel happy in any situation. You can feel confident and certain in any situation, it’s not about the external circumstance and that’s really what needs to be addressed. And that’s what isn’t really being addressed in other programs and stuff. It’s always do this, do this, change this. We always talking about changing the circumstance and taking the action instead of focusing on the thought and the feeling.
And that’s exactly why I knew that it didn’t matter what field I was interested in or what I was trying to do, humans are humans, jobs or jobs. That was my thought, was she might not maybe have even heard of this field I’m trying to do, but does that even matter?
And the good point, because it did happen a lot where people were like, well, have you ever coached someone in data science or have you ever coached a lawyer? I would say, well I haven’t, but it doesn’t matter because you know your profession, that’s your-
It doesn’t matter.
You that. Right? I can help you get the wisdom out that you need to kick ass at your profession.
Exactly. That is a great point. It does not matter people. If you’re thinking it’s not for you because you have some weird jobs somewhere, I’m going to say right now, that’s not true. It does not matter.
It’s definitely the mindset. Next, moving on. What do you think your biggest fear was that you had to overcome in saying yes in joining us inside the program?
That’s a good question.
Maybe you didn’t have that many fears. I know that you already knew a lot about me from the podcast and you’d already gotten a lot of value, so it doesn’t have to be a big, scary thing. I just know some people do.
For me, I think what it was, is I wanted to believe that I was smart enough to do it on my own. I am that person that I’ve got a master’s degree, I’m going into this program, doing this bootcamp thing on my own. I’m super smart. I can figure it out. I spent hours, hours on YouTube, on these blogs, everywhere you can look for free. And then it clicked in my mind when it was like, I’m still not where I want to be. It just clicked in my mind was, I could probably learn something from this woman. It’s a lifetime membership. I totally think that’s worth it, because I’ve signed up for other things in the past that were lifetime. I thought it was all worth it. And so [inaudible 00:11:47] my belief of I can do it. I can figure it out.
I love that you said that you’re super smart. I love people who say that about themselves, because that just makes it so much easier for you to come in and be like, I’m really smart. I can make that work now with the right tools. I can make it work even faster and I can be even more effective.
There you go.
I think that’s one of the biggest things too. A lot of people intellectually are like, yes, I’m super smart, but they’re still not where they want to be. I think that’s the key distinction. When you’re super smart and you’re not where you want to be, that’s when you know that you need support from somewhere. Right? An outside perspective from somewhere doesn’t necessarily have to be from me or just from somebody who resonates with you, someone who can give you something different than what you have already been going around in your own head with basically.
Exactly. That’s what it was for me. I’m really glad that I decided to jump in and jump in I did.
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You really, really did. And I love that. Because you’re on the calls every week. You’re supporting everyone else. You’re doing the work, sharing your wins, sharing your failures and the results are there to prove that all that is worth it. What do you think was worth most of the time? The program has a lot of different components, it’s got the video modules, it’s got the weekly live coaching calls, it’s got the LinkedIn community. Where do you think you spent most of your time? How do you think you made it work the best for you?
That shifted. In the beginning it was definitely in the videos. It soon, very quickly shifted to the live coaching calls, because I think that’s where I was showing up and that’s where you were doing such a good job of holding up this mirror of what I was saying to you. And then once I’m able to, a video is great, but I didn’t really need those videos until I was in that stage. I needed the interview videos, but I wasn’t there yet. I heard the confidence module in the beginning, but just hearing it wasn’t enough. I had to come to the calls and I had to talk it through with you. I’ve definitely watched that first call replay of myself talking with you and what you said to me, I was like, wow, I can’t believe I didn’t see it at the time. Now I can see it from a mile away. I know exactly what she’s talking about. Right? And in the moment I was just nodding my head. Okay. I guess. And it took a while for it to click.
