How To Make A Difficult Career Decision (3 Ways To Decide)

How To Make A Difficult Career Decision (3 Ways To Decide)

How To Make A Difficult Career Decision (3 Ways To Decide)


I will get a lot of questions from people just like you watching my channel about how to make a difficult decision in their career.

For example, should I take this job now even though it’s not really what I want?

OR should I wait and see if there’s something better?


In this post, I’ll get you thinking on how to best decide this for yourself.

The thing is I can’t tell you, yes or no to that question, no one can tell you what the right thing for you to do it but you, but I want to give you 3 points that will help you to feel confident in the decision you make whatever it ends up being.

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If you do love reading, let’s get back to it…


1) What if there was no such thing as a wrong decision?


What if, you take the job and it works out great, you either decide to love it and put your all into it now, or it ends up leading you to a better opportunity down the line?

OR you gain valuable experience that you needed to get where you want to go?

What if either decision turned out Great!

I want you to get to that point where both situations you can look at them both and they are going to be amazing either way and then ask yourself which one you want!

For example: Another way to look at it is you had to decide who you were going to marry and you’re choosing between two amazing people, they are both equally amazing but they are totally different and your life would look totally different but still equally amazing, which one would you pick? Ok?

So I want you to get to that point first and then you can ask yourself.


2) Decide based on feeling instead of based on logic.


We will try to logic our way into a decision and sometimes we just need to take a step back and feel it in our body.

So people will come to me and ask me what I think is best for them, and I could give an answer, but that answer will be based on my thoughts, my beliefs, and my experiences, not theirs!

What I want you to get is that I am no more qualified to give an answer to that than you are!

In fact, you are more qualified to direct your life and your career decisions than I am but I can definitely help coach you into feeling confident with your decision which is ultimately what you want right?

You want to feel like you’re making the “right” decision for you, but the thing is what if there was no “right” or “wrong” it was just whatever you decided was best for you and you left it at that.

So ask yourself, does this feel expansive or constrictive?

How does it feel in your body?

Just get quiet and let the answer come in. You deep down truly know what is going to be the best for you. No one else knows.


3) The fear of Choosing “the wrong” thing


The fear of choosing “the wrong” thing is what we’re ultimately afraid of when making a decision, and that’s what keeps us stuck in confusion and overwhelmed, wondering what the right thing to do is…

We get confused a lot wanting to do the “right” thing, however, with a lot of these career decisions there is no right or wrong.

Write or wrong was meant for decisions to like should I steal or should I lie?

There are clear right and wrong answers here, but this is not the same thing.

Do what you feel is right and make it amazing no matter what.


In conclusion


And there you have it, 3 things to look at making a decision:

  1. What if either way it was going to turn out amazing? Then decide from there.

  3. Decide based on your feelings not trying to overthink it or think your way to a decision.

  5. What if there is no wrong answer!

Do you know one person who could benefit from the information in this post? If so, do your friend a favour and share this info with him/her.


And remember, the current system isn’t perfect, but you can outsmart it. I’m here to prove to you that you do have what it takes.


I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!


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I’ve got your back


– XO Natalie


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