Ep #73: Premium Job Offers

The Get a Six Figure Job You Love Podcast with Natalie Fisher | Premium Job Offers

Sometimes in a job search, we can get so stuck in thinking that what we have is all that’s available to us, that it stops us from dreaming bigger. When you’re in a bubble working in an organization, it’s difficult to imagine what else is out there for you. But there are premium job offers; you just need to find them.


A premium job offer is an offer that will challenge you beyond what you are currently doing. It’s a bigger step up – maybe it’s a jump in responsibility or a jump in pay, but it is different from what you have now. And it is possible for you to go out and get; you just need to believe it.


In this episode, I’m sharing some of my personal experiences of landing a premium job offer and explaining what it’s like working in a premium job environment. I’m showing you how to bring premium job offers into your awareness, and how to identify what a premium job offer looks like to you.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why it doesn’t always have to be difficult to negotiate an offer.
  • Some of the things a premium job offer can offer you.
  • How limitations being put on us lead to our own limiting bubbles.
  • What you need to land a premium job offer.
  • How to start looking for evidence of premium job offers existing.


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Welcome back to the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love podcast. This is episode 73: Premium Job Offers.
Hey there. Welcome to the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love podcast, I’m your host, Natalie Fisher. I’m a certified career mindset coach who also happens to want to skip all the BS and get to what it really takes to create real results for you in your career. On this podcast, you will create real mindset shifts that will lead to big results and big changes in your career and your income. No fluff here. If you want to get a six-figure job you love and create real concrete results in your industry and make a real impact, you’re in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s go.
All right, let’s dig in, premium job offers. What is a premium job offer? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. A premium job offer, and I wanted to share some of my personal experiences going through getting a premium job offer, working in a premium job environment, and some of my clients as well, so you can kind of get an idea what exists out there in the world. If you’re in a bubble where you’re working in an organization, you don’t know what’s out there, right? Because you haven’t necessarily gone to explore, you haven’t experienced it yet. This episode is to bring into your awareness what exists in the world. I’m kind of giving you a window because I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced it, and my clients, that’s all they get now, because this is how we work.
So, a premium job offer is a job offer that will challenge you beyond what you’re doing now. So it’s a bigger step up, right? And it might be a jump in responsibility, a jump in pay, right? It might be a jump in different work, right? So it’s going to be definitely different than what you have now. This is my definition of a premium job offer, and basically what I’ve learned my clients want and what we’ve created along the years that I’ve been working with people to create what they want in their career. And so, the first thing we need to do is identify what that is for you. I’m going to give you some experiences and stories and examples of what that looks like, and then you need to identify what it means for you specifically.
So, it’s going to be an offer where they’re going to pay you what you want. So you had a number in mind, you know what you’re aligned with, you know what you’re going to feel really good about, and you can just imagine walking away signing that offer feeling proud of the amount that you secured, the deal that you negotiated. And it doesn’t have to be hard to do that. With the right organization and the right synergy or energy, it’s not always hard to negotiate an offer. I haven’t experienced it be hard. So, that’s part of it. It’s going to pay you what you want. So it’s going to be with an organization that has the capacity to pay you that much, right? And that exists. It’s going to be one where you have an impact, where you have autonomy, where you will be challenged, where you will be doing things you’ve never done before.
A premium job offer is one that offers you the salary that you feel aligned with, you vibe really well with the team. It feels really good all around. You’re not trying to discount or justify red flags in your mind. You’re not like, “Yeah, I could make that work,” even though you don’t want to. And an environment that you feel at home in with people that you appreciate their way of thinking, that really resonates with them. You resonate with them, they resonate with you. They’re on the same wavelength. It’s a place where you don’t have to compromise your life by working 12, 17 hours a day. It’s a place that values you, appreciates you and the way you think. They care what you think, they ask your opinion. They might not always implement it, but they want to hear you. They want to see you grow. They support your growth. They give you raises and promote you when you bring good things to the table, and you have a good case to show for why that should be the case, supports your desired growth trajectory and wants what you have to offer from you.
These are a few things that a premium job offer offers you, okay? And so, a lot of people, it’s not even in our awareness that we could have this premium job offer. I want to share an example of my premium job offers. My most recent one, the last one I had before I quit to go into my business full time, was with
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a company called xMatters, who’s now been bought out. They now are owned by another bigger company. But I maintain a lot of friendships and a lot of connections from that five years of my life, and it was amazing. When I went into that interview, I felt relaxed. It was around the time when the Superbowl was happening. There was no pandemic at the time. I just tried to make conversation where I said… Because I was interviewing with two men.
