Ep #59: Belief Score

The Get a Six Figure Job You Love Podcast with Natalie Fisher | Belief Score

On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you believe that you are going to get the role you want? How much do you believe that it’s possible for you? The number you give on the scale leads to your belief score, and it could be holding you back from getting what you want.


One of the main problems we all have if we haven’t yet achieved what we want is our belief in our ability to achieve it. If we don’t believe we are capable of getting what we want, we are getting in our own way and holding ourselves back before we’ve even started. We need to increase our belief score.


Join me this week as I’m sharing the reasons so many people have low belief scores, and how to identify what beliefs are preventing you from getting to where you want to be in your career. Hear some common belief blockers that you might be imposing on yourself without realizing, and how to change your beliefs to land the job you dream of.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • What a belief score is and how to work out yours.
  • The reason you may have a low belief score.
  • Why your beliefs are holding you back from landing your dream job.
  • How your brain will find evidence for what you tell it is true.
  • The importance of learning to handle rejection.
  • Why it’s so important to identify the blockers that are holding you back.


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Hello. You’re listening to the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love Podcast. This is episode 59, belief score. Hey there. Welcome to the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love Podcast. I’m your host, Natalie Fisher. I’m a certified career mindset coach who also happens to want to skip all the BS and get to what it really takes to create real results for you and your career. On this podcast, you will create real mindset shifts that will lead to big results and big changes in your career and your income. No fluff here. If you want to get a six-figure job you love and create real concrete results in your industry and make a real impact, you’re in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s go.
All right. Today, have I got a topic for you. So in my client coaching calls and inside my program, I am always discovering new ways to concretely explain things so that more people can grasp what I’m explaining and run with it and go and create magic in the world. And it’s been truly amazing how many more of you have been creating magic and getting those dream jobs, landing those opportunities, feeling so much more confident about yourselves in general. And that raises the bar for what you can do once you’ve achieved something incredible that you didn’t imagine you could, you can then achieve the next incredible thing. And it doesn’t stop there.
And so today, I want to explain some things that might get in the way of you achieving what you’re on the road for right now, and what you really want as far as your career and your ideal role, your ideal salary and all that goes. So a really concrete way that I have started to develop to explain our limitations, and you know how I always talk about mindset and identifying mental blockers and stuff like that. The one of the main problems that we all have if we haven’t achieved what we want to achieve yet is our belief in our ability to achieve it. So I love scales and questions and concretely explaining things with numbers, breaking them down. So that’s what I’m going to do here is I’m going to concretely explain belief with a numbers system, a scoring system.
So one question that I often ask my clients is, on a scale of one to 10, how much do you believe right now that you’re going to get this role that you want? This hunter a key role and however they imagine, envision. Like right now, envision your dream role, your next milestone in your career, the paycheck that you want to be getting, the environment you want to be working in. On a one to 10 scale, how much do you believe that’s possible for you? And the number that you give is very indicative of how fast you’ll do it, the actions you’ll take to get there, and ultimately, whether you’re successful or not, whether you give up or not. This number is a very good gauge.
So a lot of people have really low belief and they don’t know that they do. So people are shocked a lot of the time when I ask them and they’re like, “Maybe I believe at a two, maybe at a five.” They don’t say 10 immediately because they don’t have it. And so the way that we know we believe at a 10 is we’ve ultimately got it or we’ve got that verbal offer and we’re waiting for it to come in electronically. At a 10, you’re very, very close to getting there. At a two, you haven’t probably taken that much action to get there, or maybe you have taken a lot of action, you’ve gotten discouraged. But the reason you’re at a two, for example, is because you have a lot of reasons why you can’t, you have a lot of stories, scripts, unconscious beliefs that you are just programmed to believe and they’re just running on autopilot in your brain as to why it’s not possible. So that’s why you have that low belief.
So I’ve witnessed it several times when I talk to somebody, they’re either going to have a two belief. That means they probably have at least eight reasons why there’s a problem with what they want. They can’t get it. A problem with themselves, a problem with the external world, the problem with something that stops them. And it’s a sentence, it’s a belief.
So what we try to do to solve this is, first of all, we don’t know. So we can’t really solve it until we gain awareness of it. And it’s invisible. You just think it’s the news right now. You probably just think that you’d be reporting the weather if you told me what it was. And I’m going to get into lots of examples of common belief blockers that my clients have or have had that we’ve worked through.
