How To Generate Unshakable Self-confidence Before A Job Interview

How To Generate Unshakable Self-confidence Before A Job Interview

How To Generate Unshakable Self-confidence Before A Job Interview


Welcome to this free Workshop, titled How To Generate Unshakable self-confidence Before A Job Interview. (Even if you secretly feel like you’re not good enough).

My name is Natalie Fisher and I will be your coach and mentor, guiding you through today’s Workshop. So what is this training about?

In this workshop you’re going to get:


  • How to generate the feelings of self-confidence within yourself so that you can achieve anything you want in your career and your life

  • So you can finally transition out of that job that you want don’t want that is not ideal, and move into your dream role or achieve anything that requires confidence and courage because you feel like you’re held back right now because of your lack of self-confidence.


So get ready to learn the secrets and the actual mind that strategies to develop the self-confidence that you need on demand.

You’re in the right place if…Tell me if any of these statements resonate with you and make a mental note.

  • You don’t feel confident going into job interviews right now.

  • If that’s you, you’re definitely in the right place a part of you feels not worthy.

  • Like you don’t have the right background or that you’re not really sure you can do it or a whole bunch of other thoughts which we will cover anything that involves self-doubt.

  • You’ve been rejected before or you’ve had a negative experience in your past that you believe is affected your self-confidence today.

  • You have self-doubt and you feel stuck where you’re currently at and you feel like you don’t know what the next step is.


A little bit about me…


If you don’t know me yet, my name is Natalie Fisher and I’m a career coach. I have been featured in several Publications.


I’ve been writing for a while now and I am also a coach who works with a lot of clients individually to help them succeed in their job search and other areas of their life as well.

I specialize in career development and helping people reach the results that they want in their career.

This training is about getting the results that you want using the power of managing your brain to get there. If you don’t know me yet, I’m known by many as the coach who gets you results.

I get you the result in your career that you want including results like dream role job offers explosive salary growth multiple offers and even self-confidence before interviews like you’ve never had before.

Clarity and laser focus towards what you really want and more so I will coach on anything just bring me what you got and we will work through it by the end of it you will be feeling completely different.

I promise you. Today I’m going to dig into one of the main things that stop my clients from being successful and that is a lack of confidence.

So we’re going to get to the root of the mindset behind self-confidence today and why it holds so many people back so stay tuned.

What you’ll get today:


  • You’re going to learn the secret five-step formula to develop self-confidence on demand and get unstuck for good.

  • This formula is going to help you to completely shift your thoughts around why you’re not feeling confident and change your mindset for good.

  • You’re going to get the number one trick to being self-confident in an interview.

  • You’re going to get the difference between being self-confident and being arrogant and this hold people back because they often tell me that they don’t want to sound arrogant.

  • So they don’t want to say certain things about themselves that are true.

  • You’re also going to get how to become the person you need to be to achieve your goals.


When you stick around until the end you’re going to get access to this daily customized action plan (that will lend you your dream job).

So stick with me until the end and you will be able to get access to that.

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If you do love reading, let’s get back to it…


All right, so, let’s Dive Right In.


The secret five-step formula to develop self-confidence when you need it the most so these are the five steps first comes to the circumstance step two is the thought you have about it step three is the feeling step four is the action and step five is the result so.

If you don’t know what I mean yet, no worries. I’m going to get into each one of these as we go.

So first of all, the circumstance.


So a Circumstance is a fact, it is something that everyone would agree with and nobody could dispute.

It is something that is true for everybody.

It is true across the board.

So for example: A circumstance or a fact that no one can disagree with is “this is a tree”.

No one’s going to argue that that’s a car or a house or anything else.


They’re going to agree with you that, that’s a tree.

So that’s a very simple example of a circumstance.

Another example that is more relevant to our training today is: You have an interview scheduled for tomorrow at 10:30 am. So you got a call, they tell you they would like to see you for an interview.

They say “we’ve reviewed your application. Can you come in tomorrow at 10:30 am?” You say Yes, and you put it on your calendar.