And that’s very normal. That happens with me too with my own coach in the beginning, I’ll be like, yeah, yeah, whatever, or I’ll be like, no, that’s not happening. And then later I’ll be like, okay, I see what she means. Okay. I get it. I get it. It’s very normal that you would go through that same process. The point is that you’re very open, and open to the point that you’ll come to the calls and you’re like, even if you don’t have anything specific to get coached on, you’ll just be like, this is what’s going on with me and then we’ll be able to dig in from there. Because I always say if you’re not where you want to be yet, there’s a room to get coaching. There is upgrades to give you. There is gaps to fill if you’re not where you want to be yet. You’re really good at just coming and being like, you know what, I don’t know what specifically it is, but this is what’s going on.
And a few times you caught me in things that I was like, wait, what? I thought it came out of left field, but you’re like, no, it’s right on your face. I can see it. I thought it was hiding that so well, but clearly I wasn’t. There have been a few times I showed up not thinking I had anything to talk about, and then we ended up talking for a while.
It’s great how you say a mirror. Right? I always to think of coaching as if you’re sitting in a jar and you’re trying to read the label from the inside and it’s upside down and backwards and blurry, you can’t see it. But if I’m on the outside of the jar, I can see the label really clearly and then I can just read it to you, and then you can be like, okay, because an outside perspective is really going to be helpful especially if you’ve been in your own head with the same stuff for a long time, that outside perspective really is what a lot of people need to just shift.
Let’s shift to talking about your job offer and what you think the key was that ended up sealing the deal for that. I know that it wasn’t just the one, you went for several interviews and you learned so many things along the way. So there was a lot of milestone results there. So feel free to talk about those. But what do you think was the final key that you would share that sealed that deal for you?
Oh man. Thinking back, since I’ve joined, I thought back to, there were really four main turning points for me. One of those was definitely figuring out what I was doing wrong in my interviews. So as I mentioned I had over four interviews right in the beginning, right as I was trying to apply for jobs. I was surprised at that. Looking back it was really that I just had really solid materials for resume. All that stuff was getting me really good results. And so in those four interviews, looking back at what I think I did wrong was huge. Giving myself the feedback. In other words I think you talk about that I didn’t get from them.
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Because in the end after those three interviews, which took almost a month, it was a long drawn out process. And then the recruiter who was in contact with me the entire time got sick and so I didn’t hear for her for two weeks in the end. And then finally she called me and I assumed I didn’t get it because I assumed if I had gotten it someone else would’ve bothered to reach out. By the time she called me and told me the news and I asked what it was, she really didn’t have any feedback for me. And that was so disappointing, right? Because I had invested all this time and energy and I felt I killed it. And then it just fell flat. That result was different from the first interview. And the energy I had in that interview was way different from the fourth.
And the thing I identified as what I, quote, did wrong in the first interview was different from what I think I did wrong in the fourth. Just having that alone, that knowledge alone, it gave me so much control. I was feeling so out of control of everything that was happening. You released those eight videos, you covered-
Eight reasons why you don’t get-
The eight reasons why and yes, exactly. And then I was able to identify which of the reasons. And again, they were different each time. I was able to secure another interview with a different company, I want to say it was in May. I checked my notes to see when it was, I didn’t even write it down. But in that interview I did feel a shift, but it wasn’t enough of a shift to get me to the position, because didn’t hear back from them at all. When I look back at it now I realized I was still very much focused on myself. I was about, I had a list of the things I wanted to say. I was about, oh, I have these stories, I want to make sure I tell them these teaching stories.
And this was an educational company but they were hiring for designers. I was like, I have to make sure I talk about this. I have to do. And everything was about me. And then in June I wrote down in my planner, I had two goals. I said I wanted to land two interviews in June. And very soon after I wrote that down, there was a Facebook post in a group I belong to. It’s a meetup group locally. There was a post where someone was basically looking, he’s a small business, he’s a CEO, he’s looking for some help. And someone replied and asked, is this job for anyone or do you need someone who’s more senior? Because a lot of the jobs in this field right now are for senior designers. He replied and he said, no for anyone.
