Job Search Not Going Well (And How To Turn it Around)

Job Search Not Going Well (And How To Turn it Around)

Job Search Not Going Well (And How To Turn it Around)


Today, I’m going to be talking about if your job search is not going well, why that might be, how to look at it and how to turn it around.

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If you don’t get your dream job right away, it’s not working until it does work. So, it’s a process to get from point A to point B.

By definition, that is working.

It’s you working in the process because it is going to be a process to go through. Each person is going to take a different amount of time.

So, what it is basically, it’s a four-phase step process that everybody needs to take.

So, I’ve identified these four steps and I’ve really clearly shown exactly how each step works for how to get your dream job.

So, if you’re a process isn’t working, your strategy isn’t working, and that’s what you need to recognize if your job search isn’t going well.

So, I’m going to go through the four steps and we’re just going to outline them briefly and then we’re going to talk about your mindset around it not working and how that’s affecting you to move forward.


What are these four steps?



  • First of all, you must generate enough opportunities to have lots of conversations and lots of doors opening consistently for you. So, you must have consistent stuff going on.

  • Secondly, you must have the skill of interviewing or you must be developing the skill of interviewing and be able to communicate your value effectively, be able to communicate what you have to offer effectively.

  • Thirdly, you must know how to have that conversation around money, around salary comfortably. You must be prepared for that conversation before you even have an interview.

  • Fourth, you gotta know how to set yourself up for success in the role when you get it, and what your next steps in that role are going to be so that you can always be thinking about your growth and the next steps forward.

So many of us give up on the way to our dream job because we’re not there yet.


One of my mentors, Brooke Castillo, put it perfectly.

She talks about it like this.


She says can you imagine flying to Hawaii like this, knocking on the cockpit door, saying, “Excuse me, pilot. This isn’t working. You’re not doing this right. We are not in Hawaii. I thought this plane was to Hawaii.”

And the pilot says, “Yes, ma’am, it is.” And you say, “Well, where’s the beach? Where’s my tan? Where’s the ocean?”

This plane sure does not seem like Hawaii. In fact, it seems like the opposite of Hawaii, right? It’s not Hawaii until the second when it is.

Dreams are just stopped along the way because of this line of thinking.

What you got to do is you’ve got to keep going, keep failing, keep taking action until you succeed.

Before you know it, you’re just going on interviews, meeting people, and boom, you’re in your dream job and there are your offers coming in. It’s the same as Hawaii.

Boom. You’re all of a sudden in Hawaii.



It’s not working right up until it does work. And that’s how it goes.

The only caveat here is you need to make sure that you are headed in the right direction.

If you were on the plane to Hawaii but you were going in the wrong direction, then you’re not going to get to Hawaii, right?

That’s where my four-phase system comes into play.

This has been tested and proven with hundreds of students and we know that it gets you there if you keep going and you keep following the system.

So, if you want more depth on the four-phase system, I have a free workshop that you can sign up for.

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You’ll identify what’s working for you right now, what isn’t working for you right now, and where you need to go from there.

So, there you have it, my friends.


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And remember, the current system isn’t perfect, but you can outsmart it. I’m here to prove to you that you do have what it takes.


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