Ep #27: How to Create a Confident and Magnetic Energy to Get What You Want

How to Create a Confident and Magnetic Energy to Get What You Want

Have you ever not applied for a job you really wanted because you didn’t think you had the experience or skills they were looking for? Have you ever felt secretly relieved to not be invited to interview, because you weren’t sure you were capable of doing the job anyway? You may be surprised to know that it’s not your skills or experience that’s holding you back, it’s your thoughts.


Feelings of unworthiness, insufficiency, and a lack of confidence only lead in one direction. When we are unaware of our beliefs, we keep ourselves on repeat and stay in that place where we don’t want to be – stuck. Identifying these beliefs is the first step toward landing that dream job you know you can do.


In this episode, I’m sharing the reasons you haven’t been getting what you want and how you can change this. I’m showing you how to reframe your beliefs to show up more confidently and how to create magnetic energy that can’t help but attract people to you!


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • How your beliefs may be preventing you from taking action.
  • Why limiting beliefs are such an issue.
  • Some ways you might be holding yourself back.
  • How to break down your own psyche to refocus on getting what you want.
  • What it means to fail ahead of time, and why so many people do it.
  • How to replace your beliefs with ones that serve you.

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Welcome to the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love Podcast. This is episode 27, How to Create a Confident and
Magnetic Energy to Get What You Want.
Hey there, welcome to the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love Podcast. I’m your host, Natalie Fisher. I’m a
certified career mindset coach, who also happens to want to skip all the BS and get to what it really
takes to create real results for you and your career. On this podcast, you will create real mindset shifts
that will lead to big results and big changes in your career and your income. No fluff here, if you want to
get a 6-figure job you love and create real concrete results in your industry and make a real impact,
you’re in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s go.
Welcome to the podcast today, everyone. Thank you for tuning in. And I just want to say how fun it has
been to record these episodes and post them up on LinkedIn. If you’re not following me over there yet,
you should go over there and send me a connection request, because it’s just been amazing ever since
I’ve been promoting it on LinkedIn more.
The people that I didn’t even know were listening. So if I know you from way back or if we have
connected before, or if you’re one of my friends, Hey. And if you’re new here and you’ve never heard of
me before, welcome. And this episode is going to be a really good one to start with.
So, I’ve been doing one-on-one coaching for the last two years and from working with a lot of clients, I
want to talk today about one of the things that mostly gets in the way of you showing up the way that
you want to show up, whether that be in an interview, whether that be in a conversation where you
want to advocate for yourself to get a raise or a promotion that you know you deserve, or in any
situation in life where you really want to be able to show up confidently and for some reason, you’re
either not doing that, because you’re not getting the result that you want. So you’re not getting the
offer or you’re not getting the raise.
Or another problem is that you’re afraid to put yourself in that situation in the first place, because
you’re like, “Well, I don’t think that it’s going to work,” or you don’t believe that you’re going to have a
chance at getting the result, so you don’t even make that step. Or maybe you’ve done it a whole bunch
of times and you still haven’t gotten the result you wanted yet. And you’re getting even more frustrated
because you’re like, “Well, I keep going on interviews.” And that’s something that very commonly
happens when people come to me, they’re like, “I’ve been on so many interviews and I haven’t been
able to crack it.”
And they have the skills, they have the ability, they have the experience, they have enough. So I always
say, “If one person in the world has gotten what you want to get with what you have, then it’s possible.

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And it’s always a yes.” Then, they’re missing something with their mindset. And that’s what I’m going to
dig into today.
So, whatever stage you’re at, if you haven’t been able to make yourself apply for the job so you can get
the interview. If you have put yourself in the interview situation, but still not passed it. Or you’ve been
kind of butting up against a wall, because you keep going and you keep not passing. Any of those
situations, I’m going to dig in today and show you exactly why you haven’t been. And I’m going to break
down some examples, very specifically of my own clients to show you how some of the specific things
have gotten in the way for them and some of the specific breakthroughs that they’ve had so that they
could get to that other side.
So, the reason why is always going to be a limiting belief. So you might be aware of the belief, you might
not be. And most of the time, my clients, when they come to me, are not aware of the belief. It’s a very
subtle belief that they have and they just think it’s true. They just think they’re reporting the news and
this is the truth and they just tell me.
So, for example, some common beliefs that my clients have had when we uncover them and all the
examples I’ll give you, they have all been limiting beliefs. So, for example, one of my clients had the
belief that because she had only done this particular role in one company before, and she’d only done it
for three years, that they were going to see her as somebody who didn’t have a lot of experience in a lot
of places.
So, her belief was, “Well, I need to have more experience in different companies so I can see how other
people are doing things, so that I can have more diverse experience and then I’ll be more desirable. But
until I have that, then I’m at a disadvantage.” That’s what she believed. And so, for many reasons, this
wasn’t helping her. Because, first of all, in order for her to get experience at another company, she had
to believe that her current experience was enough.
And she was coming from a place of, “It’s not enough. It’s not good enough. They’re not going to like it.
They’re not going to think it’s enough.” And that was a limiting belief, because there’s a lot of evidence
to prove that that three years experience she had in that one company was more than enough. And now
she is sitting in her ideal role. And it wasn’t necessary for her to go get a bunch of more experience in
other places. It wasn’t necessary for her to go and get a whole bunch of more certifications or more
education. It was simply that limiting belief that was stopping her.
Another example was one of my clients believed that her years of experience wasn’t enough. So, it
normally comes down to something about either the experience isn’t enough, you’re not enough in
some general umbrella situation, it’s always going to come down to you’re not enough in some way. So,
the other specific example was that three years experience wasn’t enough. So she was a Salesforce