It was the VP of development at the time, and I don’t remember what the other guy’s title was, but I was interviewing with two men. And so I thought I’ll ask them if they’re watching the super bowl this weekend. And I wasn’t, I had no interest in the super bowl, but they both said no. And I said, oh good, because neither do I. I just know just enough to talk about it. And we all laughed. And so that’s kind of how it started. And then we engaged in the interview conversation and we had a really good chat. It really felt like a chat, it felt like a casual conversation. Their office was really chill, they had couches. So I was sitting on a couch, they were sitting on a couple of comfy recliners. We were just kind of chilling out.
There was a lot of laughing going on in the interview, the VP, who would later than be my boss, he was a very fun person. And it came up where I might have to do jury duty. They asked me is there anything that might get in the way of you getting started with us if we were to offer you the position? And I said, well, I have been summoned for jury duty, so I might have to do that, but that’s not within my control. So they said, oh yes, of course we have a policy where you will still be compensated for jury duty, if you do get selected.
And it was crazy that I got selected, by the way, just a sidebar. I feel like there was maybe a hundred people there and they were literally pulling numbers out of a box. And I got selected and secretly, I was very happy about this because I’d actually always wanted to serve on jury duty. And I know a lot of people think this is very strange, but I grew up watching law shows and really interested in the law so I really wanted to. Anyway, it was a really interesting experience, a story for another day. But anyway, they had a policy in place where they said, yeah if you do end up having to go to jury duty, we have a policy where we compensate you for that, which I thought was amazing since I hadn’t even started yet.
And what happened was I ended up having to do the jury duty and I still got paid for two weeks that I didn’t even work. That was me starting. I Didn’t even get there on my first day because I was on jury duty. And here where I am at least, jury duty doesn’t pay you anything. You get like you get reimbursed for parking or something, and then maybe you get $10 a day or $20 a day, but you don’t get paid enough, anything significant.
So it was amazing. They were just like, that’s fine, that happens, not a problem. I was very upfront with them about what I wanted and what I wanted to do and what I didn’t enjoy doing. Although I was like, I understand if this is part of the job, like I mentioned in previous podcasts, I’m like, I don’t want to spend my whole day doing accounting. So if a big part of this is going to be accounting and numbers and spreadsheets, this is probably not going to work. And he said, oh, that’s okay, it’s probably a maximum of two hours a week. Are you okay with that? And I said, yes, that’s no problem. And then I knew what I was getting into and then it was all good.
So it was for an HR position. So since sometimes HR has to do some budgeting and some salary stuff and we have to deal with some numbers and that’s okay. I just didn’t want it to be the majority of my job. Right. I was more into the people part and more into the strategic part. So the conversation was just really open. Right. I felt like they accepted me for who I was. I was curious about what they needed. They were asking me like, what do you want in a work environment? Do you think this would be a problem for you? For example, they said, we’re very quiet around here, we just kind of interact on slack. There’s not really much social interaction other than at lunchtime and sometimes with events, and he
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asked, are you okay with that? He’s like, because you seem like someone who’s really social. And I was like, oh yeah, if I can get my social interaction by typing to people, I’m happy with that too.
That’s a different form of social interaction. And he said, oh yeah, that’s fine. That’s just normally how it is, it’s pretty quiet around here. And he just generally showed concern for me, right. For like my personality type and for whether I was going to fit in. And it really just came from a place of him caring about that, which I felt, and then justifiably, if I didn’t think something was going to work, I would’ve said it. But it was just a very mutual conversation.
It went back and forth easily. We had laughs, I was honest, he was honest and it just jived. So it made sense that I got the offer from that experience. And then when it came to talking about the salary, I was really scared to say this big number that I wanted, because it was what I was at before, and I didn’t want to go down. But the position I was starting in it was kind of unheard of to make 80,000 as an admin. Right. I think it was 80 or 85,000 as an admin. But at my other position I’d been working my way up. I was title office operations manager and I’d worked my way up. So I was at an 80K position.
And so I wanted to come in here and they were just looking for an admin. And I said I wanted 80K and I was scared. I said, I know that’s high for this position, but I believe with what I’ve been able to contribute in the past, I can really do these things for you. And they just simply said, okay, if that’s what will make you happy and then I’m left thinking, well, maybe I should have asked for more, but in retrospect it was fine. Because there was just an organization who had that money. They had the surplus to pay people really well. They wanted to support their growth. So this is a thing that’s possible. Right. And people would tell me, they’re like, oh yeah, that’s never going to happen. You’re never going to get back to that. You’re going to have to start at the bottom, which I suppose makes sense in the real world. But I decided I didn’t want to do that.
