Transform Your Resume Into A Powerful Job Offer Magnet (Using Your Unique Gifts)  

The Simplest, Easiest & Fastest Way To Create a Resume that Gets You Interviews at Companies YOU want to work for, without sounding like EVERYONE else!  


I’ll show you how to transform your resume and cover letter from forgettable to a powerful job offer magnet  


Join my students who have mastered the art and science of resume writing in as little as an afternoon. 

You don’t have to send your resume into the internet void to never hear back again. I’ll show you the powerful resume tricks that helped secure job offers at Amazon, xMatters, and FLIR Systems. 

  • Even if you have gaps in your resume
  • Even if you lack hands-on experience
  • Even if you're transitioning to a new industry
  • Even if you don't think you have anything relevant to add

What screening resumes is really like...

When I'm hiring for a position, I see the same things all the time. These are some of the resumes I get...


  • Handle clerical task as the assistant to the registrar and offices
  • Good knowledge of programming languages like HTML, CSS, PHP etc
  • Offers real work experience in deadline driven projects, high pressure situations and working in both large and small teams.
  • Constantly seeks to learn new technologies at a fast pace. Stays up-to-date with current and latest business trends.
  • A good performer both at work and in academic careers.


International Arts student with work experience in a diverse set of teams from around the globe. A proven committed employee possessing strong verbal and written skills developed through one year of experience in client-focused and new event coordination roles. Expert team player with the ability to collaborate, motivate and grasp new concepts fast.

I am a dedicated and ethical matured worker with a history of successfully balancing full time studies with a full time job and internship. A caring and organized person who is willing to learn more each day. I have administrative and computer skills with expertise working with Microsoft Office Suite.

The problem with the openings above?

Everyone is saying THE SAME things...!

  • I possess strong verbal and written skills... So what?
  • I'm willing to learn... So what?
  • I'm an expert team player!... So what?

When someone takes 10 seconds to look at your resume and they see the same thing, a Hiring Manager can't tell one job seeker from another!

  • Everyone is a team player
  • Everyone's willing to learn!
  • Everyone better be able to communicate written and verbally or why are they even applying?!

I'm Natalie Fisher

I've worked for companies like Amazon, FLIR and xMatters. I've sat in on over 100 interviews and counting. I've screened thousands of resumes and while I was reading through them, pulling my hair out, I thought:

 "Wouldn't it be great if people knew how to talk about themselves in a way that made them sound like them?"

Natalie Fisher

...and not like just another Zombie in a sea of Zombies? 

As a Hiring Manager I want to get a clear, concise insight into who this person is...

I don't want to read yet another boring line of corporate speak! So you're a "Results oriented progessional with a bottom like orientation?"..

So?.. Who isn't!

I was in your position once, I would pour my heart and soul into a cover letter and tweak my resume only to never get a response too...

When I got into my HR Career I learned exactly WHY

I've cracked the code behind creating a resume that gets you the results you're looking for. A resume that gets interviews for you

Do you know...

  • The feeling of sending your resume to a company... excited to tell them why you'd be a perfect fit for the position?
  • Waiting and waiting for a call... and never hearing back?
  • Then doing it over, and over, and over. Wondering if they even got the resume in the first place?
  • Waking up early and clicking "refresh" in your inbox, hoping for something?

This happened to me with most of the applications I submitted...

That's when I got really serious about this.

I don't know about you, but I really hate being ignored!

  • I read every resume book I could get my hands on
  • I consulted the experts
  • I fine-tuned my resume and cover letters for hours and hours...

And then something changed... I got a job offer, then another, and another.

I actually ended up with so many interviews that I had scheduling issues!

Having a world-class resume literally opens doors.

What Hiring Managers Are Really Saying...

I want to share with you exactly how I turned my initial resume into an interview magnet. But first, I've been on both sides of the hiring table — as a candidate and as a hiring manager. 

And here's something most hiring managers won't tell you:

You get 10 seconds.

All your work… all your skills… all your talents and personality… all your years of effort… they all earn you 10 seconds of a hiring manager's time when they look at your resume. 

For most of us, our cover letter and resume are the first and only things about us a hiring manager sees. 

You might be amazing, but these two pieces of paper represent EVERYTHING about you.

Like it or not, that's a LOT of pressure riding on a single piece of paper.

A great resume is the first step towards your dream job!

It makes sense why we become such perfectionists when it comes to our resumes. 

That's why we edit them over and over until they don't even sound like us anymore.

But what can we do about it?

Be honest, does your resume have any of those lines on it? The ones that say:

  • Excellent written or oral communication skills
  • Results oriented professional with a bottom line orientation

That's why we panic when we don't get a response from all the resumes we submit.

First, I'll tell you what most people do. They send out another resume, then another one. Soon, we've sent our resume to 49 companies... and haven't even gotten a response!

