Ep #148: Mastering Self-Discipline in Your Own Unique Way with Monica Levi

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Monica Levi

Today, I’m bringing you a conversation with my personal coach, Monica Levi, all about the topic of self-discipline. There are a lot of misconceptions about self-discipline, but being disciplined can be a lot easier than we make it out to be. So, if you’ve ever told yourself you struggle with self-discipline, this episode is for you.


Monica is an executive leadership coach focusing on self-discipline. She is a former corporate attorney and HR leader with 20+ years of experience working for large international organizations. I love working with Monica, especially around self-discipline, and I’m excited to introduce her to all of you.


If you currently believe self-discipline means giving up your freedom, tune in this week to discover why self-discipline is actually what gives you the structure to create real freedom in your life. Monica is discussing why self-discipline gets to be fun, and how to cultivate self-discipline in achieving your career goals.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • The most common misconceptions people have around discipline that prevent them from leaning into it.
  • Why self-discipline is freedom and gives us the ability to do what we want to do.
  • My own experience of believing discipline was this annoying thing that gets in the way.
  • Why self-discipline can become just a normal part of how you operate and make decisions.
  • What self-discipline really looks like.
  • The biggest mistakes Monica sees people making when trying to cultivate self-discipline.
  • How to shift your identity and use self-discipline in reaching out and having conversations that create amazing career opportunities.

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