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So why you can never really get where you want to go with these limitations still running your brain is because you can’t out act the limiting thought, the blocking belief, you can’t out act it. So you could take a ton of action, and if you still have that belief, it still won’t work. And you’ll just get increasingly and increasingly more frustrated, burn yourself out, eventually give up, maybe start that cycle again. It’s very exhausting and you don’t get anywhere. And so what’s ultimately created is the identity of somebody who doesn’t achieve their goal, doesn’t get to where they want to go.
So I’m going to dive into some examples of some very common limitation blockers that my clients have. So the first one is you might think so, let’s say, for example, your score is at a six. So if I asked you, what’s your belief on a one to 10 right now that you can totally get that role you want at that pay you want? And you say six. So that’s a 60% belief score. You believe at 60%. And the other 40% are the limiting blockers. So you’ve got at least four limiting blockers that are going to prevent you from that. And you have six that say you can, six that support you in that.
Though, the thing is that the negative ones are always stronger. They’re more overpowering, they take over. So even if you have one, you might be a lot closer, but you’re still going to have a limitation, which means you haven’t gotten there yet. Here’s an example. So you say a six, you’ve got six that support you for that don’t and those four are getting in the way. A common example of one is they’re looking for someone who is like this. They’re looking for somebody who has 15 years experience and I don’t. They’re looking for somebody who’s a new graduate who’s moldable who doesn’t have any bad habits. They want somebody who’s this age, or somebody who speaks this language, or somebody who looks a certain way.
This is a common one. You think that it’s necessary for you to have this characteristic, this trait, this past history, this certification, this degree, or whatever you believe that that’s necessary before you can do it. And you can see that if that was true, if you really believe that was necessary, like 100% and you don’t have it. So say it’s you have an accent or something, and you can’t do anything about your accent, that’s how you speak. Or you can’t change who you are. You can’t change your past or your history or your path to get where you are. And you just truly believe that they need somebody who’s not you, then you might as well give up, if we’re being honest. So we have to break through that limiting belief and reframe the story. So that’s an example of one that’s very common.
The second one is, it’s self-focused, it’s, I’m not very good at, or maybe I’m not strong at, I don’t know this, I’m not smart, I don’t have the knowledge in. So some examples from some of my clients are, I’m not very good at writing, if your job entails writing drafts, or I’m not very well versed in the legal part of HR and any HR department is going to need somebody who has this legal knowledge. This is another one of my client examples. She thought, “Well, I to understand all of that. And if I don’t, then I need to go read it.” And really there’s ways around all these things. You don’t need to be 100% and everything. You’re going to have your strong suits and you’re going to have the things that you get help with. And that’s how everybody is.
It’s like, if somebody said you have to be good at grammar to have a successful business. It’s like, if somebody said that before you started a business and you weren’t good at grammar and you believed it, then you’d be like, “Oh, well, I’m screwed. I’m not going to be able to have a successful business because I’m not good with grammar,” or, “I’m going to have to put in a lot of time and effort to learn grammar.” And those things are not true. I’m not good at grammar or I have a lot of typos that come out on my website that people will tell me about, and I appreciate that. I mean, obviously there’s people out there who are very good at that and they’re good at editing and they’re good at picking up mistakes. I’m not, it’s not a problem. And it’s just about owning that. So that’s another really common limitation.
And anything that starts off with, I’m not good at, or I don’t have, that’s a self-imposed limitation. And again, I always like to bring it back to, okay, so what if you’re not, then what? Are you going to go get
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good at it? Or are you just going to be like, “That’s just not me, so I might as well give up”? It always leads you down a road. So you want to just take that as far as you can, because you can’t move as long as you have that invisible running, I like to think of it as like a phone app. You’ve got these phone apps in the background that are taking up batteries like your iPhone.
You know how if you haven’t cleared it for a while, it could be running pretty slowly. The battery could be draining pretty quickly and you might not know why, because those apps in the background that you opened but didn’t use. So some of them are games or whatever, they’re taking up more space and they’re slowing it down. So if you have these running in the background, then this is why you’re not in your ideal role right now working on your next role or working on your next promotion and going up.
So a third one is rejection is a problem. So how people handle the rejection is very telling of whether or not they’re going to be successful or not. So a lot of people take rejection to mean stop, to mean pause, to mean take a break, to mean something about them. So if you haven’t learned about how to handle rejection, if you haven’t been taught about how to handle rejection, another thing that I really think we should be teaching in schools, because this is such a big part of life. Everybody gets rejected. The people who get rejected the most are the most successful. Rejection should be something that is a good thing. It’s like a failure. We fail our way there, we get rejected on our way there. It’s just how it goes.