This is a process we think is normal...

But it sets us up to fail.

Pretty soon, we start getting demotivated. Feeling like no one wants us.

"What do I have to show for the last 4 years?"

"Do I have enough experience to even be considered for this job?"

 "Why would I stand out in a sea of more experienced candidates?" 

Let's be honest for a second: One of our biggest fears is that your resume looks like EVERY OTHER resume out there.

Most of the time this is true.

After all, if yours was impressive enough, wouldn't it be opening doors already?

This is where you may want to give up...

"Ugh, I'll just take what I have and send it in"

"It is what it is"

It feels like the game is stacked against us. The companies have all the power — they don't even reply! — and they can choose who lands the dream jobs… or any job… and who has to wake up to yet another day of the same grind.

How are we supposed to create resumes and cover letters that can open the door to dream jobs when no one teaches us how to do it? Google "resume tips" and you get a never-ending list of worthless reminders like "don't forget to spell-check" or "grab their attention." Isn't there a better way? 

The "Resume Secrets" I learned

When I was learning how to write my resume, I made every mistake you can make. I wasted time worrying about font size. I fiddled with the margins. I actually obsessed over the type of PAPER. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and tell myself that this stuff doesn’t matter!  

But all of my mistakes taught me that most of the "expert advice" about resumes is misleading. That's my nice way of saying HORRIBLE. Actually, it drives me crazy! Half of these experts have never gotten a top-tier job… so how can they tell you what works and what doesn't?  

They don't even know how the game is played!  

I want to teach you the hard-won resume lessons I’ve learned from looking at literally thousands of resumes throughout my career. I had a small group of friends who shared and perfected the best techniques and tips…but we never shared them outside our small circle. Until now.

How are these lessons different than the normal resume advice you're used to?

Proof 1 edit
Proof 2 edit

When I secured a job at Amazon, and FLIR, and several other prestigious companies... I learned exactly how the game is played - and what it takes to reach companies at all levels.

You might be suprised to learn how little most typical advice matters. I've seen resumes with ugly fonts, messed-up margins, and cheap paper! But they still got the job...


Because they had something almost no other resumes have: A POWERFUL NARRATIVE (AKA: SHORT RESUME STORY)

A narrative is a story, a thread that ties together all the peices of your resume together and most importatly it is unique to you.  

When you get 10 seconds it's critical to have a powerful story that leaps off the page. I can show you exactly how to do this.. including giving you templates, word-for-word scripts, and tested examples to help you craft your own.

This Is What Most Resume "Experts" Completely Miss...  

When you know how to craft a powerful Resume STORY you can actually BEAT OUT PEOPLE WITH 5 YEARS' MORE EXPERIENCE THAN YOU! I know. Because I did exactly that.

But don't take my word for it.

Put yourself in the hiring manager's shoes… When they look at your resume, what do they know about you? In 10 seconds? Try it right now. Pull out your resume. Pretend you didn't know this person. Skim it for 10 seconds. What do you remember? What's memorable? Do you come across as remarkable? If not, don't worry. I can help you change your resume from ordinary to remarkable.  

"I will surely recommend this to anyone who wishes to land their dream job. I did.""

-Jonathan Santos.

Let's start right now...

5 Eye-Opening mistakes we KEEP MAKING with our resumes

We all "know" we should write a better resume... yet we keep submitting the same stuff that makes us look like everyone else!

No more! Here are five critical mistakes I kept seeing... and when these are fixed you'll start landing interview after interview. 

 It doesn’t matter if you are good at your job if you don’t know how to translate that to a resume.

Mistake #1 Only Listing Boring Facts  

We think our resume has to include everything from our history. THIS IS A MISTAKE! Your resume is not a chronological list of facts. In fact, if you did something that doesn't support your over-arching Resume story, leave it out! Companies want to see focus, not a random list of wishy-washy peices of info that aren't congruent.

Mistake #2 Using Cookie Cutter Corporate Language

We all hate BS resume-sounding language... yet we all keep doing it! Look at these actual phrases from real resumes:

  • "A creative and strategic thinker with excellent written and verbal communication skills."
  • "Delivered results under tight deadlines and last minute time constraints"
  • "Results oriented proffessional with a bottom line orientation"

These are actual prases... that are meaningless! For some reason, whenever we create resumes, we lapse into writing that sounds nothing like us. Even though we know it.. we still do it. We're so insecure about our past accomplishments, we think fancy words will hide what we did (or didn't) do. But there's a much better way to represent what you've done... honestly, and with words that actually impress the Hiring Manager and communicate your value!

