Ep #206: What to Do When You’re Not Given the Credit You Deserve: Maximum Impact Series

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | What to Do When You're Not Given the Credit You Deserve: Maximum Impact Series

What do you do when you work hard, but you aren’t getting the credit you deserve? Whether it’s lack of acknowledgement from your direct report, the leadership of your organization, or your coworkers, this can feel really terrible. People should give you credit when credit is due, and it’s painful when it doesn’t happen. So, what can you do about it?


When we don’t get the credit we deserve, we get swept up in the thought that we should have been acknowledged for the hard work we’ve put in. But we can’t change people. We can only adjust how we approach the situation, and that’s exactly what we’re doing on today’s show.


Tune in this week to discover what to do when you’re not given the credit you deserve. I share how you might be unknowingly giving your power away when you don’t get the credit you feel you deserve, and you’ll learn how to prevent situations like this from negatively influencing your confidence and how you show up in your career.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why we can’t change other people, but we still get caught up in believing things should be different.
  • My own story of not getting the credit I felt I deserved.
  • What you might be making it mean when you feel like you don’t get the credit you deserve.
  • How you could be giving away your power when you don’t get the credit you think you deserve.
  • The power of understanding your thoughts about not being acknowledged.
  • Why you get to decide how you want to show up, regardless of whether or not you get the credit you deserve.
  • How to use not getting the credit you deserve as a growth opportunity in your career.

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