So a limitation that you might impose on yourself without knowing it is rejection means stop. You might think, “I’m rejected. It feels like a punch in the gut, I’m feeling very disappointed. This is terrible. This means I’m never going to get it. This means I’m not good enough. This means something about me.” So that’s another limitation because that’s going to stop you from just continuing going, evaluating, taking whatever learning was there and just continuing going. It’ll stop you from doing that every time if you believe that rejection means stop. And a lot of people do because I’ve seen it in their behavior.
Four, it’s too hard, it’s going to be very difficult to do what I want to do. So if you believe something is going to be incredibly difficult, depending on your track record for doing difficult things before, that could be fine. It’s not necessarily a blocker for everybody. But if you have made it this insurmountable mountain to climb in your head and you’re just like, “Oh,” it’s so hard that you feel really not inclined to do the work, then that could be a blocker for you. If, when I say it’s going to be really hard, you’re like, “Yes, I love hard things, let’s go,” and you’re legitimately fueled and excited, then it might not be a blocker for you.
But this is what I mean because everybody has different blockers that they feel in a different way that affects them on getting their particular result. So everybody doesn’t have the same blockers, and that’s why it’s so important that we identify our own individual blockers. And that is why you need the help of somebody to help you identify those, because if you’re just walking around with these invisible limitations and your belief score is pretty low and then you might be like, “Okay, well, why aren’t I doing the things I know I need to do to get there?” It’s because you don’t really believe it’s possible because of the reasons that your head has given you, your brain has offered these reasons.
And a lot of the times we don’t know what they are, we just think they’re true. And then we just half-ass go about our lives believing that these things are true, but we’re not able to move forward before we deal with these. So when we don’t see for ourselves, we just keep living with them and thinking that this is the reality of the world. And they keep us from living the biggest lives we can be, they keep us from experiencing all the amazing things that we can experience here on the planet being humans. We don’t experience them because we are just believing these blockers. So when we just keep going on, we can’t see them.
So then we confirm and we find all the evidence to see that we’re right. So if you think that they are looking for somebody who is like, say, you think that the job you want, they’re looking for a new grad and you have an unconventional experience path and you’re like, “Well, they’re not going to want me
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because they want somebody who’s a new grad who’s moldable,” then you’re going to find examples of that. You’re going to see all the new grads who are getting hired, and you’re going to see that people are getting selected over you for other reasons. You’re going to see that peak coming true.
And I think this is an interesting one because I had a client who believed this just recently. When I used to coach a lot of new grads, they believe the opposite. They’re like, “Well, I don’t have hands-on experience, I don’t have real world experience, therefore it’s going to be very difficult to get hired. Nobody’s going to want to hire me because I don’t have a track record for doing anything.” And that’s the complete opposite belief. And then they will see all the examples, evidence of that, they’re like, “Oh, well, this person got hired, but they had an internship or they had this thing that I don’t have.” And they’ll always find the evidence for the fact that they need what they think they already decided.
And so your brain will find evidence for what you tell it is true. And so you need to see very clearly what you’re deciding is true. So that’s an example of how that’s going to stop you, because you’re going to confirm everything that your brain has told you is true and you’re going to go find evidence for that. You’re not even going to notice that you’re doing it. So I remember I was in the cash register lane when I was little and my dad, he was very impatient. He was like, “Oh, this is so slow. Everybody’s so slow.” The old lady in the front, she was just really slow at putting the stuff on and taking her time. And that’s how my dad’s was seeing. It’s like, “Oh, she’s so slow, she’s so slow.”
But the cash register, the lady who was doing the checkout, she was pretty fast. Because I was smaller at the time, and I remember thinking like the scanning was like, beep, beep, beep. Her scanning was pretty fast. But the lady who was unloading was very slow and all my dad could see was slow because his thought was, “Oh, this is so slow. This is so slow.” And then the lady’s credit card comes out really slowly. But the cash register lady, she was in a quick energy, she was good. So it could have gone even slower if the cash register lady was slower, but she wasn’t.
So when we decide we see something, that’s all we see. That’s how our brain works. So that’s why identifying these mental blockers is so important because it wreaks havoc on our lives if we just have these invisible mental blockers going on and we’re not aware of them. And so when we believe that someone’s only looking for new grads so that they can mold them, someone else is believing that their new grad status is a problem. And so we need to see what actually serves us.