I saw it and I was like, okay, cool. I sent him my resume. I sent him my portfolio and he replied back and he said he wanted to talk with me. Come to find out later he was pretty much already done accepting people, so I snuck in at the last minute and obviously he liked what he saw. Right? By that time, by that interview, I was in a mindset that was 100% different from where I was in January. The mindset there was literally just, I’m really curious, this guy’s in this really interesting, very niche company. He sent me the website and I looked at it ahead of time. I didn’t study. I had texted my friend in February, I’ll spend the rest of my week studying interview questions. And that’s what I said. And I wrote down a couple things.
That was one of the things I was telling people, I’m going to study, I’m going to study. This last interview I landed in June, I did not sit and look at a single interview question, not one.
Instead I spent more time looking through their website, trying to figure out what they would need. Just being super, super curious about, wow, what the heck would this guy want from me? And when we did the interview, first of all, I jumped into the Google Meet, but he was waiting on the Zoom link. And then I checked the email and it had both links. I was super confused. And then I jumped into the other one and he was sitting there waiting. I think I was just like, oh my gosh, there you are. I think I made a joke about something and he was like, I’m sorry. We have two links because people get confused sometimes. I should have told you. And I was like, that’s okay, no big deal. We started out on this weird foot.
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As it happen sometimes. For the pivot.
But in that interview, I remember he asked me basically the fewest amount of questions I’ve ever been asked. He asked me about my portfolio, which I pivoted very quickly because he was like, I saw some things. Was that from your bootcamp? Or was that something? And I said, yeah, actually that is from my bootcamp. However, let me tell you what I’ve been doing recently because I haven’t had time to update my portfolio. Sometime in the spring I had started an internship and that was unpaid unfortunately, but I decided to do it because it is really hard to get the experience in such a saturated field right now where it’s just so much competition right now. I signed up to do that internship and I was able to land that basically through networking. There’s really no other way to explain that one. A lot of people tell me-
I will go touch on the unpaid internship for a minute because I know we discussed it. It was what felt right for you at the time. It really is getting you that experience, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that as long as it felt in line with where you were going, and it was only a temporary thing anyway.
Well, I still have it to this day. I have both now. I have it because I see so much value in it.
For sure. And also built your confidence and helped you to even discuss something in the interview.
Going back to what you were talking about. Definitely wanted to just touch on that and say nothing wrong with doing a little bit of unpaid work if it’s for the right reasons.
Right. I was able to tell them all about it and it felt amazing because it was like, yeah, I’m on this team. We’re a tiny team, so we’re all accountable, everybody’s got to put in quality work. Right now I’m doing this, this. And it just felt it was so different because I was able to really articulate very clearly a specific product I was helping with, a specific goal that we had, deadlines we had, all those things that you just don’t get to talk about when you’re sitting at home by yourself doing these boot camp projects. Right? In the end taking the internship, being unpaid, I think it really helped.
And so I remember the interview was great. It was really chill. I didn’t feel like he was really drilling me in any way. He only asked me about my portfolio. He asked me one or two more questions. They were really basic questions. And then by the end, I remember using the word fun a lot.
I remember you mentioned that.
This is fun. Or he would say something and I’m like, that sounds fun. I remember saying that word a lot. And I remember that at the very end, he asked me if I had any questions for him. And of course I busted out the ultimate recommendation question you give in the program. Should I say it?
Yeah, go ahead and share it.
You told us to ask for the person who’s hired in this role, what would this person need to do in order to blow your mind? I asked it and it noticeably made him smile. We were on the camera call, but I saw him smile. I laughed. And then he sat back and he thought about it for a minute. And then he basically told me his answer was, I want my customers to be blown away. I want to under promise and over deliver on these changes I want to implement. And I was like, great, I’m totally on board with that. I could just tell he really cared about his business and his customers. It was just a really quality person in that sense. So I was like yeah, I’m totally on board with that.
Even though I was really lost in terms of the business itself and what they do and who their clients are, that part was totally foreign to me. But of course I’ve had to figure it out these past few weeks and you just learn it. It’s no big deal.
Exactly. You’re not expected to know all of it before you go in, you did your best to find out everything you could, but then that’s what the interview is for. And then that’s what the first weeks on the job, sometimes months, it just depends on how long it takes to get up to speed.
