How To CRUSH Your Next Job Interview – 4 Steps

How To CRUSH Your Next Job Interview - 4 Steps

How To CRUSH Your Next Job Interview – 4 Steps


In this post, I’m going to talk about four steps to crush your next job interview.

So stay with me.

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All right, Step 1. Think thoughts that will generate confidence.


I have an entire training on this. It’s called how to generate unshakable self-confidence before a job interview.

So if you struggle with that, I would check that out, click on the video below to access the training.


In short, instead of thinking things like, “I hope they like me,” OR “I don’t have as much experience as I should for this role,” and any thoughts that might not make you feel confident.

Think things like, “I wonder exactly what it is they need help with and how I can contribute?”

And then this gets you into curious energy, gets you to figure out what they need, and then it gets you focused off yourself and onto something exciting, that you can contribute, that you can come to the table with an offer.

And you can really dig into that, and it’s a lot more exciting than thinking, “Oh, I hope they like me.”


Step 2. Nail your stories.


So a lot of people have trouble recalling things in the interview when they need the information, right?

They have all this information in their head but they haven’t really visited it in a while, so they don’t really know what to say.

So how have your stories ready.


I have a premise where I say it’s like six stories you want to have ready before you go into the interview. And I have a video on this, it’s called six stories to nail an interview.

In that video, we talk about stories that you will need to prepare, and you can prepare these before any interview, and it just gets you thinking about the right things before an interview.

The premises like leadership, taking initiative, accepting feedback, failing or making a mistake, handling a difficult person, or a difficult situation or making a difficult decision.

And then, once you have those stories kind of outlined in your brain, then it’ll be a lot easier to recall the information when you go into the interview because you kind of have a premise of what you need to be thinking about, and what you need to be sharing in order to be successful and show your value.

So check out that video, we’ll put the link below. It’s called six stories to nail an interview.


Step 3. Bring your value.


Bring your value ahead of time by coming into the interview really curious, asking good questions, and gathering a good understanding of what they do and what they need from you, and then you can speak directly to that.

So you want to come into the interview with some expert energy.

Say you are the expert and you’re coming in there to kind of help them, show them what it is you can do, show them what it is they need so that you can help them with that.

And so, even if you don’t feel like an expert right now, and that might be a thought that you have trouble getting to, just think of it in that way.

Because when you do that, then you can pretend, you can be like, “You know what? If I was the expert here, what would I suggest they do?”

And then you’re framing it from a way of like you’re bringing the value, versus going in there as most people do, thinking, “Oh, I wonder if they’re going to like me. Like, am I going to be good enough?”

Because when you’re coming from that energy, you’re not coming from a place of confidence, and you’re a lot less likely to generate the results that you want.


Step 4. Ask good questions.


So ask good questions that make them say, “Hmm, that’s a really good question.”

Asking good questions shows your value because it shows them how you think.

The quality of the questions you asked equals the quality of the answers that you get and the information that you get, and it makes them see what you’re thinking about, and they see that you’re thinking about their needs.

And by asking really good questions, you’re getting good information, and they will want to hire somebody who asks good questions.


That’s why they’re hiring. They want someone who’s going to come in and help them out, give new ideas, and with asking good questions, you get good ideas.

If you want to get the entire system to nail your whole job search, including getting endless opportunities, countless examples to nail your interview.

So examples of interview questions that have worked in the past, with example answer, exactly how to nail your salary negotiations and how to succeed in your new role.

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