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admin, or she had been working in Salesforce without the official title of a Salesforce admin, but she had
been doing work in Salesforce and she had created some amazing results for the company that she
worked with in Salesforce.
But she compared herself to her supervisor, who had several more years experience. I don’t remember
exactly how many, but it may be like 18. She’s like, “Well, my supervisor has 18 years experience and I
only have three. So, that must mean that I really don’t have a very good chance at getting this role or
getting paid a 100K to be a Salesforce admin, because I don’t have that much experience.” So she was
comparing herself and now, looking forward or being able to look back at that, it was the limiting belief
because she is in a 100K role, she is a Salesforce admin, and she is completely capable of doing that role
even with the three years experience. And I’ll break down exactly how we reframed that and how she
was able to see that in a different way in order to move forward.
So, when we have these beliefs and they are not pointed out to us, we just keep ourselves on repeat
and we stay in the place where we don’t want to be, where we know, that’s where you get that feeling,
you’re like, “Well, I know I could be doing more, but the reason I’m not is because I don’t have enough
experience or I only have experience in this one company and that’s not good enough.” Or it comes
down to like, “I just don’t have this, or I don’t have that.”
And whatever it is for you, it’s always going to show up in that way, which is going to either make you
not apply, not go for it 100%, or you go for it and then you get turned down or it doesn’t work out. And
you immediately say, “Oh yeah, I knew I wasn’t good enough. I knew I couldn’t do it.” And you make that
mean that you need to stop trying, instead of continuing to look at the evidence where lots of other
people, with even less experienced than you, have still achieved what you want to achieve.
So, that’s where coaching comes in handy. And I’m going to explain to you more about how I work with
my clients. Because when we can point out these limiting beliefs and we can continue to point evidence
to what really is going to help you and serve you and then we can rewire your brain in that way. You
start to see, “Oh, okay. I see what I need to do. I see how I need to be thinking,” and you just move in
the right direction.
But if you don’t have the awareness and you just believe that this is the news and you’re reporting to
me, “Yeah. I only have experience in one company. That’s just not going to do, nobody’s going to hire
me with that amount of experience. It’s just not enough, because all these other candidates and they all
have more,” and you basically just say it like, “This is just truth.”
But as I can share with you the examples of my clients, it’s not necessary for you to make that be a
stopping point for you. And we do it without knowing. So, it’s very subtle, it’s very unconscious. And

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then I can’t tell you how many people are stuck right now doing things, being paid a lot less than they
should, because they have these limiting beliefs that they don’t know they have.
So, that’s the first thing. It’s just the reason why you don’t have what you have is, and Tony Robbins said
this and I didn’t fully get it until now, but the reason why you don’t have what you want is the story you
have about why you can’t have it. So, ask yourself for you, what is that story? What is that reason? And
then, is it really true?
And the way that you can know that is, is there a single other person in the world who has done it with
less or with what you have? I guarantee you, the answer’s probably going to be yes. So, the reason that
these limiting beliefs are a problem is because you are somehow coming from a place of not enoughness
when you go for the interview or when you do.
So, the first problem is because you don’t even want to make yourself go, because you’re thinking, “Oh,
it’s not enough. I don’t want to.” Like some of my clients would avoid the interviews, they’d maybe
apply, because they’d know they want to take a step forward. But then if they didn’t get the interview,
they’d even be relieved. They’d be like, “Oh, okay, good. I don’t have to go to that interview. I don’t have
to do that.” They’d be relieved.
Or they try to postpone it or behavior like that, that is indicative of, “I don’t think I’m enough. I don’t
think it’s going to work anyway. So I don’t really want to do it.” And it’s called failing ahead of time. Or
they’re continuing to go to the interviews still believing that they are not good enough and that they
don’t have enough. And that it’s probably not going to work. Some form of that, very specific thoughts
that each one of my clients has had.
And then, they show up in the energy that is not confident. So, the reason why it’s a problem, and my
mentor explains it like this, which I think is hilarious and it totally applies here, it’s like, when you show
up, if you have these limiting beliefs about yourself and they’re running the show, which is normally
what’s happening, your energy smells like you don’t believe in yourself.
So, my mentor calls it like bad body odor. So, she’s like, “Someone smells really bad,” versus somebody
wearing a really nice, fresh scent. You want to be close to the person you want to interact with the
person who smells really nice and fresh, like they’ve showered and they’re wearing a really nice cologne
or perfume or something like that, versus the person who has bad body odor. You want to stay away
from them, you want to end the conversation as quickly as possible. And you’re thinking in your head,
“This is not working. This is not a fit. I don’t feel attracted to this person to work with them.”