Mistake #3 Spending too much time on things like the font  

It's no wonder that we spend a huge amount of time worrying about these things. That's what experts tell us to focus on! How many times have you read "Resume Writing Advice" that spends 90% of the article talking about how important it is to keep your resume to one page

THAT is not what's going to get you the job. Worrying about these pointless details is a waste of time. After all, even if you have a technically perfect resume - perfect fonts, margins and paper - that's no guarantee of the job (there IS a MUCH better way).

Mistake #4 Talking about how great we are... without proving it...

What's more memorable of the two?

  • "I'm passionate about design."
  • "For example, I've read 20 books on graphic design, listen to Accidental Creative daily, and have had coffee with five artists and designers last week, one of whom taught me about X."

What about these?

  • "I'm well-versed in social media"
  • "For example, I use over eight social media platforms regularly, including YouTube, Twitter and my own professional blog which get's over 5,000 visitors per day."

Mistake #5 Not thinking about the job from the Hiring Manager's shoes

This is the biggest one of all! Why would anyone want to read your current resume? Is it interesting? Does it speak to the exact challenges the hiring manager has?  

If you wanted to catch a fish, would you use apple pie as bate?  


Because Fish don't eat Apple Pie.

Does your resume contain the bait that a hiring manager would want?  

If not, you're just another entry in the pile.  

I see this all the time when people apply to my jobs, saying "I'll work for free!" They're confused when I turn them down.  

That's because they never took the time to understand that I don't care about free…I value other things more than money.  

Remember, you only have 10 seconds. If you haven't deeply thought about what the HR person/hiring manager wants…it's over. If you only get one tiny window to make a connection, what's the best way to do it?

The Actual Resume One of My Clients Sophia Used To Land Her Dream Job 

And Several More Interviews!

Notice how simple it looks. It doesn't have a fancy design or fancy fonts. It's printed on normal paper. But it WORKS

I'd like to give you a copy of this actual resume so you can use it in your job search (keep reading to find out how to get it).  

But more importantly, I'd like to teach you WHY this resume works, so you can apply these EXACT insights to your resume and use it to sail past the other "unwashed masses" (the m. is slient) of resumes that you're competing against. 

I've packaged up all the insights and lessons I learned years ago... plus advanced material I never knew back then. I've tested this program with dozens of people until I was certain it worked.

Finally... I'm ready to share it with you, so you can get results like this. 

If I had a hesitation at all it was not feeling like I would be able to get my whole personality or experience across correctly. Natalie was great at reading in between the lines and providing enough examples to be able to construct an amazing resume and cover letter that not only stood out but was also able to articulate what I needed out of a new position.  

The changes I saw in my resume and cover letter weren't small by any means after working with Natalie and the results from them weren't either. Everything being communicated through my cover letter and resume was articulated clearly and strongly, making them pack more of a punch!  

If you're looking to find a position that is exactly what you're looking for with the help of someone who is not only committed but excited to do just that, I would absolutely recommend getting this program.

Sophia Regitnig  


The Resume Transformation Blueprint

This new, self-paced program gives you instant access to my absolute best material on writing a winning resume and cover letter. I've spared nothing, and I've included my best scripts, psychological insights, and even subtle tactics that I learned from the very best job hunters in the world. Including actual word-for-word resume and cover-letter templates.

You can transform your resume from mediocre to dazzling in just one afternoon!

What you'll discover in this program

  •  The one simple trick that will get your cover letter read until the end  
  •  Actual winning templates of resumes and cover letters, including psychological breakdowns of WHY they work  
  •  Proven strategies for making your experience shine... even if you don't have 10 years of experience  
  •  The SPECIFIC words to use in the first five lines of your resume to "control" what the reader sees  
  •  How to quantify and communicate f your value... with endless examples of how to do this  
  •  How to ruthlessly kill the fluff and B.S. that chokes most resumes using Simple language that catches attention!  
  •  Subtle tweaks to avoid being labeled a "job hopper"  
  •  Often-overlooked areas of your cover letter and resume where you can stand out above novice applicants  
  •  How to use powerful positioning "triggers" to change industries  
  •  How to position "gaps" and mistakes in your career so the focus stays on your strengths and talents  
  •  How to look your absolute best without stretching the truth  
  •  "Storytelling Resume Secrets" and how to create a "story toolbox" to effortlessly engage with your prospective employer and rise head-and-shoulders above the competition  
  •  Actual resumes and cover letters that win - With Stealable Examples and templates  
  • Including my line-by-like analysis explaining WHY they work and HOW you can apply the lessons to your own resumes and cover letters.  
  • Don't reinvent the wheel. Use these proven models and scripts.

  •  And much much more... 