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It is taking me a little longer than I would but I’m being pretty gracious with myself and just asking more questions when I need and taking the approach of, I want more understanding, I need this, asking for what would help me do my job better. I feel none of that was in my mind before this program.
None of it is a problem, because it’s just your next step of growth and your next step of evolution.
And the question that you ask, great. And I also think, I feel this might be a magic question because I’ve had several people email me and say, I asked that question and I got the job and I’m not saying it was because of that question, I think it has to do with everything altogether that you’re talking about and everything lining up. But I do think that it’s a question that people do not hear very often and it really shows that you’re thinking about them and that you want to see if you align, because the answer to that question is obviously going to tell you a lot, which it did. And then you were of able to get on the same page about a really key value that you both had, which was putting the customers first and having that under promise, over deliver, which is not something that all companies are focused on.
No, exactly. I was really just excited to hear him say that obviously, and going in, I thought this might not be the best fit just because of that reason. Because I’m like, I don’t know what this business does. I don’t know this company. I don’t know this field. I don’t know anything about it. That was my thought. I was like, I might not be a good fit, but whatever, I’m still going to go. I wanted to do it this month. I’m still going to show up and it’s fine.
And being open to the fact that maybe it’s not, maybe it is, but I need to learn more. And that’s what this process is about. And also setting your goal of I’m getting two interviews this month, that was a goal that you could do. And then you went and did that. Milestone results, getting those interviews, that was huge wins to get those interviews and then to be able to see so clearly, and I don’t know if we did touch on this, but one of the strengths you have in the program is really evaluating yourself effectively. One of the things that you came to the calls and said that you had done was I watched myself back or I took note of what I said, but you were able to pinpoint those reasons yourself.
Of course I was there to support you if you needed, but you were really good at just pinpointing with the material and the tools like, okay, this is what I didn’t do this time. And so since you’re interviewing in January to now, you’re a totally different person to interview now.
Oh man. So different.
Talk about your mindset about that and what got you to be able to make those shifts so quickly.
Real quick, I wanted to say that that interview we did lasted a little over time, I guess in his mind we were only going to talk for 45 minutes or so, we were talking for like an hour. He even said, he was like, oh gosh, we’re over time. I was like, okay. And then I remember asking him, are you guys going to do another round? He said, yeah, I think so. And it was three days later I got an email and they were asking me about my rates and what my rates would be. I was confused because I was waiting for a second interview basically. But instead that came. And then I think I said something, I went to your program because I was like, I don’t know what to say. I remember there was a module talking about this. I responded with what you said, I forget what it was. But then I set up a meeting essentially, and then it was okay, well if it happens, if it comes to this, we can talk about it. And then the next day there was an email with an offer.
Looking back at this, because I worked with you on this throughout the process, but looking back at it now I can see more clearly. It was like, he had already decided. He was like, okay, we’re just going to hire Colleen. Let’s just get this going. He skipped through what you were intending to do, which was a negotiation process. You ended up doing that a little bit. He was just like, let’s just hire her.
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It was a little confusing to be honest, because I was ready for round two. Cool. If they want to bring me back, right? It’s cool. That’s how it ended up happening. In the end I said I would do it and it was a part-time position. So that’s why I’m able to do both the internship and the part-time position where I’m now paid and it’s amazing.
Is this now your first UX/UI paid contract since you transitioned into the field? Amazing. Amazing.
I know. It’s so weird to call myself that now. I’m like, oh my gosh.
It’s happening. It’s happening. And yeah, this is the first of many opportunities that you’ll get to work in this field and to up level and to learn and do more. It’s just such a big thing. I love that we were able to talk about it from the beginning until now. Because you made this big switch education to UX, tech. Huge. It’s just a big switch that you made and it’s not always going to be easy. There were ups and downs, but at the end of the day, you were on the upward trajectory the whole time and headed towards what you wanted and you just kept on doing that work, right? Kept on showing up, kept on evaluating what happened, kept on looking for the mental shifts that you needed, shifting, pivoting, going again until [inaudible 00:31:07].
