Interview Stories And Why They’re BLOCKING Your Career Success

Interview Stories And Why They're BLOCKING Your Career Success

Interview Stories And Why They’re BLOCKING Your Career Success


In this post you will learn:


  • How your interview stories are keeping you stuck

  • How your interview stories are causing you to fail the interview

  • How your interview stories are roadblocking your career

  • How your stories about interviews are keeping you stuck from progressing in your career

  • Your stories are keeping you from passing interviews and getting job offers

This is the one thing that keeps my clients from passing interviews & Getting job offers.

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If you do love reading, let’s get back to it…


The way that you think about interviews, (in other words the stories you have in your head about interviewing) could be causing you to stay stuck in your career without you knowing it.

Here are some examples of the stories that (after some digging), I discovered had been severely holding my clients back before we started working together:


  • Interviews are a farce

  • They just want you to say yes to everything otherwise they won’t hire you They just want YES a yes person.

  • If you sound too smart you will intimidate the interviewer and they won’t hire you
    It’s a performance, it doesn’t matter if I can do the job or not, it’s whether I can perform in the interview that matters

  • The interview questions they ask are stupid and I don’t see why we have to answer them

  • They’ve already made their decision anyway, not sure why they put people through this arduous process for nothing

  • What’s the point? I won’t get it anyway

  • I didn’t get the last job I interviewed for, so this is going to be the same crap?

  • Why Do I even bother?

  • They want you to be perfect

  • You have to know everything or you don’t stand a chance

  • This was a waste of time (if you didn’t get the job)

If you think any of the above thoughts, do you think you’re going to feel anything positive about going to an interview?


No! And you probably won’t want to go on them.


The truth of the matter is that when you think about interviewing in any of the above ways, you are shooting yourself in the foot before you even enter the room.

Why? Because when you are holding the thoughts in your head like this you feel defeated before you even get into the room and sit down, heck before you even pull up to the building and walk inside.

You’re toast before you even start.

Might as well not even show up.

Why? Because it’s like bringing your emotional baggage to an interview and laying it out on the table but trying to get them not to notice it.

Do you know how people talk about emotional baggage in relationships for example?

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Well, you’re bringing your emotional baggage to the interviews and that’s why you’re not passing them.


You’re not impressing anyone, no matter how hard you might try.

Why? Because what you think always shows up in what you say or how you say it, it shows up in how you behave and how you energetically navigate the interview and it dictates the results that you get.

This is a career killer because it doesn’t change the fact that interviews are how we get better jobs, and if you continue to hold these beliefs about interviews then you will continue to show up in a way that puts people off, and you will continue to get more and more discouraged.


The longer it goes on the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Even if what you believe wasn’t true, it becomes true for you. I’ve seen it happen so many times. People will try to deny this.

Trying to hang onto their beliefs so hard, while trying to convince me that they are actually showing up in the exact way they need to and that it’s still not working 😡😡😡!

It makes me think of when I ask my husband if he’s in a bad mood, and he yells “NO I’M FINE!” then he looks at me like I’m crazy because why would I ask him that he’s CLEARLY fine.

And I think… Hmmm yeah… Cause that’s the tone, and facial expression of someone who’s JUST fine. (I don’t believe him at all). I’m thinking: He’s saying he’s fine on the outside, but on the inside something is going on that is making him act angry.

I like to say, “Well if you’re really fine then maybe you should tell your face that”. He doesn’t like when I say that…

You have to first become aware that you have some of these sneaky little beliefs that may be causing you to show up in a way that simply puts people off. It doesn’t mean you’re not capable of doing the job and it doesn’t mean you can’t change these beliefs to start showing up and kicking butt.

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But the first step is Awareness.


If you continue to hold these beliefs you will not be able to pass interviews successfully and you will keep kicking yourself wondering what you’re doing wrong.

You will be held back from reaching your full potential for the rest of your life and you will never understand why because you are a smart person who can do really good work and bring huge amounts of value to the table, but something will always be off when you go for interviews.


So what do you need to do to change these beliefs?


Can you simply change them from one moment to the next?

Well, let me give you an example of my thoughts around interviewing and why I got into this field.

This is why I love talking about it, and why I love refinding and finessing my client’s interview stories (both mental and tactical) and spend my days talking about the art and science behind hiring.

Let me ask you this: If you adopted the following thoughts and beliefs how do you think you’d show up differently in your interviews?

Interviewing is the only time I get to dress up and talk about myself and only myself for almost a whole hour! I don’t know about you, but I kinda like it when people ask me questions about me 🙂

Interviewing is so fun I get to learn about what other companies are doing, ask them questions and see what things they’re dealing with and see if my skills match up to help them out.

Interviewing is a conversation to see if I’m going to be the right person to help them solve their problems in this particular role.

Interviewing is never a waste of time because it’s always a networking opportunity.

Having the chance to meet hiring managers and interviewers face to face is not a chance that everyone gets, and I can leverage that interaction in the future even if I don’t’ get the job!

Interviewing is a chance to check out new office spaces and how other people’s work environments function from day to day.


Interviewing is a chance to clarify what I really want, and what I really don’t want.


The truth is most people never even realize that their stories about interviews are holding them back.

It’s easier to complain, and whine about how you failed another interview and you have no idea why because you’re doing and saying everything right and nothing seems to be working.

Successful people become aware of it first, then their tendency can be to beat themselves up when they finally become aware. But I encourage you to just observe it as an observer of your thinking.

Then once you do that you can work to change it.

It’s also not useful to beat yourself up about it.

So if you can relate and you’re looking to finally get past your mental bullshit and start passing interviews with ease then get on a call with me and let’s get through your Mindset blocks when it comes to interviewing and your stories.

You get the result you want is going to be 80% Mindset and 20% Mechanics (meaning strategy and tactics). I am a pro at both but I think the reason why I love the mindset stuff so much is that it’s where I see the biggest shifts in people and where the biggest changes and results come from.

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When you schedule a call with me you set yourself apart from 90% of others out there who see themselves in this email but don’t act on it.


Here’s what we’ll talk about on the call:


  • What’s B.S. stories you have that are holding you back

  • Understanding how they’re showing up in your life and your interviews

  • How your beliefs and stories are directly affecting your results

  • What you can do immediately to change them and start getting the results you want

Everything you’ve created up until now is a result of how you’ve been thinking and the stories you’ve been telling yourself.

This is the best news you can get Because you’re in control of how you think.

A friendly warning to you through my friend, If you don’t take note of them now, understand them and work to change them, nothing in your life will change either, and you will continuously question why.

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I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!


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– XO Natalie