How To Apply For A Job When There Is NO OPENING

How To Apply For A Job When There Is NO OPENING

How To Apply For A Job When There Is NO OPENING


In this post, I’m talking about how to get into a company when there is no job on the table and when it doesn’t look like they’re hiring from the outside.

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The first thing is the concept of planting seeds.


What we do is we can plant seeds at a company, even if there is no tree yet.

The tree is the job. So understanding that there is turnover all the time for various reasons, people get fired, people that get let go, people quit, people, move.

Therefore, even if there’s no opening right now, in the next few months, there likely is going to be an opening, either sooner or later.

You need to understand and believe that that’s going to be the case.

Otherwise, you’re not going to get yourself to make contact or even take steps towards that if you don’t believe there’s a possibility there for you at some point.


Number two, make contacts with people who either work there now or have worked there before.


The biggest mistake that people make is they’ll reach out and they’ll make it all about them.

They’ll reach out to someone who works there now OR used to work there and they’re not going to get a very high response rate when they’re making it all about them.

You need to consider the person who you’re reaching out to, what they need, and what would be in it for them to respond to you.

Why would they respond to you?

What’s in it for them to help you out?


And the third thing, get clear on your value.


Even if there’s no job yet, your goal is to make contact with someone working there so you can show them the value that you could bring and create a relationship with that person.

Then that has them wanting to help you and eventually pass your resume along to a hiring manager or someone who will be able to bring you in for an interview.

Now, it doesn’t have to happen right away, but you’re planting the seeds, and eventually, you plant enough seeds, and these things will start to grow.

This is how doors get opened each and every day, and a lot of people don’t believe it’s possible.

Maybe because it hasn’t happened to you yet, you haven’t seen it, but if you want to see some examples of people who have done this and how you could do it, I have a free workshop for you.

If you’re asking me, yes, but I want the strategy, tell me what to say to people.

Tell me how to find them. Tell me what to ask them.

Well, there’s a lot to cover, which I couldn’t cover in this short post.


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