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GETTING A DREAM JOB IS NOT EASY… If It Was Easy (Everyone would already have it)


You think “I have the skills. I have talent. It shouldn’t be hard to get hired.”

We are told that we can put our resumes on Monster and other job sites and that the job offers would be flooding in.

When you first start your search, you’re excited and feeling GOOD!

You see amazing job listings that make you feel like your dream job is in your reach.

The truth is… after some time goes by of you doing everything you’re supposed to do, trying everything!



    • Sending resumes into the abyss that is Indeed (or monster or one of the 400 other sites)


    • Talking to recruiters and headhunters that promise you the world but then go silent


    • Reaching out to people on Linkedin to have the conversations die a slow death with no results…


Your confidence starts to slowly go into the toilet.

Your brain automatically goes to thoughts like “What’s wrong with me?” Because you must be the problem right?

It’s not you.


Most people are job searching using a broken process.

There can be 1 position posted that has 100-1000 applicants applying!

This is true no matter what you’re applying for… if you’re using the Job sites.

The odds are ridiculously low that you’d even get the right person to look at your resume, let alone interview you, and if they never meet you then they can’t hire you.

Whether you’re:


    • A new grad who lacks experience


    • Currently employed looking to move into a position that offers more growth


    • Have a gap or two on your resume


    • Were fired or laid off


    • Have a lower GPA than you’d like to admit


    • You’ve simply been out of the workforce for a while…


None of this matters. If no one meets you, no one hires you. Period.

I take a different approach to getting my clients into the roles they want.

I take my clients through a process that consists of specific, measurable actions that lead them to interviews so that they don’t need to compete with thousands of other (sometimes more qualified and educated) applicants.

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You’re struggling to get where you need to be in your career and you feel like you’re behind.

You feel like you should be a lot farther along right now, you’re an action taker, and you’re doing all the things, but nothing’s working.

It’s time for you to finally get:


    • The growth opportunities and to feel excited in your new role


    • The autonomy to do your job the way that you want to do it


    • To work in a results-based environment where you have the freedom to make the difference you know you are capable of instead of worrying about clocking in at 9 am sharp


    • The type of salary that actually matches the amount of value that you’re able to bring!


You’re tired of being passed over, and you want a career that offers you the room to grow that you so badly want plus a good salary for the value that you bring.

You know that if you really want to succeed and cut through all the noise that hiring managers deal with on a daily basis, you need to be doing something different than everyone else.

You’re ready to get started today.

If you don’t learn to cut through the noise you will get left behind and the following things will happen:


    • You’ll get stuck in a job you hate clinging to the false security of living paycheque to paycheque


    • Wasting your life year after year for the sake of decent health benefits


    • To work in a results-based environment where you have the freedom to make the difference you know you are capable of instead of worrying about clocking in at 9 am sharp


    • A deep sense of regret for not getting out there and asking for what you truly deserved and know you’re capable of


How To Cut Through The Noise?

In my 4 step process I show you how to:


    • Go out and GET opportunities for yourself on demand


    • The right questions to ask to navigate networking conversations to put you in the driver’s seat to generate interviews


    • How to prepare for interviews so well that the interviewer actually says things like “Wow you’ve really done your homework!” and you can see the impressed look on their face!


    • The full picture of what a salary negotiation looks like and have full confidence that you can negotiate a higher offer from the get go


    • The strategy to choose the right role, to begin with so that you can set yourself up for the growth and promotion that you really want for your life


The strategy to choose the right role, to begin with, so that you can set yourself up for the growth and promotion that you really want for your life

What my clients all have in common:


They’re smart, motivated and ambitious, they don’t like waiting around for opportunities to pop up on Indeed, and they definitely don’t like wasting their time on things that don’t work.

If this sounds like you, and you’d rather go out and get opportunities yourself but you’re not sure of the daily actions to guarantee the result you want then I can help you.

You’re ready to be coachable and accept the support to really do this!

Let me give you the steps to success.


What are you waiting for?


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There are 4 Specific Phases That You need to go through in order to have success.


Let me give you the steps to success


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Heads up


If you’re looking for a silver bullet, magic pill type solution that will miraculously change your career overnight, with no effort, no work, and no money, then this session isn’t for you. But if you’re ready to take action, get a proven plan and are prepared to get-things-done, then I would love to speak with you.




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