How To GET PROMOTED and FAST – Follow This 5 Steps

How To GET PROMOTED and FAST - Follow This 5 Steps

How To GET PROMOTED and FAST – Follow This 5 Steps


Hey, there! In this post, I’m going to talk about what you need to do first to get a promotion quickly, and how to get it done, what’s the fastest way to getting there no matter what job you’re in.

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All right, number one is you got to identify the big wins.


When you get into the job, what are the two to three big wins?

Three specific goals that your boss or your department would ideally love to accomplish in the next 90 days?

The first step is to find out what those are.


Number two, you might be asking, how do I find out?


How do I identify these big wins?

What you do is ask the right questions, so that’s number three, do you ask the right questions?

You can ask things like, what is your dream-come-true for your outcome here?

What is the best thing that we could achieve here?

What are the biggest challenges going to be?

What do you see as the steps forward?

You come up with your own questions, identify those questions.

And then ask those questions to your manager, your boss, your colleagues.

And gather the most information that you can in order to identify what these big wins are, and how the best path forward is to get there.


Number four is then you’ve got to manage your mind, and your time, and your focus in order to achieve these big wins.


All your focus needs to go into these big wins, and you need to make sure that you’re doing the things that it takes to keep on track with them.

That’s the harder part.

You’ve got to calendar in your schedule, see what’s going to actually move me forward towards these goals, and then start working towards them.


Number five, focus on producing results.


Nowadays, we think that time equals money and that we work a certain amount of hours, and we get paid a certain amount because we work those hours.

While in an hourly paid job that kind of seems true, it’s really more about the value that we’re bringing, so you want to aim high, so you can give as much value as you can.

You want to focus on the results that you’re getting, not the hours that you’re putting in.

You want to go back and be able to say, this is how much value I created, like tangibly show them, and then, that will help you in asking for a raise, asking for a promotion, because you can show them, “Look, I’ve created this much value, I’ve accomplished these many things, I’ve helped with accomplishing these goals, or these big wins. This is all that I’ve done. Now I would like to ask for a little more in return.”

If you’ve done a good job of creating that value and showing them, then there will be no issues in giving you some of that extra value because you’ve created it for them.

You’ve basically made the pie bigger, and you’ve asked for a bigger piece.


In Conclusion


There you have it, let’s take a recap.

The first thing is identifying those big wins.

Identifying what the goals are for the department, what the big wins are, what they really want to achieve.

The second one is figuring out how you’re going to identify them, and the third thing is by asking those right questions and continuing to ask questions until you get the information that you need, and seeking out your path forward.

Number four is managing your mind and calendaring out your steps in order to get there, and then, five is focusing on your big result.

Focus is on results, and not the number of hours that you’ve spent, the value that you bring versus the number of hours that you spent.


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