That’s a fact, it’s a circumstance and it’s happening.

Okay, nobody can argue. That’s true. So these events are neither good nor bad. They are neutral.

So the tree is neutral, an interview scheduled for tomorrow is neutral, everything starts out neutral until you have thought about it.

Observing your thought about the tree, for example… Basically, the best way to explain what a “thought” is, is it’s a sentence in your head or multiple sentences in your head about the tree or about the interview or about the circumstance (whatever the circumstance may be).

Your thoughts are caused by many things. They might be caused by:


  • Past experience, or series of past experiences

  • Something that someone said to you one time

  • Something you saw happens to someone else

  • Something that you read or saw on TV,

  • A thought can come from a belief you had since childhood that you might not even be aware of is leading your mind to certain thoughts…


So how do we know that something is a thought?


We know because people can have completely different thoughts about the exact same circumstances which lead them to completely different results in their lives.

Using a very simple example, not everyone has the same thoughts about trees.

For example, let’s say there’s a tree beside a house. One person could think “oh my god, what if that tree falls on my house?”


They could be nervous about it or worried about the tree. The tree could be a problem in their mind… They can choose to be worried about the tree.

That’s one person thought when another person might have a completely different thought about the exact same tree.

They might think oh my God, those trees are so beautiful and tall and we can hang a hammock on them. We could build a treehouse, these trees are amazing and I love that the trees are providing shade for the house…


Whereas someone else might worry about the tree because they might think it’s going to fall on their house.

Do you see how the tree itself didn’t change?


It was just these two different people’s completely different thoughts ABOUT the tree that is different.

Hopefully, you’re following me so far and this makes sense. Now let’s move to our example of the interview.

When you schedule an interview for 10:30 am tomorrow morning, The thought that you have about that interview is going to be different than someone else’s thought.

One person might have the thought: “When I show up they’re just going to laugh at me when I tell them what I’ve done or when I talk to them about my experience. They’re just going to laugh at me.”

That’s a thought that somebody might choose to have about an interview.


Somebody else might have a completely different thought for example:

“This is going to be great. It’s an opportunity for me to share what I can do for them, learn more about what they’re doing. This is going to be great. I love interviews because I just get to talk about myself for an hour and I get to dress up what could be more fun than that, right?”


So there you go.


There are two completely different sets of thoughts around interviews.

Hopefully, you’re following me with the impact something simple like YOUR thoughts are having on daily life and all the RESULTS you currently have in your life.

So the truth is that you choose what sentences in your head you have about interviews, you are the thinker of your thoughts, and you’re choosing to think a certain way (maybe not consciously yet).

By the end of reading this, you will be and you can choose to think about interviews in a particular way that is going to serve you and help you to show up confidently and crush them!



You can choose to think about interviews in a way that makes you show up not confidently and helps you not get the job.

It actually works against you, and it all starts in your brain, with your thoughts.

So everyone who struggles with being self-confident I can guarantee you have thoughts that don’t serve them about themselves and about the interview.

I’ve been doing this for a really long time and I have a lot of thoughts that my clients have come up with that we have coached through.

I’m going to share some of those thoughts with you today. Some of my clients have come to me with some thoughts that are not serving them.

Here are some examples of thoughts that are NEVER going to be useful to you.


  • I’m not good at selling myself.

  • I’m not worthy of this role.

  • I really just don’t feel worthy or not ready.

  • I don’t really have the skills. Anyway,

  • I’m just not good at interviewing.

  • I just don’t give a first a good first impression.

  • I have to know everything or they’re going to laugh at me.

  • I have no chance here. Anyway,

  • I’m not a good Storyteller.

  • I made a mistake one time.


When people think these thoughts they’re not generating the feelings of self-confidence. They’re doing the opposite.


So here are some other thoughts:


  • I just suck at interviewing.

  • I’m shy.

  • I freeze up I blank when they ask me things. I don’t know.

  • I just don’t feel good enough.

