Ep #146: Q&A: The 6-Figure Curriculum

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | Q&A: The 6-Figure Curriculum

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my program: the 6-Figure Curriculum. If you’ve been thinking about joining or you’re not sure what the 6-Figure Curriculum involves, I’m taking some time to answer these queries in detail and give you all the information you need.


Whether you’re worried about the time commitment, you’re curious about the content in the 6-Figure Curriculum, or you’re wondering how we support you in this community, I’ve got you covered in today’s show. In addition to the Q&A aspect, there are also some extra gems in this episode around the most effective ways to choose coaches and programs. 


Tune in this week to have your questions about the 6-Figure Curriculum answered. I’m discussing the best mindset for choosing a program that will help you be successful, and I’m answering your specific questions about how to get the most value out of the 6-Figure Curriculum even if you can’t make all the calls. Find out how we provide individualized support and coaching around any challenge you’re facing in your career.


If you’re ready to take this work deeper, come and join me in the 6-Figure Curriculum and land your premium role. We have some amazing live masterclasses coming up in there on Interviewing, Salary and Impact, and Maximum Career Impact, so don’t miss out.


If you already have a position you love but you’re ready to truly excel in your role, you need to consider joining my mastermind Time to Thrive!


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • How you get coached on your specific problem inside the 6-Figure Curriculum, even if you can’t make it to the coaching calls.
  • The video content available in the 6-Figure Curriculum.
  • Why the 6-Figure Curriculum can give you results as a standalone program, even if you choose not to get coached personally.
  • The community aspect of the 6-Figure Curriculum.
  • How we provide one-on-one individualized support on group coaching calls, and how you can get more one-on-one private coaching time.
  • The other ways you can improve the future of your career if earning more money isn’t a priority for you.
  • Why I decided the 6-Figure Curriculum should be lifetime access.

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