Situational interview questions are asked in almost every interview. These questions are an opportunity to tell engaging stories that captivate and connect with your interviewers on a deeper level than most candidates know how. Learn exactly how to do that in this complete guide, yours Free

In This Guide You’ll Get: 

  • Walk in confidently knowing exactly how to answer these types of questions. 

  • Craft your own engaging answers to even the trickiest situational/behavioral questions.

  • Learn how to smoothly and effortlessly deliver your answers even if you’re nerves have caused you a problem in the past  

A Little About Me

I’m Natalie Fisher, I'm a Career Mindset Coach 

  • I have sat in on over 100 interviews (and counting) as an HR representative.
  • I've been hired at some top tier companies such as Amazon, FLIR, & xMatters 
  • I have interviewed over 50 times myself (I have a weird obsession with job interviewing, I actually find them really fun 😳)
  • I have coached other people's Brains for 350+ Hours on their careers