Ep #61: Before and After

The Get a Six Figure Job You Love Podcast with Natalie Fisher | Before and After

Have you ever wondered whether coaching is a worthwhile investment? When you are feeling stuck in your career, or perhaps out of a job, it can be difficult to think about spending money on something you don’t know will even work. But sometimes, investing in yourself is the key to landing the six-figure job you want.


This week on the podcast, you’ll hear some before and after stories from a few of my clients who decided to invest in themselves and work with me. Every single person had to overcome numerous limitations to get to where they were going, but one thing they all have in common is their willingness to step forward and do what it takes. All of them have since landed their dream job and salary.


Tune in this week and hear the difference in the thoughts and beliefs of all of these clients before and after working with me. Discover why investing in yourself is the key to taking the next step in your career and how to overcome the limitations that are holding you back from landing your next job. It was possible for all of these clients to change the way they operate and it is possible for you, too. Get ready to be inspired!


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Some limiting beliefs that people face.
  • Why we get stuck in limitations and how to overcome them.
  • The one thing that held all of my clients back before they made their breakthroughs.
  • Why investing in yourself brings big returns.


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This is the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love podcast. This is Episode 61 Before and After.
Hey there. Welcome to the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love podcast. I’m your host, Natalie Fisher. I’m a Certified Career Mindset Coach, who also happens to want to skip all the BS and get to what it really takes to create real results for you and your career. On this podcast, you will create real mindset shifts that will lead to big results and big changes in your career and your income. No fluff here. If you want to get a six-figure job you love and create real concrete results in your industry and make a real impact, you’re in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s go.
Hello. Welcome today. Really excited to share today with you. So I’m going to share something that just makes me cry every time I listen to it, or I engage with this content. I literally tear up because it shows me the difference that we’re making and the possibilities that we’re opening for people in their lives. And it means so much to me to be able to do that. And it means so much to me that clients that trust me and take my hand and go together to create the magic so that we can have these results to share, and share with you as examples of what’s possible.
So what I’m going to be sharing with you today are some before and after stories of a few of my clients. And what I want you to listen for when you listen to them is the difference in each person. Where they were and how they describe their situation and their thoughts and fears, and where they got to.
So you’re going to hear the before and the afters. And the thing that amazes me when I look at this group of people is that they’re all so different, right? And in the work that I’ve done here with the coaching of so many people, and this is just snippets of a few, and there’s so many more that there would be too many to share altogether on one podcast. But is that each person comes from a completely different life, a completely different set of beliefs and thoughts and everything, right? But the thing they have in common is they all have a willingness to see things differently. A willingness to get a different perspective. The willingness to do what it takes to move themselves forward. And that included getting support. And often I find that a lot of people have limitations about themselves that are completely unnecessary.
There are so many different limitations that people have posed to me that they really, truly believe is the reason why they’re not succeeding, why they haven’t been able to do something. And a big one I hear is, “I don’t have enough experience. I don’t have enough of the right experience. My background is wrong. People don’t want me, they want somebody else. They want someone who has this, this, and this.” Things like, “I haven’t done it before, so I can’t talk to other people when they ask me if I’ve done it before and I haven’t. I can’t convey that to them. And therefore, I can’t get the job. I can’t work in the field I want. I can’t advance to where I want.” Right? Limiting belief, right? Limiting belief, lie, lie, lie, lie. Right? And then some of the more widely spread ones, like, “I’m too old. Age-ism is a real thing and that’s why I can’t get the job.” Right?
And I mean, I’m not saying that these are not real challenges. I’m saying that any single person has the opportunity to overcome the challenge with their mindset. And that’s what I basically helped people to do. But anyways, “I’m too old.” I hear equally, “I’m too young, people don’t take me seriously.”