So yes, it was scary to put my number out there, 100% worth it. And then within a few years, or a couple years of that time, I was able to get to a 100K in HR doing the work that I wanted to do from the beginning. So it started out very easy. So the process was very easy and I believe the process was very easy because we both just wanted to find a mutual fit. I wasn’t worried about being judged a little bit with the salary. I’ll admit, I was like, oh, I’m scared to kind of say this number, but it was super worth it. And if I had gone and said a much lower number, which is what you know was on payscale.com. If you go to payscale.com, the last time I checked, it’ll say that an admin assistant can only make 45,000 a year.
Even if she has a hundred years of experience, like that’ll happen. So if I had listened to that number and I’d said, well, 45K, I would’ve missed out on literally half the salary for that year, and I would’ve felt bad. I would’ve felt like, oh, I took a step back, I went lower, I should be making more. Like I would’ve felt all those feelings of shame instead of feeling a little moment of discomfort to then make an extra 40,000. So that’s what I tell people. I’m like, it’s just a little moment of discomfort for thousands of extra dollars. So if you’re in a position where you’re like, oh, I’m afraid to say that. And it’s like, the worst that happens is they say no. Or they say, oh, that’s a little higher than we’ve had planned. There’s a way to have that conversation where it’s lighthearted.
It’s okay, it’s collaborative, it’s even fun. Where you don’t have to feel bad about it because you know your value and you’re grounded in it. So anyway, premium offer story. And then, so I got the offer, ended up working there for five years. It was great. It was the greatest job I’ve ever had. The organization was amazing. The CEO was very involved. We had excellent manager training. I learned so much from that manager training. I learned so much from my own manager because he was a really good manager. I grew so much. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to start my career doing what I do, because I was like, this is possible. This job, this opportunity, these people, this environment, it lit me up so much, I loved it. I was like, I want other people to experience that because I’d hang out with friends
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and stuff who were complaining about their jobs and who hated the people they were working with or hated their boss or whatever.
And so I really wanted them to know, you can have your own xMatters. You know, it’s not the only company out there, right? Or you go work for them. And things have changed over there now because they were bought out. But anyways it is a thing. So when we don’t know that this is a possibility, then we don’t make an effort to go looking for it. We don’t go and say our number out loud. We don’t feel relaxed to interview as we are because we think that we have to put ourselves into a box to fit into the world around us. So we think we have to ask for 45K, we think we have to be buttoned up, cover our mistakes, tell them we’ll do everything they want us to do. We think those things because we think we won’t be accepted otherwise.
So that’s what I’m basically here to do is to share with you when you are yourself, when you tell them what you really want to do, what you’re really good at being honest about who you are. That is the best thing you could do for both, for yourself and for them. So, why we don’t end up really finding these things or why people don’t know they exist is because it’s just simply not in your awareness. We have a ceiling, a belief ceiling around what’s possible, about what exists and the fact that these places even exist. Like that’s the thing that a lot of people can’t get on board with or if they do, they’re like, yeah, yeah, yeah, those places exist. But they won’t hire me. Like you have to have some sort of coveted connection. You have to be this or it’s just in another city or they won’t hire me because of insert, limiting belief.
Or insert blocker. And that’s another thing, right? If I look back to myself, I’m just like, I wouldn’t have considered myself anything special among the other candidates. I was probably less experienced, less detail oriented. Like I probably had less qualities than a lot of the other candidates, but it was my willingness to just be honest and just be myself that really happened to connect with them. And so that is going to happen when you believe that happens. So most of us are thinking very small. We’re thinking in a box, we’re looking at job descriptions. We’re seeing things on LinkedIn. And we’re just seeing evidence that we’re right about having to fit in the box. Or we’re right about the economy being bad or things being scarce or PayScale is the be all and end all, and we think that that’s how much money we can make because PayScale said the average is between 35 and 45,000 for this position, so therefore that’s what it is.
Well, it’s an arbitrary number. I don’t know where they get the data, but it can’t be true. Because I’m an example of it not being true. And my clients are examples of breaking the molds in different ways as well. So can’t be true. And so when find evidence like that, it’s because we’re trained to seek it out because our brain has been believing these small beliefs, these limiting beliefs for a long time. And so we’re not used to it. So we need to expand our mind to being like, huh, what if that was possible? What if there was other places? What if there was, because there’re thousands of organizations out there, right? And it’s like with remote work now, so many more options have opened up. And I know a lot of offices are mandating people to come back and stuff, but it still hasn’t changed the fact that remote work is here to stay.