I think coming in, as I mentioned, I had signed up for coaching and other things. It was back when I was a yoga instructor and so I had a mentor and I knew the value of mentorship. I knew that if I signed up for this program, I knew I would be coming every week. I knew I would be emailing you. I would be doing that in order to really get the value and the benefit. You’ve said it so many times, the value you get out of it is so much more than what you end up investing in the beginning, and this being a contract position I have right now, I know I’m going to have to go out and find another position eventually soon. I’m like, okay, well I know I’ve done it and I know I could get more coaching if I need for this next position or whatever that is.
This position is going to be the foundation for the next better contract to the next better position, with the experience, with everything that you’re doing here. It will get easier and it will get better. But it doesn’t mean we won’t still have to manage your mind around other issues that you have, they’ll just be better quality problems as I say.
What would you say to people who are not in the program, they don’t really know how it works, how would you share with them what it’s like?
I think even if you are a person who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, you’re going to reap so many benefits. I think just watching the replays of the calls was a big one for me because I dug into the vault and I dug into when you first started doing the calls and watching these random strangers talk about their problems. I would put that on the background on the days that maybe I didn’t feel 100% in mentally, I would just listen. There were definitely some interviews where people were talking about relevant things. And so even if you’re just that person where you’re like I don’t want to be on camera or I don’t want to talk about my stuff, you’re still going to get benefit. I would say, you’re not going to get as much. Right? It’s just like anything in life, you get what you put in.
Thanks for sharing that, because I’m thinking about all those coaching calls, because I’ve been running this program since September of last year and I’m thinking, wow, there was a lot of calls there. I think it’s really cool because you get to see some of those people who now did podcast interviews with me, they shared about their success and then you get to go back and see they were coached here, they did this, they had these shifts. So just seeing someone else’s journey, it also just cements in that is going to be me, that is going to happen for me as long as I keep at it. Right?
Right. Right. That was a big part of it too, is just believing it was going to work, trusting it was going to work. And those people, their success stories, all the people on your website that had great things to say
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about you, those were the things in the end that made me just really sit back and say, okay, they did it, they got what they wanted. That means there’s got to be a way that I can have the same thing,
Especially because you’re super smart.
I had one of my clients say too, she was like, I just started thinking, why not me? Why not me? And then it just started becoming yeah, of course me. Why not? And then there was no reason why not, and then it just starts. You have your own shifts and you start coming together, but I think you utilized everything really beautifully. Took what you needed. When someone joins they don’t have to listen to all the past calls, they don’t have to watch all the videos, they can come and get one shift from a coaching call and watch other people get coached, get what they needed or they can raise their hand and get coached themselves.
Absolutely. I think coming from a teaching background, I know that could be scary, putting people on the spot, they like to hide. They like to hide in the back. They like to sit in the corner and be ignored. Sometimes that’s okay, that’s their journey, that’s where they’re at. Like I said, and you still get benefit regardless.
There’s opportunity for everybody even if they don’t want to come on and get coached. Thanks for putting that out. And so what do you think is next for you? What are you looking forward to? What are you most excited about moving forward?
Oh man, I know that, like I said, I know that eventually this contract is going to end, there’s no end date necessarily established but-
It could renew. There’s a lot of clients that I have who end up having their contracts extended and renewed. And when you add a lot of value, the possibilities of that happening become bigger. So let’s leave that open.
It could. In the meantime, it’s just cool that I know I have something really solid. There’s so much going on around us right now, and people losing jobs left and economy this and economy that. I feel extremely solid in what I have.
And your ability to get something else. Because it’s true. I’m glad you brought that up. There’s hiring freezes happening. There is talk of recession. There’s a lot of scary stuff in the news right now. That happened during the pandemic when the pandemic first started as well, it was everyone’s putting everything on hold, nobody’s hiring, nothing is happening. And I had a full roster of clients at that time. I was doing one on one when that first happened. And of course my clients were all freaking out like, oh my God. I thought they were all going to cancel their coaching with me. And I was like, oh no. Anyway, I had to coach myself. I had to do my own work around it. And it turns out that they all ended up getting their roles. It all ended up fine.
