Ep #127: How to Instruct People How to Treat You: A Real-Life Example

Get Six Figure Job You Love Natalie Fisher | How to Instruct People How to Treat You: A Real-Life Example

I was on LinkedIn recently, and I got into my first-ever disagreement in the comment section of a post. Now, I don’t usually enjoy disagreement and I shy away from drama. But this one called to me because it was an opportunity to stand up for all the people who’ve tolerated mistreatment (myself included).


This post was about the disrespect a jobseeker experienced during the process of interviewing for several roles. I gave out some useful advice and a lot of people loved it. But it was clear that one responder didn’t quite understand the value of how you feel in responding to disrespectful situations from a place of self-respect.


Tune in this week as I share how to deal with situations where you’ve been mistreated by a potential employer. I’m sharing how to show up with self-respect and confidence in your value, so you can clearly instruct others on how you want to be treated, and feel good doing it.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why standing up for yourself on the hunt for your premium offer really matters.
  • What it looks like when you’re being disrespected during the application and interview process.
  • Some examples of how to instruct people on how you want to be treated in an interview situation.
  • Why not standing up for yourself when you’ve been mistreated will always lead to people pleasing.
  • How the dynamic shifts when you respond from a place of self-respect when you’re being mistreated by a potential employer.


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