How To Change Negative Thoughts To Positive Thoughts (Concrete Example Provided)

How To Change Negative Thoughts To Positive Thoughts (Concrete Example Provided)


How To Change Negative Thoughts To Positive Thoughts (Concrete Example Provided)


In this post, I’m talking about an example of how to change negative thoughts to positive thoughts.



And a new unique process to upgrade your mindset if you’re stuck in a negative story right now, as I know that many of you are.

So, if that’s you, stay tuned.

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I wanted to do this post because a lot of people, based on some of the comments that I get on my YouTube channel, are stuck in negative stories.

They’ll listen to what I say, they’ll watch the video, but then they’ll give me a negative story as to why what I’m saying won’t work for them, why it’s not possible for them.

I’m going to show you an example of one of the comments.

The comment says, “What life are you talking about? I have a college degree and I’m only making minimum wage. It’s because I don’t have the experience, and I can’t seem to get past that. It seems like every place is just based on what experience do I have, and how long have I been employed by the company? If people in college don’t give you the experience, you’re done for, unless you have a degree in the medical field.”

That was one comment that someone made, and I get a lot of comments like that.
How To Change Negative Thoughts To Positive Thoughts (Concrete Example Provided)

The story that this commenter is stuck in is: “I don’t have experience and nobody can get past that.”


Yes, we can see that there’s evidence of a lot of people who are stuck in minimum wage jobs with a college degree.

But we also see a lot of people who have college degrees who have high-paying jobs, who got the job that they came for, and are successful and on their path.

This commenter is stuck in their negative story.

What I want to teach you today is the circumstance is the thing that you cannot control, the thing that you can’t change, the thing that it is what it is.

In this case, the circumstance is no formal experience in the job that they want to do.

That’s, it is what it is. We can’t change that right now.

Then we have the thought about that circumstance, and that’s where we have our power and our control.

This person’s thought is, nobody can get past that. Nobody can seem to get past that, the fact that I don’t have the experience, and they had some other thoughts as well.

If the college doesn’t give you the experience you’re done for.

It’s not possible unless you’re in the medical field.
How To Change Negative Thoughts To Positive Thoughts (Concrete Example Provided)

These are all thoughts.


They’re not facts because they cannot be proven in a court of law, and I could give you a lot of counter-evidence against these thoughts being true.

I could show you a ton of examples of people who have gotten jobs in the field that this person wants to get, even without experience.

Who knows how they did it, maybe internship, maybe they worked for free.

Maybe they knew somebody, they got a job in that field, like, totally possible.

But what this person has latched onto is this negative story which consists of, “People can’t see past that, I’m done for, I don’t have a degree in the medical field, which means I’m stuck in a minimum wage job, and that is how it is.”

What I want you to recognize is, is that this person hasn’t distinguished the difference between the circumstance, which is the fact, no formal experience on paper, VERSUS the thoughts he or she has about the circumstance.

Those thoughts are optional.

That person is choosing those thoughts, but they don’t see that.

They think that those thoughts are facts.

They think that is how the world is.
How To Change Negative Thoughts To Positive Thoughts (Concrete Example Provided)

But the world is not like that, because like I said, I could find counter-evidence against that.


We could find tons of counter-evidence against that.

When you’re stuck in a negative story, you often don’t know that you are.

You just think that what you think is truth, and it’s fact.

Questions to ask yourself to identify whether OR not you are stuck in a negative story and whether you have these negative thoughts, these negative narratives, and negative stories in your head, and whether you’re believing them and then latching onto them and thinking that they’re true is, can this be proven in a court of law?

Is there any counter-evidence against this?

Has one person do it?

Has one person in my field in the world got a job with the amount of experience that I have?

Have they gotten an internship? Have they been able to get a well-paying job successfully?

Is that true?

And since we all know it is, even people with arts degrees, the most un-useful degrees ever, we know there are people who are working in their field making good money.


We know that’s possible.


Maybe they’re museum employees, OR they work in the arts teaching art or whatever it is they’re doing.

They have a job making good money, enjoying what they do.

We know this is possible.

When you get stuck in a negative story, you don’t see any of this other evidence.

What this is called is confirmation bias, is when our brain believes something to be true, we no longer question it.

We just say, “That’s the truth. I’m stuck in this minimum wage job. There’s no way out. I don’t have experience. Nobody will see past that. I can’t get experience. This is where I’m stuck for the rest of my life.”

And your brain just processes that over and over and over.

