Ep #60: Sample Answers Can Only Get You So Far

The Get a Six Figure Job You Love Podcast with Natalie Fisher | Sample Answers Can Only Get You So Far

When it comes to landing a six-figure job, people want to learn from others who have done it. They want to see exactly what words somebody used to get the job, and they want to see the answers they provided to questions that convinced hiring managers to hire them. But if it was solely up to these answers to get you the job, everybody would have success using these scripts.


Sample answers will only get you so far. You might have the words, but unless you are executing them in a way that goes deeper than the words and truly shows off your personality and human side, the sample answers won’t work.


In this episode, I’m showing you the importance of understanding your own brilliance and showing this off in the interview. I’m sharing the benefits of coaching and how shifting your mindset around interviewing will help you show up authentically and land a six-figure job without relying on sample answers.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • How to share things openly and honestly in the interview.
  • What will put you head and shoulders above other candidates when applying for a job.
  • Why having a quick fix doesn’t always work.
  • The key to success for so many of my clients.
  • Why sample answers will only get you so far.


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Welcome to the Get A 6-Figure Job You Love Podcast. This is episode 60, Sample Answers Can Only Get You So Far.
Hey there. Welcome to the Get A 6-Figure Job You Love Podcast. I’m your host, Natalie Fisher. I’m a certified career mindset coach, who also happens to want to skip all the BS and get to what it really takes to create real results for you in your career. On this podcast, you will create real mindset shifts that will lead to big results and big changes in your career and your income. No fluff here. If you want to get a six-figure job you love and create real, concrete results in your industry, and make a real impact, you’re in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s go.
Hello. Today, I’m talking about a topic that I get questions on a lot and I’ve noticed in the industry is something that is widely something people seek out. And I get it. Sample answers, this is what gets clicked on the most, this is what people want the most, and it makes perfect sense. And I have a lot of content with sample answers, where I share my own stories, where I share my client stories. It’s one of the biggest downloaded things I have, the 10 example answers, and I give one away for free with 50 example answers when you leave me a review for this podcast.
Obviously, sample answers are things that people want. They want to see exactly what words somebody used in order to get a job, what words were used to convince somebody to hire them or what words were used. They want to know this answer because they’re like, “This is the answer. This is the answer to my problem. If I just know how to say this, or if I just know what to say, then I will be able to get the job.”
And that makes sense. I thought that too. I totally thought that as well. And I used to follow that same thing. And I used to be, when I would say how to sell with the sales script and convert at a hundred percent, I would be like, “Yes, give me that. I want to know.” But the thing is that unless the person who has that script is super confident in themselves and they’re executing it in a way that goes much deeper than just the words, it doesn’t work.
I’ve been through it. I’m like, “I said all the things I was supposed to say. It didn’t work because my energy was off. Something was off.” If it were true, that just by knowing the “right answers,” knowing what to say, knowing what people wanted to hear, would just get you a six-figure job offer or get you a sale, then everybody would just have success using these scripts all the time and there would be no other reason for people to not land the job.
So, it got me thinking, because I’ve done a lot of this work myself, and it exists because our brain wants that quick fix. It’s like, “Well, just tell me the answer, just give it to me.” And then, we were satisfied for a minute. We’re like, “Oh, okay. I understand the answer, I get it, and now I want to go apply it.” And then, we fall into a pattern that, when it doesn’t work, then we’re like, “Oh, it doesn’t work. So, I need another sample answer or another script.” Or we just think that that was the wrong how and we need to try a different how, a different set of wording or something different, but we don’t really shift the paradigm to deeper.
We just think it’s another how-to that we need. And this got me thinking because I just see there’s so much how-to content, like how to answer ‘tell me about yourself,’ how to answer this question. And we love that, and it’s great. I do a lot of that content. Most of it was done years ago when I didn’t really dive into my client’s mind as deeply as I have today. How we try to solve for it when it doesn’t work is we get frustrated. We’re like, “Oh, well, that didn’t work.” And then, we just keep trying more of the same because we don’t know what else to try.