Whatever it is for you, there’s going to be a limitation in your head, in the story about why you don’t have the role you want, why you’re not making the money that you want yet. Right? Limitations. So there’s, “I’m too old. I’m too young. My experience is in a different country, so it doesn’t count.” Something… It’ll be very telling if it’s discounted, right? If you discount it. If your brain just discounts something that you’ve done, right? It’s an accomplishment, but for some reason it doesn’t count. And your brain has a reason why it doesn’t count. So there’s a lot of that type of coaching that I do too.
And so every single person that you’re going to hear on this podcast had a limitation that they had to overcome, or a few limitations that they had to overcome. And it was in their willingness to step forward
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and do that, that they were able to get to where they were going. And so why we get stuck in these limitations is because we don’t have anybody to point them out to us. And sometimes we have people that reinforce them. So a lot of the times clients will talk to a recruiter, and the recruiter will say, “Yeah, you’re right. Your experience isn’t good enough. Your experience isn’t what we normally see. This is not what we’re looking for. The hiring manager won’t accept that.”
All other people’s limitations put onto you, which you then took on and lived as a truth. And you didn’t know at the time that it was a choice to take that on as the truth, you just took it, felt it, agreed with it, and then continued living from it. And I don’t fault anyone for doing this because I used to do it too. And it’s just what we do. We take into consideration these other people’s perspectives. And we think, “You know what? They’re probably right. They’ve been doing this a long time. They’ve got a lot of experience. If they don’t see resumes like mine succeeding, they’re probably right, it’s not going to.” And then we have me, who’s going to be like, “That’s probably bullshit.” And the reason why I can show this is because of all these examples of people that I’m going to share with today, right?
They’ve had the experience of not having a lot of experience, and then being able to double their salary, get the position they wanted. Not having to take a pay cut when other people said, “Oh, you’re going to have to take a pay cut. Maybe you should change what you’re doing. I don’t know, maybe that’s going to be shooting a little too high. I think that pay grade is a little bit too high for what you’re expecting.” And then there’s always the choice to take on that narrative. And the thing is we normally do, because that means we don’t have to do anything, right? That means we can stay there.
So why it doesn’t work is because you still have an inkling that you want more. You still have an inkling that there’s more possible and more available because maybe you do sometimes see other people doing it. And then you’re like, “Oh, they just got lucky. They don’t have the experience, but I don’t know, they somehow met the right person. They were born under the right star. They had some sort of stroke of luck.”
It’s not luck. It was completely their thought process and how they decided, how they chose to think about themselves, and what they chose to believe. And so what ultimately is created is either perpetual stuckness, an acceptance of where you are, or the belief, the unwavering belief that you’re going to get where you want to go. You decide and then you go, and then you do it. Or you’re stuck, and you just decide, “That’s just… it’s not for me. It’s for other people, but it’s not for me.” And you have those narratives that keep you in the safe place. The place where there’s security, but there’s not growth. There’s not the fulfillment. The inkling of what you know you’re meant to be doing is not there, but it’s good enough because whatever you tell yourself, the security is more important than going after the thing. Or you’re afraid of the failure or whatever it is.
And so what I want to offer to you is these examples today of what’s possible, so that you can perhaps see yourself in some of these stories. And if you resonate with any of these stories, if you resonate with even a little inkling of any of these stories, then you can see what’s possible for you. And you can see how if it was possible for someone else to change the way they decided to think about something, change the way that they decided to operate. And they decided to invest and get some support, and they were able to achieve a different result with this support.
It was an investment that they made that paid them 10 fold more than that, right? All of my clients make over 10 times their investment, because the investment is actually pretty small in comparison to the lifetime of increased earnings. So this is just for you to witness the examples. And if you’re on here, if you listen to the podcast and you hear yourself, just give yourself a pat on the back. Feel like, “Yeah, that was me.” Right? And thank you for being an example of what is possible. And without further babbling from me, I’m going to let you listen to these stories.
So I’d like to start with asking you, where was your life at before we started working together?
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Before we started working together, I was employed at a job, which I now realize was just not a good fit.
The last few years I was struggling with knowing what I wanted to do, but what was the next step for me?