It gets very good at processing it, and it looks for evidence to show that it is right, and it will disregard anything that shows it to be untrue.
How To Change Negative Thoughts To Positive Thoughts (Concrete Example Provided)

Somebody could walk in, say this person works a minimum wage job at McDonald’s.


Somebody could walk in, they could be a marketing coordinator at an organization.

They could’ve gotten their job without having experience because they knew somebody and they made a connection.

And this person at McDonald’s would say, “Yeah, but that’s not going to be possible for me ’cause nobody can see past the fact that I don’t have the experience,” even though they’ve seen evidence right in front of them.

Because they’re not willing to question their negative story.

A lot of people on YouTube will comment and they will give me their negative stories.

They’ll say, “Oh, but that’s not true because of this, and this and that.”

And it’s like, well, that’s what you’re seeing because that’s what you’re choosing to think.


To this commenter, and to you, if you have a negative story, I will ask you, what is the upside of thinking the thought, nobody can see past the fact that I don’t have experience?


Nobody can see past the fact that I don’t have experience.

What is the upside of thinking that?

Zero, right?

Because if that’s true, that literally means you are stuck forever.

The good news is, it’s not true, and it’s optional to think and believe that.

And this is where people get stuck.

They really want to argue about their story.

They want to say, “No, no, no, but it is true, Natalie. Nobody can get past my experience. I’ve been to five different interviews. I’ve spoken to 20 different people, and they just said I need more experience.”

That’s evidence against it, but it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

And as long as you believe the story and stay there, that’s where you’ll stay.

Nobody said that it was going to be easy.

I know this more than anybody.

I have received a ton of people saying no to me.

Probably over a hundred people have said no to me, more than that in my career.

And I didn’t mean it, I didn’t make it mean that nobody saw the value in what I was offering, that I was no good, that nobody could see past whatever it was.


I kept going.


Yes, it’s not going to be easy all the time.

How many nos are you willing to get?

How many different ways are you willing to try?

The thing is, is that you can’t keep going if you decide that your negative story is true and you stay there, right, which is what this commenter has done.

They have decided that they are staying in their negative story and they are arguing for their negative story being true.

And they can 100% do that, but my point is it in no way helps them.

They get to stay there, they get to stay stuck, but that is an optional choice.

Once you realize that, you’re not going to want to stay there anymore.

Once you see the awareness of, oh, it is possible, other people have done it.

No, it’s not easy.

What haven’t I done yet?


There’s always the option.


There’s always something you haven’t tried, or you would’ve gotten it already

The only way you fail is if you give up if you give in to your negative story if you decide to believe it, if you set up camp with those negative thoughts, grab onto the ground and cling on to them.

And I am not going to argue you on your negative story.

I just want to bring you awareness of the fact that it is a negative story, and that it is optional.

You can keep it if you want to, but it doesn’t serve you, my friend, and I say that with love, because I used to have a lot of negative stories that didn’t serve me.

When you’re open to being wrong, you get to have what you want.

Let’s be open to the fact that you might be wrong about the fact that nobody can see past your experience.

We only need one person to see past your experience.

But when you are bitter and salty and angry that nobody can see past your experience because that’s the thought you’re having, then of course nobody wants to hire you, because you’re bitter and salty and probably irritated with the fact that you haven’t gotten what you want yet.

And who wants to hire somebody who’s bitter and salty and irritated?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t.

Let’s change that to curiosity.

Let’s get those people who said no.

How can they fuel you into wondering and getting really curious about what it is that you need to do differently or how you can do it differently?

How can we find the people who have done it?


The world is huge.


There are limitless, endless possibilities, and I can guarantee you that you have not explored them all.

And the thought, nobody can seem to see past that, is a thought, and thought is optional. It is not a fact.

If we went to court, I could prove to you that’s not true.

Anybody who leaves a comment with a negative story that they are very stuck to, I am going to direct you to this video, okay, and I hope that you have found it helpful.

Yes, it is a little bit of tough love and a little bit of hard coaching, but it is what is going to make you grow, and hopefully, you got to see a little bit of truth here is the fact that, yes, it’s always going to be true if you’re looking for what’s not working, but it’s also going to be true when you look for what is working.

And the more time you spend looking for what is working, the more you’re going to find.

If you stay stuck in the land of what’s not working, then you will stay there.

And you can if you want to, my friend, but it’s a lot more fun over here.

My name is Natalie Fisher.

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