We’re like, “Okay, well, we just need a different answer or just need to keep trying. I need to go on more interviews and then maybe this other person …” And then, our energy declines because we’re not actually getting the point. We’re not getting that it’s not the script, it’s not the sample answer that gets
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you the job. So, what gets created is this cycle of something not working. And just having the lack of expansion of your mind to know that there’s other things at play and not knowing what those are, so having really no choice but to just continue trying to do the same thing over and over and hitting a brick wall and not succeeding.
What I discovered, when working with my clients, is that they have really amazing answers on their own. If I’m in a coaching call with somebody and I ask them a question, not in an interview format at all, I might ask them, “So, why do you do what you do? Out of a thousand things you could do, why do you choose this?” And they’ll give me the most beautiful answer for why they specifically love their profession. But if they’re in an interview and somebody asked them, “Well, why do you want this job?” And they answered like that, from that place of just sharing with me, someone who’s not judging them, I’m just trying to help them, they know that, if they shared like that, they would be head and shoulders above other candidates to get the job.
But because they’re thinking, “I need to impress this person,” or “I don’t know what this person wants me to say. I think they want to hear this, or I need to get this right,” and they put so much pressure on themselves, they answer differently. And they answer in a way that doesn’t project, who they really are, doesn’t move people with emotion, it doesn’t connect on a human level. It falls flat and it’s just like a blanket answer because they’ve been reading samples from other people, what other people have been saying.
And they’re like, “Well, this person said it like this and it worked,” or “this coach told me this sample answer was what I should say.” And then, they say that, but they’re not really connecting with that answer in their own heart. And very often, they have a better answer than the sample, and it’s because they’re not looking inward, because they don’t think they have what it takes. I call it this fake imposter syndrome, because a lot of my clients, they think they have to prove something, they think they have to get things, they think they have to impress.
And at the end of the day, if we just look at what they’ve done already, if we just look at the results, they’ve already achieved, their track record that already exists, the factual evidence of what they’ve done, they don’t have anything to prove. They just need to share openly, honestly, humanly, about what they do and why they love it and how they produce results, because emotion is what actually moves people. People make decisions based on emotion. We think people make decisions based on logic, but they don’t. There’s lots of evidence of that. When you’re able to connect humanly, that is what puts you head and shoulders above other candidates.
What I do, that no other coach does, is, sure, you can have all the sample answers you want, I have hundreds inside the program just because why not … I’ve coached hundreds of people and I’ve got hundreds of stories to share, so why not put those in there? But if that was all it took, then anybody who downloaded that 10 examples guide would be already in their six-figure role. Anybody who looked at sample answers on YouTube would be in their six-figure role, right?
And the thing that they’re missing is they’re not unlocking their own ability to feel relaxed. And that’s what I help you do. That’s the whole point of my work, is to take it deeper because if the samples worked alone, then like I said, everyone would be successful. We wouldn’t have a need for any coaching. It would just be like, “Okay, here’s the samples. Go say them, you’ll get the job. It’s fine, it’s a done deal.” But there’s so much more to it.
The alternative is that mindset coaching, which comes down to your internal shifts that unblock you from your own brilliance. And that’s mostly what’s happening, is my clients don’t understand when they come to me, the nature of their own brilliance. They don’t understand the impact of their own actual accomplishments. I had one client, I’ll use her as an example, she worked for a makeup network marketing company and she was given the task of selling some products that were not selling well. They
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gave her these products and they we’re like, “Look, can you figure out how to sell these? They’re just not selling.”
So, she put together a package and she created this whole project to send these products out in a specific way, packaged in a certain way with certain pamphlets, a box, send it out to the salespeople. And she worked to create sales for these products that were not selling before. And she successfully increased those sales to the point where they ran out of stock and other people from other departments were like, “Can you do that for us too? How did you do that?”
And I asked her how much she made the company from that, and she’s like, “Oh, millions of dollars.” And I’m like, “Yeah. So, why are you afraid to ask for more than a 100K for your role that you deserve? You’re going to make them way more money. We can see that your brain already did that. You know how to.” And she was just mind blown because she was like, “I was just doing my job.” She didn’t even see that.
