How to Network Effectively Even If You Hate Talking to People


Maybe you don’t see how networking can pay off.


Sure, you’ll talk to a few interesting people here and there, but you’re not sure HOW you get from having a chat with someone at a networking event to a job offer down the line.


Is one chat with someone enough to make them see you as the next perfect hire next time their company is hiring? Can it lead to anything more than niceties and a new Linkedin connection? Keep on reading…

3 Ways to Prepare to Negotiate Your Salary Like a Pro


You’ve been presented with a job offer, and you’re so excited! (Also, congrats!)


You now have the leverage to negotiate.


Only problem is you’re not sure how to go about this without sounding greedy, and you have lots of unanswered questions:


  • How do I gather accurate info about what my salary should really be?


  • What part of the range should I be in?


  • What should I do if they come back and say there’s nothing more that can be done? Do I take it or leave it?


You need some answers. Keep on reading…

6 Stories to Nail Your Interview


You had an interview scheduled at a great company, but you slacked off when it came time for your interview prep. You started feeling more nervous as the interview creeped closer, and you knew you were not ready. You were quietly freaking out while sitting in the waiting room, and when it came time to answer those behavioural questions, you had no idea what to say.


We’ve all been there, and I hear that preparing for each and every interview can take a lot of time. Without a framework, you often have no idea what to look for, where to look, what you should know or what they’re most likely to ask. Keep on reading…

How Being Too Fat Got Me Rejected From The Elite Singing Group


When I was in high school, I desperately wanted to join an elite choir group that would perform for the school at the year-end concert.


This was a special group made up of only the best. There were auditions held in the gym,
and I was so sure I would get in because I am an amazing singer. Whenever anyone heard
me sing they would always say, “Wow, I had no idea you had that voice Natalie!” OR
“Holy sh*t, you should sign up for Canadian IDOL!” Keep on reading…

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