  • I hope they don’t ask me behavioral questions because I never know how to answer those.

  • The interview is dumb. Anyway,

  • I didn’t pass the last interview. This is going to be the same.

  • I’ve been rejected five times.

  • I don’t see how anyone is going to hire me now.

  • What am I doing wrong?


Have you had any thoughts that resemble these?
OR any along the lines of these?

You’ll know because when you think the thought it doesn’t make you feel very good.


So what are your thoughts about interviewing take a second?

If I told you: Okay 9:00 a.m. Tomorrow you’re going on a job interview for an amazing role. What are your thoughts?

What immediately comes up in your brain?

How do your thoughts, how does your current line of thinking make you feel when you think them?

If you start thinking


  • I’m not good at selling myself.

  • I’m not worthy of this role.

  • I’m not ready


If you think any of these thoughts.

How do you think that you are going to show up in the interview?

Or anything like:

  • I didn’t have the right education.

  • I don’t really know how to answer the questions.

  • I’m too old.

  • I’m too young and inexperienced.

  • I’m overqualified.

Whatever you think… take a second to recognize how the thought makes you feel.

If this is what’s running through your head, you’re probably not feeling awesome right?

Most people that I work with when I’ll ask them.

How does that thought make you feel, they’ll say:


  • Frustrated

  • Hopeless

  • Upset

  • Disappointed

  • Useless

  • Discouraged

  • Resentful

  • Angry

  • Disheartened

  • Defeated.



So I ask them… if you’re feeling like any of the above, how do you think you’re going to show up?

How do you think someone who is feeling like this is going to present in an interview?


What do you think the action is that they’re going to have from these thoughts and feelings.

In terms of their energy, their attitude their ability to offer value their ability to be curious and find out what the employer really needs, the ability to engage and connect, the ability to express themselves, freely and uniquely?

They’re not going to be focusing on doing any of that because they’re going to be focusing on those thoughts that are not serving them.

My guess is that after doing this for four years, if you’re thinking those thoughts you’re not going to show up very well and my guess is you’re not going to get the job and my guess is that’s probably a big reason why a lot of people are failing interviews.

People think that the whole process to get your dream job should feel good.


We think that everything should feel good, but it doesn’t so let’s imagine that you’re going into an interview and you’re coming in with the thought: “I don’t really have the right background,” or “I started later in life” or “I’m Too Young,” or “I’m too old”

Those thoughts are going to create feelings of doubt and inadequacy and probably make you feel nervous.


So from that energy, you’re going to show up to the interview and my guess is you’re not going to get the job because that’s never the energy that creates results that you really want.

And here’s the thing that’s interesting.

I want you to consider this: However, this applies to you. We think that we are just making observations.

Observations so we don’t realize that these are actually thoughts were choosing but using an observation is I didn’t go to a good enough college or I didn’t go to college or I don’t have the best training or I’m too young or I’m too old.

Those are ones I hear a lot. I’m too quiet or too shy, I made a mistake once I’m not good enough (insert your thought here) and you think that’s an observation. But it’s not.

What you’re really doing is choosing your thoughts.



So that’s what you’re doing. And as soon as you can recognize that you can have a whole new level of power and control in your life.

We may not be choosing consciously, you might not have realized this up until now, but thousands of thoughts are available to us. You get to choose.

Don’t lead with crappy thoughts because that’s how we get crappy results.


Can you see how there’s no way you’re going to create the result you want when you’re leading thoughts make you feel like crap about yourself?

Does that make sense?

So why is this? Circumstances are neutral. The interview itself is neutral. It’s the thoughts you have about the interview that cause your feelings which then cause your actions (and how you show up and how you present and what energy you come with etc) and those actions cause your RESULTS.

So if your results so far have not been what you want them to be it’s because of your thoughts. It comes all back to your thoughts.

Number one trick to being self-confident in an interview!


Choose to think confident thoughts.

They have to be thoughts that you believe to be true. So this is the catch!