It’s shown us that people can work remotely. So it’s easy to go into a slump in your job search, especially if it’s been going on. If you’ve been searching for a while and you haven’t come to this premium job, offer opportunity yet and been offered the job. And it’s because you are not aligned to it yet or you haven’t found the right one. So it’s fine. So what we need to do is we need to bring it into our awareness every day. You Need to ask yourself what beliefs do I have about these organizations existing? Do I believe they exist? Do I believe that one of them would want to hire me? And then you want to question that? Why or why not? Why or why not? So that’s the first thing, we need to question those beliefs that you have, identify them.
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Because you can’t move if you don’t know where you are. And the police could be from childhood. I was having a conversation with my sister the other day who has a small child. And she said to me, she’s like, it’s going to be so hard for him to buy a house. And he’s two. And she’s like, because house prices are going up and you know, she started early, she got into the real estate market early. She’s like, it’s going to be so hard for him. Things are going to be so expensive when he’s older. And I was like, he doesn’t know that, he has no idea what expensive is. I’m like, don’t put limitations on him. Like he could grow up and get a really high paying job and it might be fine. Like, and if he decides he wants to do that, he will.
So it’s like these limitations were just put on us because our parents didn’t know any better. People don’t know any better. People are thinking in their own limiting bubbles. And so they’re just saying stuff out loud, but they’re just their own limiting bubbles. So I’m thinking of a kid growing up. He doesn’t know what expensive is. He doesn’t know the concept of money. He has no idea. So from a blank slate, he can go create whatever he wants. And if you tell a kid, you can go do whatever you want. If you tell him, oh yeah, you’ll be able to do that. And that’s fine. Like you might have to try a few times to get the job, but you’ll be able to get it. Versus if you say, oh, it’s going to be hard. You better prepare yourself for a really hard long road.
They’re going to have a different belief. And they might get more discouraged before they start. Just an example. But that’s how we kind of pick up these beliefs. One way. And then because of these beliefs, then we just keep them right. We just kind of grow up with them and then we’re just like, oh yeah, that’s how it is. Things are so expensive. The economy’s bad. I won’t be able to afford a house, blah, blah, blah. And it’s like, those are all lies. There’s nothing in the sky, there’s no chalkboard, there’s no big chalkboard in the sky that says you will not make this much money. No, it’s just made up. So, and sometimes the feedback that we get from interviews, it contributes to that, especially if we get the same feedback more than one time, our brain tells us, yeah, it’s true see, I told you it wasn’t possible. And it finds more evidence.
So if you think that you can only make a certain amount of money, like without going back to school or without gaining more experience, that’s what you’re going to find is the evidence that will support those facts. So what we do is we kind of just aren’t aware and we just accept these limitations and live from them. We just, we’re living from our limitations in a lot of cases. And it’s because we don’t know they exist there. And why it doesn’t work is because you’d have to go back and get 15 certifications. You’d have to go back in time and change your life. To be able to go back and connect with the right people, depending on what your belief is and those things are in the past.
So we need to change the future. And the way that we do that is we change the future by thinking new thoughts now, changing the way that we’re thinking now. So by shifting into a belief of, oh, there are totally premium organizations who want to offer a premium offer to me, then you’re going to be more compelled to go out and find that and go explore that and go talk to people who are part of that. If you don’t believe that, then you won’t. Your action will show what you’re believing. So what ends up happening is a lot of people end up just living smaller lives, making smaller salaries, making themselves smaller unnecessarily. They choose that without knowing that they’re choosing it. And so the alternative solution is to be open to expanding beliefs and asking yourself, what do I believe about myself and my ability to get a premium offer?
Do I believe that I can? And if not, why not? And then counter every single one of those reasons why your brain says not you or you can’t. And then the beliefs you have about what exists in the world. Like are there premium offers out there? Are there premium organizations out there? And if you like ask yourself, do I believe that right now? And it’s okay if you don’t. A belief is something that you work on. So you work on it over time. And every day you can ask yourself on a one to 10 scale, how much do I believe that this is true, that there’s premium organizations out there? And you want to just work on
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that belief every day and change it. So, I like to think of it as the belief you have right now, say you don’t believe it at all.