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So, it’s like the difference between when you don’t believe in yourself, when you have limiting beliefs
that are stopping you, you show up this way and you don’t really know because you don’t know the
beliefs are even there. My clients did not know. And that’s why I point those things out.
And so, what you want is you actually want to show up feeling confident, exuding confidence wherever
you go, so that you can really show that you believe in yourself, therefore project that belief onto other
people effortlessly. So, that’s what you want to be able to do. But the reason why you can’t is because
you have these beliefs that you’re not aware of. And so, I call them not conscious, because you just think
they’re true. You just think like the news is being reported and this is just true.
And so, identifying those limiting beliefs is basically like taking a shower. So, you’re taking a shower,
you’re putting on some really nice, fresh cologne or perfume. And then you’re able to go into that
interview with a completely different energy. So, I call it magnetic energy, that people are like, “Yes. Tell
me more. I really enjoy being around you. I want to hear what you have to say. This is going really well.”
Versus, “Something’s off. I’m not really sure that you have confidence in yourself.” They sense that and
they can smell it. Just like they can smell bad body odor. And we try to just be like, “Well, I’ll go anyway.”
But really you’re feeling it and they can smell it. So, that’s what’s happening.
So, what you want to do is you need to identify these limiting beliefs, whatever they are for you, and be
able to put your focus on the ones that will allow you to show up effortlessly, with confidence. And so,
that’s what we do, what I work through with my clients.
So, as a coach, you’re going to tell me what you think the problem is and what’s going on and what’s
happened and why you think it’s happened. And then I’m going to be able to show you what it is you’re
thinking that’s creating that limiting belief in how you’re showing up.
So, the problem with having these beliefs is that they come off also as needy, because you don’t believe
you’re enough, and when you don’t believe you’re enough, you work really hard to prove yourself.
Therefore you’re trying to please them and trying to look like you have what they want, but really you
don’t really believe you do.
So, if for example, my clients, when they first were having those beliefs and they were going for
interviews or they were trying to get out of their situation, if they’re believing, “Oh, my experience is not
enough. It’s only in one company, it’s very limited experience. People are going to want more. This
doesn’t really work.” Then they’re going to show up in a certain way, and it’s inevitable, because they
don’t know. It’s not something that they can really control unless they have some leverage over it,
unless they actually have it pointed out and be like, “This is the problem that you’re having. This is why
you’re showing up the way you’re showing up.”

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And so, that’s basically what we have to do, you have to take a shower and that’s identifying the limiting
beliefs. So, then you can then replace the belief with a belief that serves you. So, I’ll show you how to
reframe the beliefs.
So, if you remove those beliefs and frame them in a different way, you are able to then show up
confidently. So, for example, my client who had three years experience when her manager had 18 years
experience, we framed that into the quality of her experience versus the quantity. So, the only variable
that she was looking at there was, “Well, I only have three years. She has 18 years. Lots of other people
have lots of other years. This for me is not looking good.” And so, that made her feel like it wasn’t
But we looked at what she actually accomplished in those years. That someone with even 20 years
might not have, they wouldn’t, because she’s on her own path and she has her own strengths. So, the
amount of work that she did to learn what she learned in those three years, the concentration of her
experience, because she was a very dedicated person. She put in 100% to create the results that she
created in those three years. Where somebody with even 20 years, who just goes through the motions,
and they’re not really critically thinking to solve a result or to create a result, to have this project
completed, they’re just working in their job, but they’re not really going above and beyond, they’re not
really committed, is going to be different than somebody who has three years of really concentrated
So, we all know somebody who has been in the same job for 20 years. But they’ve been doing the exact
same thing. We all know somebody who’s been doing the same thing over and over. They haven’t really
changed their methods. They haven’t really changed their systems or procedures. They just go and go
through the motions.
So, a good example of this is somebody who works in HR, for example, and they just go, they have an
Excel spreadsheet and they update the Excel spreadsheet every month or something. And everybody
has different Excel spreadsheets. And they go and update all the different ones. And they may do that
for years. But somebody else might come in and be like, “Okay, this system of spreadsheets isn’t
working, our company is growing. So, I’m going to implement that we use a project management
software and we’re going to put everything in here. Everybody’s going to have their tasks. Everybody’s
going to have their access to the same portal.” And they just totally revamp the system to make it more
efficient, work better. Whereas the other person has been updating the same spreadsheet for 20 years.
So, we need to focus in on the result that this person got in the short amount of time. And for my
clients, they normally have great results that they’ve produced. And I ask them questions and we get
those results out. And then we figure out how to sell those results in a way where the amount of

