Here’s a Secret To Negotiating a Higher Salary (And Getting It)

Higher Salary

Here’s a Secret To Negotiating a Higher Salary (And Getting It)


If you want to be worth more to an employer you have to bring something else to the table.

Something that’s more than the other candidates bring. More than just your skill, expertise on its own.


In this post I’ll talk about an example of a candidate who can ask for more and get it, VS a candidate who will fail to stand out and we’ll talk about why this is.


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So the thing successful candidates do is they can communicate their value really well but also a vision, a bigger picture, not just their individual skills. (Because most people will have those).


I’m going to use the example of an event planner. Let’s say you’re an event planner and you’re interviewing for a position for Global Events for example.



The average candidate (well they probably wouldn’t even ask that question to get that information), so they wouldn’t be this far anyways OR do any meaningful research and talk about their skills. I can do this, that and the other.


What a great candidate will do is they will find out what the priorities are to accomplish in that position and they will paint a vision for the employer and get them excited about it.


For example a great candidate might ask the interviewers: What’s your top 3 goals for the successful candidate to accomplish in this role?


The Hiring manager might say – We’d like the new hire to create an event strategy for our marketing events this year, which events we should go to, why and ultimately how many leads we can expect from each event etc.


The average candidate (well they probably wouldn’t even ask that question to get that information), so they wouldn’t be this far anyways.


The stand out candidate then takes that information and says ok great, Can I share how I’d go about that:


Then they might say something like this:


I created an event plan previously for my school and what I learned was that the best events to go to aren’t necessarily the biggest ones, but the ones with the most targeted leads. If I were responsible for this strategic plan I’d start by researching the type of people that go to each event, and figure out which are closest to the company’s ideal target customers, then I’d go from there, this would ultimately lead to more sales for the company over the short term and the long term.


That answer shows that you’re thinking highly strategically with the long game in mind + the bottom line, you’re looking 4 steps ahead to select the best strategy to get them Sales and more revenue.





With answers like that one, you can confidently ask for a higher salary because you’ve demonstrated your strategic thinking with one answer. You’ve demonstrated a plan to make them more money. Just any event planner might be focusing on the decorations, food and lighting for the event but the main focus is to get leads and sales for the company and most people won’t’ even touch on that.

See how the answer goes pretty deep, but can make the interviewer excited?


So to demand a higher salary showing a bigger picture can help tremendously.


If you liked this post, I have a cheat sheet on how to negotiate your salary.


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Did you know that the default answer to a negotiation is always no, and that stops 50% of people from continuing to try and negotiate?

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