It’s very well supported. It’s like a table with four strong legs. And what you need to do is kind of poke holes at it, right? And every day kind of slowly knock it down so you can start to see things differently. Because your old beliefs are super well supported. They’re super cemented in, they’re super well practice beliefs. So you want to do the same and move yourself over to beliefs you want to have, because you can believe anything you want to believe. And nobody’s coming to tell you that you can’t or that you shouldn’t, that stuff goes on in your own head and you’re allowed to believe whatever you want to believe. So I’m not surprised that when I get an email or LinkedIn messages that says, I got the is offer and it’s way beyond what I thought, it’s crazy, it’s 178K or it’s 160K.
Look for evidence for premium job offers existing. And I can provide lots of people who were told that they would never get them, who then got them. And it was their belief that fueled them. It was this work, this podcast, this process that I’m teaching you. So surround yourself with people who are on the same path and they’re doing the same thing as you, right? They’re they’re counteracting those beliefs. And that will help you in seeing that it’s normal, that these offers exist, which is why I created the Community Inside the 6-Figure Curriculum. That’s what we do every day. We’re in there, we’re creating that belief that this happens, this always happens. So the wins for my clients, they mount up and they fuel everybody. And it’s like a place where it’s normal for this to happen. And when it’s normal for this to happen, because right now in the outside world, like if you go look on LinkedIn, people are like, help me, I need a job, I got fired, this is so hard, I got rejected a hundred times.
That’s the messages that we get from the outside world, right? And I wanted to create a community where inside it is normal. It is normal to create a premium job offer in a premium organization. And that’s what we’re doing. So if you want help with this, you can join us inside the 6- Figure Curriculum. The link is in the show notes and I’ll have some more information after the podcast as well. This month, and even if you join after this month, we will be doing, I’m teaching a class, a special bonus class, and it’s called How To Land Your Premium Job Offer By The End Of The Year. So, and that’s just like a month and a half away. So How To Land Your Premium Job Offer By The End Of The Year, I’m teaching a special class on that.
So if you want to get in on that, you want to get in before the end of the year, if you’re listening to this after the end of 2021, that class will still be available to you inside the portal as soon as you join and it’s going to break down everything you need to know about this process, we’re going to go deeper on your beliefs, how to break down your specific beliefs and how to get into how to create that in a short amount of time. And it’s not how most people talk about goals. We’re not talking about pushing yourself harder, doing more work, hustling. It’s not going to be a process like that. Like that’s how normally people talk about setting goals. I set goals and achieve them in a completely different way. It’s a lot more fun. It’s a lot easier. And the process is a lot simpler.
So if you want to join, get in there now for that. And what’s going to happen is you’re going to start believing that that’s the thing, right? That’s just who you are. You’re somebody who can create a premium job offer. You can expect to get it. Like you expect that that’s what’s going to happen, what you believe you will get. So if you don’t think you can, that’s okay, join us inside I will teach you how. So, what you’re going to need is you’re going to need to be coachable, open, willing to expand your mind beyond what it’s already at. We’re going to take stock of where you’re at and then we’re going to up level you to where you want to go. And we’re going to need to have you be willing to kind of engage daily with this goal so that you can think and believe differently about your future, because what you think and believe now and every day up until that is what creates a different future for you.
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So seeing premium job offers come in, seeing people who get them, people who have been interviewed on the podcast, to think of some examples, Connie, Kelly, Rick, Mark, Baia, Corinne. So many of the amazing students who have come on, just recently we had two new ones, and Alisa and Jamie, all of them have landed premium job offers and they will talk about them on the podcast and they share exactly how excited they are to be in this new environment with this new pay, feeling really proud and accomplished. And it is something that is so within reach for you too. So here’s how I want you to start to shift. Repeat after me, it’s possible that I could land a premium job offer. It’s possible this is a thing I could really do.
And then ask yourself on a scale of one to 10, how possible does it feel? If it doesn’t feel possible, why not? What does your brain tell you are the reasons why it’s not. And I want you to imagine you finding yourself in your best case scenario and what that looks like for you. And that’s another thing we’re going to do is get really clear on what that looks like for you and spend some time going there every day, right? Imagining that. And because your mind doesn’t know the difference between having it happen already, like in your mind, having it happen and not having it happen in real life, you can create that by imagining it. So start there. And if you want more detail on the process to walk you all the way through, join us before the year is out, How To Create Your Own Premium Job Offer By The End Of The Year.
And that is what I have for you today. So I’m hoping that you’re feeling really inspired by this episode, whether you decide to join us or not, but it’s going to be really, really valuable. And I hope that you do join us because I would be excited to celebrate you on the podcast as part of the community. So I will see you inside the 6-Figure Curriculum. All right, have a great week. I will talk to you next week.
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