So what we need to do first is gain the awareness and we need to discover that for ourselves. So you need to ask yourself, what is the reason you don’t have the job you want right now? Seriously, what is the reason? Is it because of something you think you need? Is it because of something you think that they want? Is it because of how you’ve made the accomplishment seem in your head? Does it feel like it’s an insurmountable journey? Is it because you’re telling yourself you don’t know what you want? That’s another big one. That’s the limitation too, because as long as you’re telling yourself you don’t know what you want, you can’t really move. You can’t really go anywhere.
So you really need to do take the limitations and question them. You need to question yourself. And then we need to ask, are these things really true? What are the facts about those things? We need to be open to being wrong about them. So you need to give up the story that isn’t getting you where you want to go. So you need to be open to being wrong or quit the whole idea of getting the goal and hang on to your story. That’s an option too.
Why it works is because most people are trying to climb their mountain by pushing on this boulder. So this is the analogy I came up with for this. If you have a bunch of limiting beliefs, if your belief score is low, you have essentially been pushing on this boulder. And no matter how much strength you exert, you want to move it, you want to move this big boulder, and you’re pushing and pushing and you just keep doing it the same way. And no matter how much strength you exert, no matter how hard you push it on your own, you can’t move it on your own. You can push for days, for months, for years, you can
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keep pushing, pushing, pushing. But that thing is heavier than you have the capacity to move on your own. You’re getting more and more exhausted pushing it harder and harder, and it’s not budging.
Instead of pushing and pushing and not moving it anywhere because that’s very discouraging, and eventually you’re going to give up on that because it’s just not effective use of your brain or your time. You wouldn’t be pushing on that for years, exerting energy and then keep trying to move it that way. It just wouldn’t work. You could have an expert coming and tell you how you could move it and they could offer different solutions. And there’s a ton of different solutions for how you could move this boulder.
So first you could smash it into pieces and move the pieces. You can use a lever to move it more easily. So you can get a piece of wood or two by four or whatever they’re called, and you could just insert it underneath and that would give you leverage to move it very easily. You can get a wheel barrel or a wheelie bin or something, depending how big it is. You can use a plank to rock it. You can hire someone to help you move it or push it. Someone stronger. You can file it down into a circle so that you can roll it. There’s endless ways to move this thing.
And the thing that we don’t realize is that when we are believing these mental blockers, we’re not able to think of those creative solutions, we’re not even there in our mind. Instead, we’re just trying to push on it harder and harder and harder to get the result that we’re not getting. We’re just tiring ourselves out. Because what we either do is we do that or we just sit there in front of it, in front of the boulder, stare at it, complain that we can’t move it telling ourselves we can’t move it because we’re not strong enough or smart enough, or we’re not wearing the right color pants, or we don’t have the right hairstyle to move it, or we’re not old enough or we’re not young enough, when really it’s just what’s going on in our brain that’s stopping us from getting it moved.
So that’s where a coach, a program, an outside perspective can really help you to get that done, that result that you want. It’s totally possible. It’s 100% there for you. It’s just a different way of thinking that you personally need. And so if you’re getting value from the podcast and you haven’t gotten the result that you want yet, or you want to get an even bigger result because I know that a lot of you have written in and told me you’ve gotten your dream job, and it’s amazing, and you’ve been able to get raises and achieve things from just listening to this podcast. But you want to achieve more, then you always have room to be expanded mentally. Your mind always has room to expand.
So the results you can expect when you get to expand mentally in a way where you get to see a new light, you basically get to see life with a new lens, is you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Literally, you don’t have to move this boulder, it’s not going to be as hard as you thought at all. There’s a bunch of different options for how you can move it. You start to slowly see the obstacles you thought were insurmountable as smaller and smaller until they’re not even a problem for you anymore. You’ll learn how to see things in a new light with a new lens. So it’s like putting on a different pair of sunglasses. So it’s like you’re wearing these sunglasses and they seem really, really dark, the original ones, you can’t see clearly. And then you get glasses where you can see everything really clearly.
That’s how I felt when I got my glasses, I couldn’t read the street signs from far away. And I didn’t even know that that was a problem until someone said to me, “You can’t read that?” I’m like, “No.” He’s like, “Oh, I can, you should be able to read that. You need to go get some glasses.” And boy was that a huge difference, I’m like, “Oh my God, I can see clearly now.” I don’t know if you’ve ever had that experience, but it’s the same when you’re trying to achieve something and you haven’t been able to, you need to have a way to expand your mind beyond what you’ve been able to see so far. There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s just that you really need to be able to expand your current realm of possibility.