I would describe it as just hitting it wall repeatedly and not getting anywhere. When I got laid off and started looking for a job, the success that I thought I had, it wasn’t showing up.
Constant pressure and subsequent anxiety that defined my life day to day. The pressure of providing for my family, for my kids. From a professional perspective, the pressure of living up to a zero mistakes tolerated culture. And then from a candidate interviewing perspective, the pressure of being so prepared that I’m disappointed if I didn’t know the answer to an antiquated question in the third round of the interviews that had nothing to do with the position I was applying for anyway.
I was applying for jobs, but not getting any results because I thought, “Okay, well maybe it’s because they’re seeing my status as a student.” So that was what I was telling myself. And then after I graduated, I started applying, I would get interviews. They don’t even call me. So I was stuck in literally just applying to jobs after jobs after jobs.
I thought because of my past work experience, that it would be very easy for me to transition into a lawyer role in my organization. That actually wasn’t true. So I had many challenges beyond my control with the organization. I felt really stuck. I really didn’t know where to start. I was, in the very beginning, very anxious before each call, or whatever may be, I would be anxious.
Lost my job back in May when COVID hit and travel companies were having trouble surviving. That put me back on the job market really for the first time ever, just petrified by the whole process. And was actually applying for work a little bit half-heartedly, and feeling very relieved when companies didn’t get back to me because that meant I didn’t have to go and do the interview.
I was listening to a podcast or a YouTube video, I think, of a gentleman that was talking about, he was in the tech field and he was talking about Salesforce. And I was like, “Wow, I could do this.” But the big thing was being a newbie in the industry, you don’t have that experience.
I wasn’t really sure what to do with my skills. I have a degree in neuroscience, and another one in library science, and just getting into the work force just felt impossible for me for years.
I got married in 2007 and my husband said, “Let’s go to Ecuador.” We lived there for nine years, and then I decided that I needed to come back to the US because I wanted to do my corporate career here. And so when I came back, it was a whole different world with social media and things to look for a job, which was not exactly what I was used to. And so I had to really start networking, started building my LinkedIn again and doing all these things.
This was the time when I was like, “Okay, now what?” And then when we first started, we spent a lot of time on this particular block. I had been raised to think if you’re your own toughest critic, you’ll grow the most. But it’s a double-edged sword because then you’ve also got all of that negative self-talk. I had to really work through that negative self-talk, and learn to embrace my curiosity and my resourcefulness. I’ve struggled really hard with the idea of considering myself an expert. I used to see myself as a Jack of all trades and master of none. I struggled with it.
So tell me a bit about where you are now? The very exciting times for you right now?
This opportunity came along to work in the medical device field, working as a product development engineer within that company. And I’ve always been someone who’s been passionate about helping people, and to get the chance to work on something that could be used to help someone’s life, rather than just working on luxury goods that people may or may not even care about. That was the main motivation for me wanting to go after this opportunity.
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Today I’m starting at a software company as a implementation specialist. I’m going from accounting, which is my background, I was essentially the controller of a company, to now a software specialist.
I felt like there was a huge shift. I came into interviews from a completely different mindset. I was just more curious in what they had to offer, knowing that where my value could be. I now find myself in a role of instructional designer, which is a part of learning and development industry.
Now my brain has been rewired since working with you. From a personal perspective, you’ve taught me to think differently. The bottom line is I’ve always provided for my family, and I will always find the money to provide for my family. From a professional perspective of zero mistakes tolerated culture is not only unattainable, it’s toxic. It’s not even worth wasting my time and in my life anymore. From a candidate or interview perspective, I’m prepared because I always prepare. I cannot possibly know the answer to every question and that’s okay.
In summary, I don’t fail. I learn and then move on. I turn failure into fuel. The main thing for me is that I’m now adding value in an organization and in an industry that aligns with my values and goals, while earning six figure compensation. So it’s incredible. I really appreciate what I’m doing right now.
