Not Good Enough…

Not Good Enough...

Not Good Enough…


Not good enough…

Has anyone ever told you that You’re not good enough before?

Or have you ever felt “not good enough” in your life?

If yes, then you’re really going to relate to this….

I just went onto my youtube channel to check my stats, and I saw a comment that someone made: It said…. “Your examples aren’t good enough in any of your videos, I’m sorry.”


Come to think of it though, I have 99+ videos on my youtube channel alone, has he really watched ALL of them to be able to say that lol?

If yes, then WHY the heck… if the examples aren’t good enough for you..


The first thing I actually thought was – Who is that guy and who has HE Helped? What has HE done?


I’m willing to be that it’s probably not a whole lot…


If he’s on my email list and reads this, then I would laugh… In fact funnily enough I did have someone who told me my voice was really annoying sign up for my course, – explain that one to me… (Story for another day).

But seriously… If he’s got nothing better to do than to go around telling other people that he doesn’t even know that they’re examples are not good enough?

I mean think of your favourite super hero. Mine are Spider man and Leonardo from the Ninja turtles (I had the biggest crush on him when I was a kid).


Do you think that your favourite superhero, would be caught dead on youtube commenting on people’s videos telling people that the stuff they worked hard to put out there for FREE is not good enough?

No of course not.

If he was then he wouldn’t be a superhero.

Like as if from one or two comments I’m going to be brought down?

Not if I care about helping people, more than I care about a couple of comments.

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Anytime someone tells you you’re not good enough you can make a choice.


You can choose to believe them… And just for some perspective….

Let’s say it’s a homeless person who tells you you’re not good enough.. Would you believe them?

No probably not right…

Or you can choose something else.

Let’s break this down. What does “not good enough” mean? How will you know when you ARE good enough then?


Let’s see. For me I can choose to look at evidence to contradict his statement:



  • I’m good enough to have been hired at some highly reputable companies and the info I share got me there….

  • I’m good enough for the people I have helped negotiate 22k+ raises and raise their confidence in interviews!

  • I’m good enough for all the wonderful people on my email list who read my emails (yes that’s you) lots of love and appreciation to you, xo.

  • I’m good enough for my friends and family.

  • I’m good enough for my co-workers and colleagues

  • I’m good enough for my dog…

So if this guy says I’m not good enough, then how the heck will I know when I am good enough?

So if anyone ever told you that You’re not good enough, or you’ve ever felt not good enough in your life then let me ask you…

Have you stopped to ask yourself when will YOU will know that you ARE good enough then?

How many people have to think you’re good enough then for you to accept that as truth?

If you don’t have an answer then you’re just defaulting to always living your life to never being good enough, because you haven’t set it up to ever be good enough.


Because would you ever look at a new born baby and say:

“I’m sorry but you’re just not good enough?”

No of course not, so why would you say that or believe that about yourself?


With that, thanks for being a part of my community, lots of hugs to you.

Feeling extra lucky to have such a supportive person reading my email 🙂 – Yes that’s you.

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