Ep #157: Exiting with Grace & Moving in to a 50% Salary Increase: A Client Success Interview with Laura Milazzo (+ Her Husband Paul)

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | Exiting with Grace & Moving in to a 50% Salary Increase: A Client Success Interview with Laura Milazzo (+ Her Husband Paul)

This week, I’m joined by my amazing client, Laura Milazzo, and her husband, Paul Milazzo. Since joining the 6-Figure Curriculum, Laura has achieved success in finding her premium role, gracefully leaving her previous position, and moving into a 50% salary increase. She’s here to share her experience of the program and how she has been able to grow and evolve through that process.


Laura Milazzo has 28 years of experience and a ton of value to offer, but that wasn’t reflected in the opportunities she was creating in the search for her premium role. When we started working through everything that was holding her back and the beliefs that led to her being underpaid, the way forward became clear.


Tune in this week for an interesting conversation with Laura Milazzo and her husband, Paul. Laura is sharing the work we did in my program to help her overcome her thoughts and land her premium role. Paul is sharing why he thought the investment was worthwhile and discussing how he saw Laura showing up, putting in the work, and getting the desired result.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • The limiting beliefs Laura needed to work through when she joined the program.
  • Paul’s thoughts on Laura making the investment in my program.
  • How Laura decided she needed to try something new in finding her premium role.
  • Why Laura started truly believing she could create the kind of opportunities she really wanted.
  • How Laura knew she wanted to hire me as her coach to help her change career.
  • The mindset that helped Laura get the best results from her investment in coaching.
  • Laura’s experience of communicating her value in interviews.
  • How Laura moved from scarcity to abundance as she made a shift in her career.
  • Laura’s advice for exiting your position with grace as you move on to something new.

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