Working with Natalie for about three months. We really honed in on some gaps that I had. Networking was one of them that I was so reluctant to do. I think I was looking at it as it was a big begging anyone for a job. I think that’s how I looked at networking in the past, and that’s not what it is. When I actually got down and spoke with them, it always was supposed to be an half an hour, 20 minutes. It ended up being so long because this is not a burden. This actually ended up being so much fun. And I actually had three job offers, all in the same timeframe, within a week. I ultimately decided to stay with my organization, and I’m really happy to be in the role that I am.
Three months ago, since I contacted you and really started job hunting for real. And now here I am two weeks into a job that I never thought I would get in the middle of a pandemic. I want to say I was just lucky, but yeah, there was a process to get me here.
Man, I can absolutely say thanks to Natalie, my coach, that I’ve actually sealed the deal and I will be starting in my new role November 16th at a dream school here in the city of Philadelphia.
After three months of work, we were able to figure out exactly what I should be doing, which was data science. And about three months after we stopped working together, I ended up with three opportunities. And I took one, which was to start a business after I found a partner in Toronto. And we’ve been working on that ever since.
I got to ask Natalie, how do you process the dynamics that happened between us on a very, very quick, I mean within… I’m saying 10 days, and I got the position. And it just happened so fast. When you think about that, that just… It happened fast.
You had a different perspective, and I always appreciate getting a different perspective. And you helped me think a little more outside the box when I was struggling to find a new route. It was also a matter of having someone to help redirect me back to the positive paths that I was trying to create. That helped a lot.
What would you advise people who were unsure about signing up for the program?
I guess there’s something else I want to tell, if anyone else is in that position, I am relatively young to everything. I’m just getting my feet wet with the whole job hunt, the job search, everything, building my own career. I know for sure that other people watching this, they’ve probably had more experience than I had. So if with my limited understanding on how the professional world works, if I managed to figure it out, then I have no doubt that, especially with Natalie’s help, you’ll be able to figure it out no problem.
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I think regardless of where you are or who you are, it’s good to have someone who’s not your family or friend keeping you in check, and someone who’s unbiased and doesn’t have a skin in the game, so to speak. It’s part talk therapy, it’s part strategy. A strategy in a tactical level. And then it’s also just being asked good questions. So it’s definitely worth it.
Just do it. Yeah. It’s just a mind shift. So it’s kind of like when you’re learning how to do squats and you’re doing squats over and over again, then you have pain in your knee, but you just need to make that tiny adjustment.
If your challenge is tactics, Natalie can help you. If like me, you’re struggling with mindset, Natalie can help you. Ask yourself if you’re happy in your current situation or in your search, if you’re being compensated for your true value. If the answer to any of those questions is, “No,” then Natalie’s coaching will be of great benefit. I’m living proof of it. And it happened for me thankfully fairly quickly. And it’s something that can happen for everyone that chooses to listen.
Do it. It’s the thing of, don’t wait, you’re going to need a coach for a lot of reasons in your life, but since we’re talking about career, if you’re going through a career change, go ahead and do it. This whole experience has been really been great because it’s really taught me a lot about myself, and anybody out there who’s going through the same thing that I am, just embrace the process.
Well, if you aren’t able to figure it out for yourself, having somebody around who knows what’s going on and who’s not you, really is helpful and it’s worth it. You’re basically investing in yourself. And in this case, if you want a better job and better pay, it’s going to be worth it in the end. You’re going to get a return on your investment if you’re willing to put in the work.
I don’t know if it was a fear, but it was an invisible script. This idea that I shouldn’t need a coach or that I shouldn’t need somebody to help me. I should just be able to do it on my own. Why would you need a coach? But actually, most successful people have several coaches, and they help them to keep focused so that they don’t need to rely on themselves for discipline.
I want to leave them with this quote, “Knowing your craft alone, doesn’t make you great. Being coachable is what makes you great.”