You can’t go from thinking “I suck at interviews” To “I’m awesome and interviews” because you’re not really there yet and you can’t really turn one thought into another thought like that on a dime. It doesn’t work.

You have to truly believe the new thought that you’re going to choose to think and it has to resonate with you.

That’s the first step: Recognize your thought, recognize how it’s not serving you.


Then observe the results you’re getting in your life and recognize that the thought is not working. When something is not working, then decide to change it to a new thought and you can choose whatever thought you want.

Just like I showed you examples of all those crappy thoughts because there’s a lot of crappy thoughts that people think, I’m going to show you a whole bunch of thoughts that are going to serve you a whole lot better.

Here are some thoughts that have worked really well for my clients:


  • I’ve done hard things before (maybe they find interviews hard and they’re just they can think they can choose to think I’ve done hard things before not a big deal.)

  • I figured things out before and been successful. (maybe you’re struggling with interviews right now).

  • If you start to have the thought: I can figure this out. (You can start to study interviewing you can start to look for the answers to the questions. You can start to get ideas and that thought of I figured things out before will lead you to better more productive actions so that you can be more successful.)

  • When I interview the next time I will be more prepared for this interview than anyone else can be. That’s a very powerful thought because it encourages you to take control of it. And it’s it is completely within your control. Right?


So you’re the one who can go and get prepared for the interview.

And if you show up for that interview super prepared and you do an amazing job, even if you don’t get the job, you will be a different person and proud of yourself for showing up.

The fact that you didn’t get the job might have had nothing to do with you so that thought

“I will be more prepared for this interview than anyone else can be.”

It is a very powerful one because it is completely within your control.

Another useful thought:
“They’ve called me for an interview, that already means they already believe I can do this or they wouldn’t have bothered to interview me.”

That’s true.

Make a list of five or more things you can offer them that makes you different.


  • I work hard.

  • I contribute to creative ideas.

  • I solve problems.

Start to think of times in the past when you’ve done that and that is how you create the self-confidence within your own head so that you can show up differently.

Start making a list of past problems that you’ve solved.

Here are some more useful thoughts:


  • I know that I will get my dream job whether this turns out to be it or not. (This comes from a hundred percent belief and the commitment, in the end, result no matter how you end up getting there.)

  • I’m really interested in what they’re doing and I’m keen to learn more about how I could fit in and how I could help. (This thought is curiosity coming from a place if you want to serve them.)


This is an awesome thought.

  • I’m going to make sure I prepare as best I can and find out the info I would need to best meet their needs. Thinking this will generate self-confidence in your ability to prepare and get ready to talk about your value and how it pertains specifically to what they need.


Here’s another one:


  • Whether I get this or not. I’m going to be really prepared to crush this interview and learn everything I can from the experience.

  • I know I can figure things out because I’ve done so many times before. Confidence in yourself and your ability to find the right answers even if you don’t have them

  • Interviewing is never a waste of time. It’s always a good conversation and you always meet new people that you could potentially keep in touch with in the future.


There are endless amounts of useful and helpful thoughts available.

So choose the ones that are going to serve you the best & help you show up with confidence.

You don’t have to use any of the example thoughts that I’ve given you here. These are just examples of ones that have worked for clients and for myself.

It’s going to work differently for everybody. You have to pick a thought that works for you. Okay?

It’s Not All About You


It’s about what you can offer. So you have to get to the place where you know that what you have to offer the employer is worth their time.

You have to believe that, and by thinking those thoughts that I previously mentioned… I solve problems. I work hard. I contribute to creative ideas. You can start making a list list of five or more things you can offer them.

So when you start thinking about those thoughts, you’re going to come up with good answers.



When you come from a place of serving, a place of wanting to show you what you can offer them, you completely change the way that you’re thinking about the interview and how you are showing up, and even WHY you’re showing up.

When in your head, it’s all about you, it’s very easy to get caught up in your own thoughts about yourself not being adequate.

If you think about what you can provide which is, for example Hard work, value, humor, creative ideas, whatever it is that you bring to the table what it is that makes you unique and Why it matters, you become free to show up in a really powerful way.