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experience is actually really impressive for the amount of results they created in that short amount of
time, versus the years, or the time of experience.
So, it’s that old principle of quality over quantity. And it’s like, if you put yourself in the shoes of a hiring
manager, would you rather hire somebody who’s been doing the same thing for 20 years, but not really
thinking outside the box, or would you rather hire somebody who has created these results within a
short amount of time, imagine what they could do for you.
So, that’s one example of how we reframe somebody’s belief that they didn’t know that they really had,
they didn’t really know was a problem, they just thought was true. And so, that allowed her to go to
interview confidently, because she had the belief in herself that what she had was enough and it was
super valuable and that wanted it, versus, “It’s not enough. I don’t really know,” really hesitant, very
self-doubtful versus that.
And so, this is just a very concrete example of how that works, but I do this with everybody. And this is
exactly, all of my clients that I work with, this is exactly how you break down your own psyche to refocus
on where you need to go, so you can get what you want to get. And once you do that, then you can
effortlessly create that magnetic energy that creates somebody being like, “Yes, I want to work with you.
Yes. We need to hire you.” And it’s not about your years of experience, it’s not about your certifications,
it’s a matter of you, your unique self, what you think, how your thought processes work in order to
create a result.
And all of my clients have amazing examples of this. They blow me away every day with the amazing
things that they have done. And they don’t even have the awareness of how amazing they are. And
because of that, they’re always coming from a place of, “It’s not enough. It’s not enough,” because that’s
what our brain default tells us is that we’re not enough. And then we stay in that repeat cycle of, “Yeah,
but this is just true. It’s just the way that the world works. It’s just how it is. I just don’t have what it
takes or it’s just going to be hard. I’m going to have to get all these certifications or experience first.”
And truth to be told, none of that is true, evidence, I have tons of evidence to support it with tons of
people that is not true. So, that’s the breakdown.
One thing that it also allows my clients’ psyche to be freed up so that they can do is they can focus on
results for the company that they’re interviewing for. So, when they get to take them way their not
enoughness or they get to identify their limiting beliefs by taking a shower. And then, we get to build up
what is really relevant and really valuable that they can contribute. Then they get to take away the focus
off themselves and completely focus on how they’re going to help, how they’re going to add value, how
they want to add value and where they want to add value.

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And they get to be in that driver’s seat. They get to be confident. And they get to show up with that
fresh scent and that very appealing magnetic personality. And they get to enjoy the interview and be
themselves and forget about the not enough part, because it really is just a mental construct. And I
always bring it back to if one person has done it, and there’s always people who have done it with less
than what you probably have right now. And that’s always something that we’re never looking for, but
it’s always there.
And it’s because our brain is so attached to that story of, “Yeah, but it’s true. I don’t have enough
experience. Yeah, but it’s true. I should have done this better. I should have.” Your brain is always going
to convince you that it’s true because you’ve been thinking that for a while. So, when you can have
somebody identify, “Okay, but these things are not really true and this is why, what you have is more
than enough, this is why it’s valuable.” It completely changes your mindset to then you being the person
who’s like, “Okay, I’m going to go and help this company out. They’ve called me for an interview. This is
exciting.” Versus, “Oh, I’m really scared that they’re going to be judging me, judging my experience,”
because you believe it to be true that it’s not enough.
All right, there we have it. I hope you enjoyed this episode. And I hope that it gave you some really
concrete ways to see that you could be potentially holding yourself back as well. And if you are in any of
those situations where you’re either not proceeding forward to the interview, because you’re too afraid
to take that first step or you’ve taken the step, it hasn’t worked, or maybe you’ve taken this step a whole
bunch of times and it hasn’t worked. That there are limiting beliefs there to uncover, that are what is
getting in your way. And if you would like help with that, you know where to find me and I will talk to
you next week. All right. You have a great week. Bye.
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And I’ll be sharing these with my community. So if you’ve got something you need coaching on, I can
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So, can’t wait to see your reviews coming in and I can’t wait to coach you. Talk to you soon. Bye.
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