The powerful Info you'll get instant access to

I've packed this program to give you everything you need to turn your resume and cover letter from mediocre to masterful - in an afternoon, including:

  •  Concise Video Lessons on the most important components of a winning resume & cover letter - including audio and a full transcript
  •  Actual winning resumes and cover letters. Including FIVE actual resumes and FIVE real cover letters that secured top jobs (directly from my successful students - students who used this very material to secure the jobs of their dreams)
  •  I'll show you actual before-and-after resumes and cover letters. You'll see how my students took this info and applied it to dramatically improve their personal documents 

✅ BONUS 1 ! ($197 Value) ✅

6 Brain Triggers To Nail Your Interviews!

Once You Put Your Resume To Work You'll Want to Nail The Interviews, and that is exactly what this bonus will help you to do! 


✅ BONUS #2  

Personalized Resume & Cover Letter Review With Me 😀

✅ BONUS #3 ($99 Value) 

The Updated Situational interview Guide containing over 50 MORE examples from a wide range of industries so that you can deliver your own stories with unshakable confidence and win your interviewers over in an hour or less! 

An UNBEATABLE Guarantee:

Try The Resume Transformation Blueprint for an entire 60 days - 100% risk-free

If you don't LOVE IT, I insist that you get 100% of your money back!

Money Back Guarantee

Let me tell you exactly why I offer this unbeatable guarantee..

When I researched resumes, I tried many of the popular guides in this area only to find that they regurgitated more of the same old, rehashed, generic info.

"Proof Read !"


"Grab their attention."

Ok... what does that mean? What should I say? How do I even get started?

That advice is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH to get results.  

That's why instead of creating yet another generic ebook, I invested my time and money into building the most detailed resume program ever created.  

I included the word-for-word scripts, I collected and shared The REAL resumes that helped land high-paying Dream Jobs.  

I revealed the actual strategies and tactics I've used to get job offers at top tier companies like AMAZON, ABE BOOKS, FLIR SYSTEMS & xMATTERS.  

I know this material works because I tested it & its gotten successful results. 

  • That's why I guarantee this course.
  • And why my students get results... 

It's Simple...

Take the program, do the exercises, and see for yourself. If it doesn't work, I want you to email me, prove you did the work, and I'll refund you 100%. No questions asked. 

This guarantee is 60 days — more than enough time to go through the entire program. Try the ENTIRE program. If you don't get an increase in response from your resume, just email at ANY TIME during the 60 days and show me you're doing the exercises and not getting results. I'll refund 100% of your price. 

Make ONE Choice TODAY - Just ONE

You can keep sending your current resume out to company after company. Some might reply. Most Won't. You can keep beating your head against the wall, wondering why they don't call back. You can blame the economy... or the government... or the Headhunter that never replied.

Or you can take action to learn about the insights that secured me job offeres at Amazon, FLIR Systems, xMatters, a top Law Firm, xMatters, & more.

You can learn how my first students used this material to turn their mediocre resumes into Glowing Documents that got them interviews - and job offers.

IT'S VERY INTERESTING TO ME... When faced with A poor response to their resumes Some people will DECIDE TO…

  • Decide to send out 50 more copies (doing the same thing over and over again with no results is insanity!) 
  • Turn around and blame the economy (funny because top performers are still getting job offers) 
  • Decide they need "more experience, more schooling or more _____" (thereby delaying their job search for another few years). 

All of this instead of actually learning how to write a winning cover letter and resume. Which you can do in just a few hours! 

Will allow you to stand out over people with 10+ years' more experience, land the job, and get paid more. 

The Resume Transformation Blueprint  

A TOTAL VALUE OF $2,997.00 

Get started RIGHT NOW - For only:



Save $31 - Pay In Full

It's easy to think you have nothing to offer. It's easy to create barriers in your own mind, like the fact that you don't stand out... or that you can't quantify your accomplishments... or to wonder why ANYONE would hire you.

But there are simple strategies you can use to take a lifeless resume and turn it into something that communicates the best version of you.  

Totally ethically, without using corporate-y sounding "resume words".  

I want to show you the powerful resume secrets that have gotten not just me, but my students, interviews at companies they'd only dreamed about.

For them... these companies were unreachable - until they used these secrets to seize their jobs and change their lives forever...

They can work for you too....

I've packed this material up to be as affordable and easy-to-use as possible. In one afternoon... for only 4 monthly payments of $57... you can change the direction of your career forever.

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us. We're happy to help  

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What kind of results can I expect?

Most of our students are saying that you can see results instantly, after you revamp your resume using the info inside the members portal. You will start to see an immediate increase in your response rate, and interviews will start lining up quickly.

Who do you serve?

I serve new graduates, career changers and job seekers who have not been successful in getting the interviews and the job offers that they want. I help them land the dream job offers and salaries that I know they are capable of. 

Are there any hidden fees?

The price is simply 4 payments of $57 USD Or 1 payment of $197 USD You can save $31 if you decide to pay in full.


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