And this is what’s happening. So many people are making millions of dollars for the company they work for, saving millions of dollars, hundreds of thousands, thousands. They’re saving or making money in big ways and they’re not aware of it, or they’re just not seeing that. They’re not connecting those dots. And that’s what I help you do. When you can see that, you have a new found sense of confidence in yourself, you’re walking around thinking, “Yeah, my brain did come up with that idea and it was very valuable and you can see tangibly how it was valuable.”
And that changes everything for how you show up. And you, all of a sudden, start to believe, “I do know what I’m doing here.” Why it works is because it allows you to think on the spot and not be afraid of not knowing, because you’ve already done the work to show your brain that you do know how to do this, you’re in that interview for a reason, and that there’s nothing for you to hide. There’s nothing for you to prove. There’s nothing for you to try to impress people with because you already have all of that.
I help you unlock the ability for you to feel relaxed and confident on your interviews so that you’re not trying to remember things and search that file cabinet in your head, get overwhelmed and be like, “Oh, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what the right answer is.” And then, you get tongue-tied and then you end up rambling or coming up with something that wasn’t your best because you had to say something. You can fluidly go through that interview knowing, “I know what I’m doing. I know how to help.” And you can be present and engaged in an interview. And that is what you need, not another sample answer.
Other coaches are not doing this. They’re teaching you about more samples. They’re like, “Oh, here’s another sample.” And that’s how they catch people’s attention. And like I said, I love examples. I’m a huge fan of them, but they’re not all this required, because like I said, if that was it, then we’d all have the six-figure role just from having these samples. Tapping into your confidence so that you’re not looking at a script because when you’re trying to remember a script, you forget who you are, you forget what you are capable of, you forget the impact you’ve had. You’re like, “Uh oh, where’s my script? I’ve got to memorize it. Got say the right thing.”
And so, this is what leads you to lowering your confidence versus raising it with every opportunity you have to share who you are, what you do, what you want, how you add value and how you shine, where you prefer to add the value. And what’s necessary is the willingness to look at your own accomplishments in a new way, to shine a light on those accomplishments in a way where you hadn’t considered before, being open to how is it that you need to see it in a way where you’re like, “Ah, okay. I understand now.”
And that’s what we do inside the 6-Figure Curriculum Mastermind, that’s what I show you. The results that are created from this are enormous because when you learn how to think on the spot, and thinking
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on the spot can sound like a bit like pressure, but you don’t even think about it. When you’re having a conversation with a friend and they ask you, “Oh, so, how was work today?” And you tell them about a project that you kicked ass on and you’re just sharing that information with them because you’re proud of it and you’re happy to share, that’s thinking on the spot. But you aren’t feeling pressure to give them an answer that they needed to be impressed by. You were just sharing.
The truth is we think on the spot every day, it’s just when we get into an interview situation, our energy gets muddied and it gets clouded. And we just got all that up in our heads about it because we’re trying to get it right, we’re trying to impress, we’re trying to perform, we’re trying to complete heat. And the truth is what you really need to unlock is the fact that you don’t need to do any of that. You need to remember who you are. And sometimes, it really requires someone else to help you see that. And that’s the thing that I believe is the key to success for most of my clients, is seeing this and having this shift.
For many of my clients, this has been the shift. And I provide those examples, those shifts. There’s many of them. This one that I used as an example with the network marketing company and how she was able to increase sales is one example of how that was done. And everybody sees it in a little bit of a different way with their particular profession and how they added the value, how they saved the trouble, how they were able to create something that wasn’t there before they arrived and use their brain to do it.
And so, why it’s so important to have your mind expanded here is because if you’re living in a box your whole life, you don’t know that there’s stuff outside the box. If you’re living in a small box, it can be uncomfortable to move to a bigger one because it’s unfamiliar. It’ll be like, “Oh, wow. That means I’m actually going to have to up-level here. That means I’m actually going to have to ask for more money. That means I might have to do something uncomfortable for myself.”
And so, that can be scary. Growth can be scary. It can be uncomfortable. But the only way you grow is if you’re willing to take that step and do something that’s uncomfortable, do something that’s new for you, do something you haven’t done in the past. That’s the only way we grow. Otherwise, we’d just stay in the small box. And so many people do that, and that’s okay if you don’t want to grow, but don’t have the desire to grow and then just be too scared to take the steps.
