Ep #125: Creating Confidence in a Brand-New Tech Role with Constance Jarrett

Get Six Figure Job You Love Natalie Fisher | Creating Confidence in a Brand-New Tech Role with Constance Jarrett

The Get a Six Figure Job You Love Podcast with Natalie Fisher | Mastering Commitment to Big Goals: A Client Success Interview with Constance Jarrett

My amazing client, Connie.

This week, I have another exciting guest, Constance Jarrett. Connie has been on the podcast before, as a Success Interview after landing her new role. But she came back to work with me again to make sure she can create confidence in her new tech role, and how she’s been able to create transformation in this area is genuinely impressive.


Connie is a Salesforce Certified Business Analyst who’s been in her current position for a little over a year now. It was a big jump for her to make, and it’s had its ups and downs, but because of the work we’ve done together, she’s enjoying every part of the journey, and she’s here to share her experience of our work together, and how it’s impacted her in her new role.


Tune in this week to discover why a new role meant new challenges for Constance Jarrett, and how she invested in herself to make the transition a seamless experience. Connie is sharing the anxiety and lack of self-belief she had to deal with in shifting into a leadership role, and her incredibly valuable advice to anyone in the same situation as they move forward in their career.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Where Connie was last time she was on the show, and where she is now.
  • How Connie discovered her new role in tech was a bigger jump than she first thought.
  • Why the things you’ve always struggled with don’t just disappear when you land a new role.
  • The imposter syndrome Connie experienced as she became more visible in a leadership role.
  • Why Connie decided she needed help to deal with the anxiety of her new role.
  • How Connie developed the skill of trusting herself and overcoming her self-doubt.
  • Why Connie was the inspiration for my Simple What’s-Next Strategy.
  • Connie’s advice to anyone thinking of betting on themselves and investing in their future as they search for their premium role.


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