And that’s not something that we can naturally do on our own. That’s why all executives and leaders and high powered successful people all have coaches and mentors because they need to have their mind expanded and they know that. They’re smart enough to know that they can’t see their blind spots, they
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don’t know what they don’t know. One of the things that my client Nicholas said to me when he signed up with me, he’s like, “I’ve been doing all these things and I just don’t know what I don’t know.” And that was such a smart awareness to have. So you have to start with that awareness.
If you feel like from listening to the podcasts that you’ve already gained awareness, then working with me either one-on-one or in my program is going to be your next step. So imagine the experience that you would have if you were able to take this up to the next level. And if you do love the podcast, there is so much more for you. There’s more for you. So I normally notice that either people have applied what they’ve learned and they’ve gotten results, or they’re not applying it. So you have some mental blockers still. Some people like to really consume information a lot, but not apply it. I used to be like this too. And you can’t get your results if you’re just consuming the information and not applying it. It’s like, you can read this book and be like, “Oh my God, this book was amazing, but I didn’t get the results from it, but I loved it.” So we want you to get the result, not just love the information.
So there’s definitely more for you. Even if you have achieved a result, there’s even a bigger picture for you that you don’t even know is there yet. And we cover every single thing and customizably for your own brain, like what’s going on with your blockers? Why are you not where you want to go yet? You get live coaching, we dive deep, and I coach you specifically on your specific limitations.
So stay tuned for how to work with me after the podcast and I will talk to you next week. And if you would like some help upleveling these beliefs, because this is the root cause of why you are not where you want to be yet, and in my mastermind, the 6-Figure curriculum, which starts on September 7th. So if you are not in there yet, head on over to www.nataliefisher.ca/start and get signed up. We are kicking off on September 7th, 3:00 PM, Pacific Time, with a virtual workshop and live coaching. All the modules are in there ready to go. You get 30 bite sized videos where you can dive in immediately.
So this is great if you have an interview coming up. A lot of people messaged me, they’re like, “I need your help right now, I have an interview coming up.” So because I can’t get on the phone with every single person who needs my help immediately because they have an interview coming up, I’ve packaged every single piece of coaching that I’ve given in the past to help people prepare for their interviews. And just last week I had someone say, “How did you do that so quickly? How did you identify my problems so fast and shift my mindset so fast?” And I said, “It’s because I’ve been doing this forever and I can see exactly what the problem is.”
So if you have an interview coming up, you want to head on over there, get signed up, head straight to the whole interviewing module and dive in. Won’t take long. The videos are short and sweet. So they’re between 13 to 20 minutes long. There’s 30 plus videos. There’s workbooks and worksheets that you can print out. And then you’re going to have weekly live coaching calls to come to. And I know some of my clients had said it was too good to be true of an offer because when they asked, how long is this program lasts? I said, “It is lifetime.” So what that means is you can come to as many live coaching calls as you want on a weekly basis. So we have one a week and you can just keep coming to those calls and keep getting help.
And that’s what I wanted to offer, because I don’t want to put a timeline on it. Some people are going to do it really fast and some people I’ve noticed that’s taken them longer if they had an event or something in their life that got in the way. And I just wanted to provide that support. So it’s the best program on the market. I worked really hard to create this offer. That was the most supportive, most inclusive offer with everything you could need. So it’s got the resume piece, it’s got the opportunities piece, it’s got the interviewing piece, it’s got the salary negotiation piece, and we go deep on all of it. And it’s all available right at your fingertips. So all you have to do is head on over to www.nataliefisher.ca/start and you can get started right away. And you’ll soon be receiving an email with that Zoom link for the live calls, starting on September 7th, going for as long as you need. I’ll see you inside.
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Hey there. So if you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, I want to invite you to something very special. And as you know, you know I’ve been coaching one-on-one for years and you’ve heard me talk about all my clients and you’ve heard them come on the podcast. And from these experiences and from all these hours that I’ve done coaching, I’ve created the ultimate program where I take you through the steps that I walked everyone through to achieve the unreasonable results that they’ve achieved. And I don’t just mean getting a job, just getting any job or making things a little better here or there, I mean, life-changing results. Doubling salaries, switching industries while doubling salary, getting six-figure positions with no official paid experience, and just creating a life that they didn’t imagine was possible.
And this isn’t for special people or unicorns, this is for everybody as long as they’re willing to be open and apply the work. We work in a high touch container where you’re supported with lifetime access. You get the proven process, the highest quality support in the industry. And there’s literally no failing unless you quit, which I won’t let you do. So there’s literally no risk in joining me inside the 6-Figure Career Curriculum Mastermind. So if you want to get started, all you have to do is go to www.nataliefisher.ca/getstarted and sign up for that workshop. And I will see you in there.


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