Coffee Chat Job Offers

A lot of times we don’t think networking is worth our time & efforts, or we don’t understand how it will actually pan out in the end. In this guide I break down the steps to take & the messages to send (with scripts) for how you can start to see real results from networking quickly!

In This Guide You’ll Get: 

  • The one misconception about networking that stops most people from advancing their careers 

  • How to reach out to strangers who can really help you in your career path (without being needy, desperate or salesy) 

  • How to get introductions to important people who can help you the most in your career

  • How to turn a one time quick chat into a long-term career advancing relationship  


  • How to follow up effectively after the coffee chat or phone call


  • How to get important people to forward your resume or help you with getting a job interview

A Little About Me

I’m Natalie I’m based out of Victoria BC. Canada. I’ve worked for some big name companies including Amazon, FLIR Systems & xMatters. I believe that navigating the world of your ‘career’ for a job seeker is tough stuff. We have a need for clarity (at least I do). There are so many things relating to ‘career’ and job searching that are super unclear. I can help.  

See you on the other side!