Career Coaching – 5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Career Coach

Career Coaching - 5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Career Coach

Career Coaching – 5 Things To Look For When Hiring A Career Coach


Today I’m going to talk about what coaching is, the value of having a coach and what to look for if you’re thinking about hiring a coach.

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So what is a coach?


For those of you who are not sure about this:

A coach works with their clients to help them achieve a specific goal, overcome the obstacles and make changes or shifts where they want to in their lives.

The coach works with the client, as a partner, fully believing that the client has the ability to create the changes they want to create. …

Coaches do not counsel or analyze the past.

That’s what therapists or counselors do.

So basically a coach gets you moving forward and keeps you in massive action.

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So what you should consider if you’re thinking about hiring a coach:


1) Having a coach will stop you from slowing down or quitting


When you want to slow down or quit because of a setback or an obstacle or whatever happens. The coach will be there to make sure you keep focused and moving forward.

So most of us will slow down, quit for a while and come back to it, which each time we do this, SLOWS us down.

A coach is there to make sure you stay focused and on track and lose no time heading straight for your goal.


2) A good coach is going to help you to see how you are holding yourself back


They will show you how you are getting in your own way, by showing you your thoughts and what your thoughts are creating in your life. Your life is the result of your thinking day to day up until now.

If you haven’t been able to move from where you are to where you want to be it is because you have been thinking the same thoughts that haven’t been getting you the results you want.

A coach helps you to shift that and gets you thinking in a way that propels you forward each week.

– Imagine having that kind of support for 6 months or a year?

What could you accomplish?


3) A coach gives you clarity.


So when you work with a coach you can bring any questions or things you’re unsure about to the coaching session and by the end, you’ll feel clear and concise on how you need to approach a situation and what you need to do.

The value of having that clarity each week is amazing in what it does for your results and for the speed in which you’re able to move forward.

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4) A coach keeps you in massive action


Massive action is where you are doing the steps you need to do daily to get to your goals. BIG results are an accumulation of things done on a day to day basis.

An accumulation of the right thoughts on a day to day basis.

This is what a coach coaches you to achieve.

If your mind gets off track, this is exactly what a coach does is reel you back in and get you back on track.


5) Last but not least. Having a coach is fun.


It’s fun to have someone you can come to, to bounce ideas off of, to ask about a specific situation and to reflect back to you what’s working in your life and what is not working.

A coach helps you feel more alive because you’re actually achieving goals you hadn’t been able to achieve before.

The reason I can say all this is because I have an amazing coach! And it’s worth every penny because she keeps me on track.


I love having a coach and you will too!


So if you think coaching might be for you, I invite you to sign up for a free call with me where we can talk about it.

We will go through – Where you are now, where you want to be, what has held you back until now, and your customized plan to move towards your goal.

If you want my help to implement the plan then we can talk about working together! If you don’t want to, no worries I will send you on your way with a customized plan that you can implement on your own, no hard feelings.

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