The first piece of advice was turn off the news, don’t put more stuff in your head that’s going to freak you out, because the news is meant to be startling. But while those things are happening and while there are hiring freezes and while there are things slowing down, there’s also things ramping up, there’s always going to be both, right? At any time.
Yes, exactly. I’ve seen both, I’ve heard both. Right now I am honestly just too busy to pay any attention, to mind it at all. Yes. I am pretty darn focused on what needs to happen at my job and how I can be the best person that they hired and how I can, like he said, blow those clients out of the water in the end. I feel it’s going in the direction that feels really good.
And with that mentality, you will always be in demand. You’ll always find somebody who will want to work with you, because no matter where we’re at economically, people are still going to need value.
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I like that. I like that.
Your head is definitely in the right place there. And so being in your new role, how is life different?
I’m in this room now that essentially we turned into an office. I got the job. And then we were like, geez, it’s been two years since we both got locked in the house and we were both working from home, but we don’t have an office.
Okay. So you got designated an official office space.
Exactly. We basically came into this guest room and we were like, okay, let’s push the bed over there. We found this great desk at Costco that fit perfectly and it moves. I can stand up. I love it.
And got myself a brand new desktop computer. I was lucky. I just had a bunch of savings stashed and I’m like, yeah, this is perfect. I need this now. This is my job now.
And you’re getting paid now, so you’re bringing an income.
I am. Exactly, exactly. We did that and just have my own little dedicated workspace, which is really awesome. And so the house looks different and then I look different because I’m in here all day and then I come out and my dog and cat and they’re in here and I’m like, okay, my work buddies are behind me.
Nice. It sounds like you’re having fun.
Yeah. And that’s all different. And then I’ve got my little stack of books and I’m like, okay, I want to read through these books while I’m doing, maybe I’m working on something and I have my little audible, so I have an audible book I’m listening to about some design stuff or whatever. It is just very different. And now instead of listening to your podcast, I’m listening to these books or these things that relate to my work. I always like to listen to something, it keeps me motivated. I always still listen to this podcast when you put it out there, but I’m not going through all the archives like was when I was so desperate to get that knowledge.
You’ve already got your degree in interviewing now you’re looking to-
I got it.
Now you’re working on your degree in value for this particular role.
Exactly. It’s really different and it’s just really cool. I feel like it happened so quickly, but also it felt forever at the same time.
It does that. Doesn’t it? And it’s about putting in the boring, incremental work to get there. Right?
Oh my gosh.
You were very good at that. You did that. You were showing up all the time, you were evaluating. And of course you got the result that you did. It’s not a surprise at all.
There were definitely those weeks in there in the middle where I was like, I have nothing going on. No one’s replying to my resumes. No one’s responding to my-
I remember. You came for coaching on those moments. And they’re normal. That happened.
Exactly. Looking back, that was honestly what it was, was I just needed to show up and just be like, well I did my call for the week. That’s what I could do.
And things were happening that you couldn’t see, things were coming into place and sorting themselves out for you that you couldn’t see yet. But because you kept coming and doing that work, then it started showing up. And of course, like I said, of course you got the result that you got. And of course you’re going to get much bigger results moving forward because that’s just how it works when you keep doing
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it. Was there anything else that you feel, called to share with people about your experience or the program or anything?
That’s a great question. I’m looking at my notes. I texted my friend on May 13th, said I’m anxious, dot, dot. Damn interviews, just hire me.
That’s great.
It’s just funny because I know I would never want to say that now. I also told her on January 19th, the day I got rejected, I told her, I was in the car earlier, getting teary eyed, singing the song, Tomorrow.
That is called processing an emotion my friend.
You’re going to have those moments, and I feel all I ever saw and all I tend to see on social media and blog posts and things like that, is people tell you to take a break. They’re like, this is a hard process, getting a new job or breaking into a new industry is really, really hard. You need to be easy on yourself and you need to take a break when you need to take a break. I know you talk about this all the time, but it’s not what you need to be doing. There’s so much other work you need to be doing, and a lot of it is around your mentality and nobody talks about it. Nobody talks about it.