The difference between being self-confident versus being arrogant and what holds most people back.


The people I coach have some amazing things they’ve done.

Some small and some big and some both. Either way, they offer value.

I will quite often during a session, pull a really great answer out of them for something they’ve accomplished in the workplace. I will ask them “Why don’t you say that in your interviews?!”

They respond with: “Oh, well, I don’t want to sound arrogant.”

So I felt it important to explain the difference between self-confidence and arrogance because there is a big difference.

By not wanting to seem arrogant, a lot of people are holding themselves back because it stops them from really telling their story and communicating their true value.

So what’s the difference between being self-confident and arrogance?


It’s simple.

An arrogant person thinks: “I’m better than you and everyone else. The other person is awful. I’m great. I’m better than you.”

They show up like that. Arrogance comes from a place of insecurity trying to be better than everyone else so that they can feel good.

That is NOT self-confidence and we all know what arrogance looks like right?

It’s the bully on the schoolyard.

It’s the guy in the meeting who just wants to talk to make himself look good or put somebody else (or somebody else’s ideas) down so that he can look best.

We all know what an arrogant person looks like and sounds like.

Whereas a confident person simply thinks:


“I like myself. I’m comfortable with who I am and because of that I like others, I believe that no one of us is better than the other”

This person comes from a place of not being judgmental, being compassionate with others & wanting to relate to others.

It comes from a completely different place than being arrogant.

As long as you’re coming from that place, you do not have to worry about coming across as arrogant.

Do you see the huge difference between the two?

How to become the person you need to be to achieve your goals?



To become the person that you need to be to get your dream job (or get any result you want in your life) you need to be willing to do uncomfortable things and continue to do the uncomfortable things even when some things aren’t working out.

No, it’s not comfortable to go in an interview and get rejected, that can really suck.

What’s even harder is to be like, “Okay well, I’m just going to go on the next one, & I’m going to keep getting more and just keep going on interviews.”

You have to be willing to do that.

Because if you do go on another one and you get rejected, you’re just going to get better and better at being rejected, which means you’re going to get better and better at doing the interviews, which means you’re going to get closer and closer to succeeding.

When someone does come up to you when you’re in your amazing dream role and they say: “How did you get into that role?”

You’re going to know that you earned it. You’re going to know what you had to do to get there.

Key takeaways:


The five steps to your results recognize your circumstance as just a neutral circumstance.

An interview is an interview.

It’s neither good nor bad.

Your thoughts about the interview are what dictate how well you’re going to do because they dictate your feelings and your feelings drive your actions, which drive how you show up and your actions drive your results.

Next steps for you. Ask yourself what are your current thoughts on interviews?

What thoughts are you choosing to think and I don’t just mean about interviews.

I mean about anything in your life. What thoughts are you choosing to think?

Where most people are stuck is that they’re completely unaware of their thoughts.

Maybe this was you, and that’s okay. They don’t know that their thoughts lead to their results.

Your Results Always Come From Your Thoughts.


That’s where every result in your life comes from.

That’s where they originated.

Your thoughts are the birthplace of your results. Most people don’t know that they can change their thoughts and subsequently change their results.

That’s where most people are stuck.

Don’t let that be you.


If you would like to take this deeper…


  • And really get to the bottom of the thoughts that are blocking you from the results you want.

  • If you want to learn how to manage your mind to accomplish any goal.

  • Tap into the secret potential that you have currently that you’re not utilizing


Then I have an offer for you. Introducing 1 to 1 Career and Life Coaching.

One-to-one coaching is life-changing.


There is no faster way to truly change your results than getting a one-on-one coach.

Letting a coach see your thoughts & help you direct them so that you’re being useful and productive towards your goals will dramatically accelerate your results.

I also give you the tactics and strategies that will get you the results and because the mindset is 80% of this and strategies and tactics is only 20% you need both.

So what happens when you get a one-on-one coach?


