How To Finally Figure Out What You Really Want To Do With Your Life (Professionally)

How To Finally Figure Out What You Really Want To Do With Your Life (Professionally)

How To Finally Figure Out What You Really Want To Do With Your Life (Professionally)


In this post, I’ll explain how to FINALLY figure Out what you really want to do with your life, what’s the next step to take and how to finally get moving.


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So Most people think that to figure out what they really want to do with their life they need to do things like:


  • They need to take personality tests to determine what best fits their personality,

  • They need to read books on “finding your passion”,

  • They need to ask others what they think they’d be good at,

  • Watch TED Talks on “finding their perfect career and

  • Look at lists of “possible careers” for inspiration…


The thing is though, that if you could figure out what you wanted to do and for real gain the clarity that you so badly want from any of these things, then anyone would be able to watch an amazing TED talk on finding your passion and instantly know what you wanted to do and take action right away and live happily ever after!

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But that’s not what happens…

It’s like reading a book on how to swim, you can read 20 books on how to swim but then if you get into the deep end of the pool for the first time… you quickly discover that you don’t’ really know how to swim at all.




Not by thinking.

Not by consuming more information…

Not by taking cookie cutter personality tests that spit out some random suggested careers that match up with the keywords that we selected in our answers!

We get real clarity by experiencing things and being IN THEM, no matter what a book promises you.

You can’t really know what your passion is until you have tasted it.

The truth of the matter is that our entire career is a journey in itself.

It’s an experience.

It’s not a destination, and the biggest misconception people have is that they have to choose one thing and then stay married to that one thing forever.

Because they don’t want to “close any doors”

But it’s not like dating, that’s not the ultimate goal anymore and it is rarely ever the case.

The Average Number of Times People Change Jobs 10 to 15 times (with an average of 12 job changes) during his or her career.

Many workers spend five years or less in every job, so they devote more time and energy transitioning from one job to another.

For example: The Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor states that there were 3.2 million people in November 2017 who either quit their job or were laid off.

This means that people don’t stay in one place until retirement anymore.

It means that we are in a moving society where we need to be flexible and agile to survive.


So it’s not about what you really want to do for the rest of your life… It’s about what you want to do NEXT.


When people fail to realize this, they end up stuck for long periods of time, sometimes years because the fear holding them back of wanting to “pick the right thing”.

To “not close any doors”, to make the right decision based on all of their previous education, and experience is holding them back from making any decision at all!

They spend a lot of time “thinking about it”. With NO result, with NO forward movement.

Making No decision IS making a decision in itself.

And that’s one decision that’s guaranteed to keep you stuck.

These are the people that are constantly saying “I just need to figure out what I really want to do” but aren’t really taking any real steps towards figuring anything out, because it’s more comfortable to stay in a place of confusion, even though they will argue that they …really do want to figure it out.

So if you’re ready to finally move forward, if you’ve had enough of this back and forth chatter in your brain about what you should do, if you’ve been reading books, watching TED talks and taking personality tests but you still have no clue what you really want, then let’s finally fix it shall we?


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Get on a call with me where I can support you through this transition.

Let’s map out together what your next move is and why you don’t have to be scared of committing.

The real enemy here is the fear and comfort that keeps you in confusion.

It’s easy to say, “I just need to figure it out” and then just keep saying that but not take action.

Because taking this action is uncomfortable.


Fear and confusion lead you to make No decision.


And the longer you stay in the place of indecision the more it erodes away at your real potential to discover how you need to be serving in the world.

So let me ask you, what’s more important?

Your fear? Your confusion?

OR getting out there to help the people who really need you?

I will teach you the skill and flexibility that you need to understand in order to make decisions confidently.

Make this a part of your life and embrace it, instead of avoiding it and hoping it will fix itself, or your perfect career or job will magically appear. It won’t.

You have to go and get it. And before you can do that you need to “figure out” what you really want.

Don’t be a person who wakes up years later wondering what the hell you were doing and why you wasted all that time trying to “figure it out”.

It’s the saddest thing you could do and by far it will be your biggest regret.


Here are some examples of some stories shared from some of my readers & clients:


“I told myself I would figure out “my life” once I graduated and started working because I’d have a lot more time to do so.

I found, however, that working life has its own time vacuums and the energy drain in a day is rather high. Without a proper system or an idea of where and how to begin, I simply wasted 8 months of my life.

While 8 months may not seem like a lot, I have been going to lunch with some of my coworkers for a while, and it’s exactly the same kind of thinking that I had which led them to stay there for 3, 5, 10, 20+ years. I don’t think I want to do this for so long.

Not only that, but I also realize that I have the ability to do more. If it takes a little bit of investment in myself to tease it out, then I’m willing to with you as my coach”

“I have invested/wasted a lot of my time in education but without a great methodology to help with the job search madness, I am scared of landing another mediocre job. and of not being able to provide sufficiently for my parents’ retirement. I don’t want to live a mediocre life.”

“I’ve wasted too many hours, days, years and potential earnings thinking of what the right job for me. I’m sure I’ve spent more than $2000 on crap before. Why not spend it this time for me.”

So need I say more? If you are this person who struggles to “figure out”

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I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!


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