Exactly. You got. The thing is that you’re thinking all day anyway. You could be taking a physical break from doing stuff, actions, applying, or you could be taking a break from sending physical messages to people or looking online, but you’re never taking a break from thinking, right? No. You might as well try to be thinking in a way that’s going to make what you want to happen, and that is something the program really supports, everybody in is helping them really align their thinking from the beginning, so that then when they go take those actions, the actions are going to be more effective, they’re going to get everything they need to learn from those actions, And they’re going to take next better actions.
And that’s essentially what any process to success looks like. I feel like we’ve just dialed it in so that it’s faster, more effective. You get to skip a lot of the emotional suffering that a lot of people are going through. And you’re supported through it. So you’re not alone. So that’s a big part. But also it’s okay, it’s not a problem that it’s there sometimes either because we are humans and that’s okay.
Right. It got to the point where my husband can only say so many things to me, I feel so emotional or I’m feeling really upset or sad, he’s not a professional.
Actually that’s a really good question I have for you. Because you talk about, you sound like you’re really social. You’ve got lots of friends. You’ve got a great husband. What would be the difference between advice your friends or husband could give you versus being in this program and taking in what is offered in the program?
Oh man. Well, first of all, I don’t have a ton of friends.
My mom always says, you’re lucky if you have one good friend.
Exactly. Exactly. I’m all about smaller circles of quality.
I feel like a lot of what you get to is the why. A lot of what people will tell you is the what, right? They’ll tell you applying for jobs sucks. Everything sucks. It’s really hard. That’s what it is. Or you got rejected, I’m so sorry. That’s what. But the why part, I remember in your podcast when you were talking about being hard on ourselves, that was a big one for me, because you were talking about how to talk to yourself and why we’re hard on ourselves, why we put pressure on ourselves, things like that. No one, no friend, no family member, regardless of how much they loved me or what their intentions were, no one could identify that for me. And that was the why. And so that for me was where the gold was lying in the value of the program.
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I love that. Why are you getting those results? Why is this important? Why is this important versus. And I feel like a lot of people too, because I worked with a lot of other coaches in the past, years ago, that would also just tell me, do this, do this, do the what. Right? Send out more applications. You got rejected, that’s fine, just get over it, send out more, do more. I did that. I was one of those people who would do a hundred things and then get more frustrated because it wasn’t working. I feel like that’s what led me to this deep journey on, I need to figure out why, so then I could help other people with that, discovering that for them and then that’s what could kind set them free in getting their own results.
That’s what it is.
Very well said. Well said. Thanks. I’m glad I asked you that.
That’s exactly what it is. I remember saying that to my husband one day because I heard some interview podcast you did and you talked about why we’re hot on ourselves. And of course he’s telling me, well don’t beat yourself up. Okay. Well, I am. So now what?
It’s like, just don’t do it. Just don’t do it. It’s not enough. Right? If you could just stop doing it, then we would all just stop doing it and we’d never have to worry about it again, but it’s not how it works, right?
No, it’s not how it works. And again, no one talks about it. That was it.
Amazing. Well, thank you so much for sharing all that you have shared and congratulations. I’m super excited to continue working with you and see what’s going to be next. I can’t wait. That was all the questions I had. So unless you had anything else you wanted to share, I’m-
No. Just thank you. It’s been amazing, and yes, you’re not rid of me yet, so I’ll be back. I’ll be around.
No, that’s why I structured the program like I did because I love continuing to see where we go. Because possibilities really are unlimited. All right. We’re going to sign off. Thank you so much for listening. If I were to sum it up, I would say the most common thing people come to me with is I’m going on interview after interview, after interview and I’m not getting the offer. What am I doing wrong? I’ve put together a freebie where you can get this download completely free. It has the eight reasons that this is happening and I break down each reason very specifically and how to fix it.
To grab that download, the link is in the show notes, you can click on that link. You just have to enter your information. It’s called the eight reasons you’re not getting hired and I will help you figure that out. I will see you in the freebie. Okay. Talk to you soon.


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