  • You start to understand why you’re not getting where you want to go.

  • There’s a lot of “aha” moments that happen & you start to see why you’re not getting the results and how you can change your thinking to move rapidly towards the results that you want.

  • You get the traction quickly and you gain Clarity in your mind & you start to move forward with Clarity

  • Your questions are always answered so that you can laser focus on what you want to become unstoppable.

Things to consider:


People can decide to be stuck. But don’t act like it’s not a decision.

People are choosing to be stuck. It’s like they’re standing on a staircase and they’re refusing to move their leg up on to the next stair.

It’s not because they can’t do it. It’s because they’re choosing to stay there.

What are you choosing for yourself right now?

The best way to get unstuck is to take a step.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase yet.

You just have to take the next available step.

What is your next step going to be?

I’d like to invite you to apply for a FREE STRATEGY SESSION with me.


Click the button below where you can select a time the load a few questions and get on a call with me or we can dive deeper.



Why is this going to be different?


This is different because I give you the mindset and the strategy to succeed that most coaches only have one or the other.

That’s where it kind of worked for me is I really needed both, even though the thinking is the biggest part, the strategy is an important component too (even if it is only 20% of the equation).

I have seen that if you don’t change your thoughts, you won’t take the action or show up how you need to anyway, and the strategy is not going to help you.

You need to master your mind first.

My question for you.


  • What are you choosing for yourself right now?

  • Are you happy with your career?

  • Are you happy with your job?

  • Are you where you want to be right now?

  • Are you happy with where you’re at in your life, or do you want more and let’s be honest.


Here it is: I help those who know they want more and are willing to do the work on their brain to go get it but that’s not everyone, and it’s totally ok that it’s not everyone.

Is it you?

This is for you if:


  • You resonated with what I shared on this Workshop today

  • You know without a doubt that you want more for your life

  • You see how your thinking is responsible for your results

  • You want to use this to make changes fast

  • You’re tired of where you’re at

  • If there’s a way to level up you want to be all in

  • You want to share what you learned today with others


This is not for you:


  • If you did not like this workshop (and you probably not reading this right now if that’s the case lol)

  • If you’re unwilling to show up for yourself and see how your thinking is responsible for your current results (& will be responsible for your future results).

  • You’d rather feel sorry for yourself and get nowhere than explore a new way of thinking.

  • You’d rather blame others for why you’re not getting anywhere


So some people don’t want to look at how their what they’re thinking is doing to their life.

They just want to put a band aid on it and ignore it.. if any of the above is you, this is not for you.

What we discuss in the free session:


  • We go through what’s holding you back from getting where you want to be How to manage your mindset to move in the right direction with the clarity and next steps to move forward.

  • Where you’re going wrong in your attempts to get what you want.

  • How to stop feeling defeated in your current attempts and how to regain control of your career and life by using your brain to start thinking differently and making major shifts!

Click below to secure your session and before we go I’ll just cover a few of my clients who have been kicking butt.



So, this is Michelle she went from new graduate to Landing a job full-time in HR, and she did it really quickly!



This is Dana.


Dana was thinking in a way where she thought that she had to work as a receptionist.

Right and that she had to start as a receptionist work her way up into the project apartment where she really wanted to be and this thought was just a thought. She thought it was a fact but it wasn’t so we changed that around and so much more was possible for her.

She’s actually working for the Canadian government now so good for her. This is a share and she landed several job offers. I had to decide which one she wanted to take.

And here are a few of the other ones so I get emails daily just from the free content.


My clients are doing are kicking butt send me messages daily that they’re getting interviews with they’re getting job offers connecting and it’s just an awesome experience and I just love helping.

If you are at all interested in up leveling your life.

Apply for a strategy session with me click the button below on this page to get signed up and we will go through your specific situation.



We will address what’s going on for you and you will leave with a plan of action and if you would like my help to implement that plan then we can talk about working together.

Thank you so much for reading this entire thing, and I hope that I will talk to you soon on the strategy session.

Have a great rest of your day!