Being Likeable In An Interview Could Hurt Your Chances Of Getting The Right Job For You

Being Likeable In An Interview Could Hurt Your Chances Of Getting The Right Job For You

Being Likeable In An Interview Could Hurt Your Chances Of Getting The Right Job For You


In this post we’ll talk about being likeable, what it means and how you approach this in an interviews.

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So many people believe that being likeable in an interview is the most important thing to land the job you want, and while I understand this and I’ve even said this in the past…

Being likeable to the wrong people could hurt your chances of getting the right position for you.

I understand why you might believe that being likeable to everyone is the ultimate goal, however that’s not actually possible, so the best policy is: To be the best you that you can be and if they like you great, and if they don’t like you that’s equally great.


Here’s why:


Point #1- If someone doesn’t like you it has nothing to do with you.


If someone doesn’t like you, if they don’t pick you for the job, or if they don’t pick you for the project, maybe it doesn’t mean anything about you.

What does it mean when someone likes you? What does it mean. Does it mean that you are likable if someone likes you?

It’s very interesting to think about.

There is a famous saying and it goes like this: “You can be the juiciest, most beautiful orange, but there’s always going to be someone that doesn’t like oranges.”


We don’t blame the orange, do we? If someone doesn’t like an orange we don’t say, “Ah, it’s the orange’s fault, because it’s not good enough”. We actually don’t even blame the person.

We don’t hold it against them that they don’t like oranges. It’s okay that they don’t like oranges. It doesn’t say anything about the orange. It says something about you & what your personal preference is.

Think about that for yourself. Maybe you’re just not their flavor, right? Maybe you’re just not their style, right? The orange doesn’t get upset because someone doesn’t like it, just keeps being an orange.

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Point #2 – Show up as yourself because that’s inevitable


If I show up as me, and I am me throughout the whole interview, the people that are going to like me, will really like me. They don’t like some version of me that I’m creating in order to be more likable.

So I’m not smiling more or laughing at things I don’t think are funny, because if I do that in the interview I’m going to have to keep that up throughout my entire employment and if that’s not me in the first place I’m going to end up unhappy in that role really quickly.

So I don’t want to have like an “Interview version of myself” and am “off duty version of myself” because that would be a lot for me to keep up with and I would end up unhappy anyways..


Point #3 – What good is a “more likeable version” of you going to do for you anyway?


If say I told you to smile more, to compliment people more to laugh more, here is actually a list of things to be more likeable.

  1. Be positive


  3. Control your insecurities


  5. Provide value


  7. Eliminate judgments


  9. Be a person of conviction

If you are not those things at heart, then it won’t come across naturally anyways, so if you are working on things for yourself, make sure you want to work on those things anyways, and you’re not doing something to be more likeable or to make someone else like you, because in the end there’s always going to be someone that doesn’t like oranges.


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