Ep #143: 3 Skills Required for a Highly Lucrative Career (Part 1)

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | 3 Skills Required for a Highly Lucrative Career (Part 1)

I recently held a three-day live training for over 250 people called 3 Skills Required for a Highly Lucrative Career that I’m now sharing with you on the podcast. You’ll walk away from this series feeling confident, clear, and ready to interview, so you can engage in proactive, value-driven discussions. These discussions will lead to offers, promotions, pay rises, and change the trajectory of your career forever, so listen closely for part one of this training which is all about mindset.


There were some serious light-bulb moments in this training that I think everyone listening can benefit from. This training was about designing a networking strategy so people ask to connect with you instead of you feeling like you’re always the one chasing others.


Tune in this week to discover the 3 skills required for a highly lucrative career. We’re also discussing the power of stories in drawing interviewers into your world, and why not wanting to brag in an interview is not the best mindset. I’m sharing how you can change that mindset so you can sell yourself in interview situations, how to create intentional self-confidence, and giving you strategies to communicate your value clearly.


If you’re ready to take this work deeper, come and join me in the 6-Figure Curriculum and land your premium role. We have some amazing live masterclasses coming up in there on Interviewing, Salary and Impact, and Maximum Career Impact, so don’t miss out.


If you already have a position you love but you’re ready to truly excel in your role, you need to consider joining my mastermind Time to Thrive!


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • 3 skills you need to develop to land your premium role.
  • The most common thoughts the participants were coming up against on the search for their premium role.
  • How to use storytelling in a way that makes interviewers think about hiring you immediately.
  • Why not bragging isn’t helping you advance your career.
  • How to start selling yourself in your interviews.
  • Why overpreparing responses for interviews is a form of self-doubt.
  • What you can do to create a networking strategy that makes people want to connect with you, instead of you always making the first move.
  • Why the mindset advice I’m sharing in this episode applies to all industries and how to apply it on your hunt for a premium offer.
  • How to form meaningful connections that will help you change your career trajectory.


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