How much experience do you really need to get the role you want


Have you ever thought to yourself ‘Yeah but I don’t have enough experience so I can’t apply for that job, or I could never get a job like that because I don’t have the experience yet, it’ll probably take me 10 years to get there?’ If you’ve ever thought anything like this, then keep watching my friend because I’m gonna tell you (nicely) 3 reasons why you’re wrong about this, so stay tuned.


Experience isn’t everything.


Reason #1 A lot of Hiring Managers Believe in Hiring for Talent or fit, over Skills


A lot of hiring managers believe that you can train for skill but not for talent or fit. So if they like, you they believe they can train you and they LIKE you, they want to work with you and they connected with you! That’s going to give an emotional response and you can get hired, even if there is someone with more experience interviewing at the time. The reason for this is because it’s not all about the experience. It’s about the interviewing skill. Do you have it? Have you mastered it? Or are you winging it?


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Reason #2 Overqualified people still struggle to get the roles they want


I know lots of people who have a lot of experience and they may even call themselves ‘over qualified’ but they they still struggle to get into the roles and the companies that they want. They will say to me, it’s because I’m too old, or because I have the wrong type of experience or I’m lacking in this or that I need to either go back to school or get more experience in x. Someone even told me they thought they needed to put in their 10 years of experience before they could go for what they wanted! No! You don’t have to do that, you know how I know this?




Reason #3 Under Qualified people still get hired at their dream jobs!


There’s a lot of people that don’t’ have a lot of experience who do get jobs right away that they love and can be proud of. So how do they do this? They do things differently. They are able to connect with the right people in a specific way, or they just keep applying until it works out for them. They don’t’ give up and they have the belief that it is possible. Maybe they’ve got a friend or see someone who’s done it before so they know it’s possible.


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