And if you do, then at least own that. But it’s important to recognize your comfort zone and why you don’t have the results you want if you’re staying in that comfort zone. And a lot of the times, this can be very uncomfortable for my clients. One client I had, she was very used to beating herself up emotionally, being really mean to herself. She was very, very used to that. And so, of course, we rewired that programming and showed her how there was no up-side in that for her and did my coaching around that for her. But then, she was like, “It’s really uncomfortable to feel proud of myself,” or “It’s very uncomfortable to feel accomplished like this.”
And what I would like to present is you can feel either type of discomfort that you choose, because there’s a reason why people come and seek help, is because they’re tired of being mean to themselves, they’re tired of selling themselves short, they’re tired of underselling themselves, they’re tired of making less than they know they’re capable of. And then, there’s the discomfort of moving into that next level for you, which is making that more money, feeling accomplished, feeling proud, feeling self-confident, feeling certain, having that deep belief in yourself that you can figure anything out.
And that is also uncomfortable, but which one would you like to choose, because one equals a different life than the other? And most people will stay in small area. They’ll stay in the area where they don’t want to. They don’t want to look at what’s possible for them because it’s too uncomfortable. But that is your choice completely. And I get it, I’ve up-leveled several times, and every time I do it, it’s uncomfortable, but it does get easier every time. And I’m like, “Okay, here we go again. I know what this is about.”
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I’d love to you through that. My Mastermind, it’s starting on September 7th. We’re kicking off with a virtual workshop and live coaching. And if you want to join us, you can go to www.nataliefisher.ca/start. Just the word start, S-T-A-R-T. You will get all the details on that page. The price will be going up after September 7th. So, get in there now to get in at the best price this has ever been offered.
What you get when you join, immediately you get access to all the videos. I take you through my entire process. They’re short, bite-sized videos. They’re really fun to do. They’re not longer than 20 minutes. It’s 10 to 20 minutes of video. You can just go in there. It’s designed so you can go in there and take what you need. If you have an interview coming up and you want to get ready for that right away, just go in there. All the sample answers are there, don’t worry, but you also get the mindset shifts, which are the most important things.
I’ve had clients tell me, “I thought you were going to tell me what to say for the interview, but what I got was so much different. It was so much deeper. It was so much more empowering.” You come for one thing and then you end up having a completely different experience. That’s something that I really encourage people to do. They come to me, they’re like, “I need to talk to you right now. I have an interview coming up.” I’m like, “Join the program. You can get started right away. Everything that I know about interviewing and how to shift your mindset on it, what your mindset is now, and what it needs to be is all in there. Every single shift, it is in there. You can head straight to the whole interviewing module.”
And if you have a salary negotiation, same thing. You can just go in there and take what you need. And it doesn’t stop there. This program has everything you could possibly need. It’s not like you have to buy something and then buy something else later or piece it together. This is everything. It is an all in investment, everything that you’ll need for your career. It includes resume, cover letter, examples of the six-figure resume cover letters. It includes the self-confidence module, bringing all your value together, everything we talked about on this podcast.
I’m going to apply it for you. It’s got principal worksheets, so you can print them out and actually do the work and apply it yourself. You will be a different person after you’ve completed that. And then, after that, how to set yourself up, how to set yourself up for the promotion, the first things you need to do when you first get into the role, how you need to think when you first get into the new role to set yourself up for success from the get-go.
I’m all about being proactive about that. Setting your intention from the start and making sure that you’re very intentionally going in the direction you want to go, setting yourself up in the right place, where you want to have growth, the right type of growth. You want to be adding the value you want to be adding. That is in the maximum impact module.
Everything is laid out. Go to www.nataliefisher.ca/start, and all the details are there for you. And as soon as you sign up, what will happen is you will get immediate access to all the modules. And then, shortly after, you will get an email with the details and the Zoom link to join us on that live call on September 7th. I can’t wait to see you inside and I will see you there. Have a great week.
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