When you have a coach, you get to see things and do things that you haven’t tried. So it was more the fact that I keep trying things on my own before I worked with you, and they weren’t working. So if I’m going to be open to change, I have to take this on as a completely different approach than I would have never done before. It was a hard journey, but at the same time, I’m so glad that I had you, honestly, by my side in terms of the coaching calls and just a soundboard, because you have friends and you can have a partner, but at the same time they’re not a professional in the industry. And I think that they can only give you so much advice, and it’s just really good to align yourself with someone who’s going to really make a difference in your career.
Wow. Tell me that wasn’t amazing. All right, so if you’ve listened to the stories by now, you probably have a different perspective on the journey that people go through. And the one thing that held all of them back before they made their breakthroughs were unraveling the limiting stories that they had about themselves, about the external world, about the industry, about whatever it was that that blocked them.
And so I want to invite you to get support, to be able to have available to you what you really want. Because if you have a desire, if you have a desire to step up into a bigger role, to make a bigger impact, to make more money, and making more money is not a bad thing. It’s not like if you have beliefs around money and how you shouldn’t want more, or it’s probably one of the reasons why you’re not making more, right?
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And I want to invite you to join me inside the 6-Figure curriculum, where I’m going to give you everything that I’ve offered to these clients that you’ve just heard, so that you can make the same transformation for yourself. So I’m going to offer you a few details of what you get when you sign up and how to sign up.
So my podcast, I do not have ads running on my podcast. You might hear that on others. And the reason is because I sponsor my own podcast through my paid programs. And so this is how I’m able to pay for my podcasts. And it’s how I run my business, because I don’t like listening to ads. But if you love listening to my podcasts, and if you’re here and you’re listening, it means that the content that I put out resonates with you. And it means that if you joined one of my programs, your next step would be even more amazing if you’ve already been seeing results from this podcast.
And I have lots of people who tell me that they get job offers from this podcast. Then they get to sign up for my program. They’re like, “I got a job now. Thank you so much.” So if you’re listening and you’ve been listening for awhile, I’ve had clients who it’s taken them a year to hire me, a year to get on board. And they just wished they’d done it sooner.
So exactly what you get when you sign up, you’re going to get everything you need to do what the successful people that you’ve just heard did. You get everything you need inside video modules. So it’s a video module program where you get the breakdown of the entire process that I teach, as well as live calls weekly. So you can hop onto the live call and get whatever support you need. That could be asking for support with your stories, your answers, your mindset, your strategy. If you’re having trouble getting opportunities. If you’re hitting a block in interviews, you’re nervous about something.
Everything will be in the video modules, but you get to come and ask additional questions and get additional personalized support. And you can also ask questions on the videos themselves. And I will be in there responding.
The live calls are held every Tuesday, 3:00 PM Pacific time. And how long do you get support in this program? So it’s lifetime support. You get support forever, and you get to keep all the assets and everything that’s in there, and everything that is created in the future forever.
I know. It sounds too good to be true, but it is literally the only career investment you’ll ever need to make. If you want to make another one later, that’s great. You might have more money. You’ll see investing in yourself brings big returns, and it’ll take you through landing your next six figure offer through to your next one, and your next one, and your next promotion, your next raise. Because interviewing is not a one-time thing. You’ll have to do it throughout your career. You might as well not hate it.
And when you sign up right now, you’re going to get an exclusive discount. So hit that button below in the show notes, www.nataliefisher.ca/start. And you can read over the details there as well. And you can see some of the in-depth interviews. If you want you can go through those. And I will see you inside. Have a great week.
Hey there. So if you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, I want to invite you to something very special. And as you know, you know I’ve been coaching one-on-one for years, and you’ve heard me talk about all my clients, and you’ve heard them come on the podcast. And from these experiences and from all these hours that I’ve done coaching, I’ve created the ultimate program where I take you through the steps that I walked everyone through to achieve the unreasonable results that they’ve achieved.
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possible. And this isn’t for special people or unicorns. This is for everybody, as long as they’re willing to be open and apply the work.
We work in a high touch container where you’re supported with lifetime access. You get the proven process, the highest quality support in the industry. And there’s literally no failing unless you quit, which I won’t let you do. So there’s literally no risk in joining me inside the 6-Figure Career Curriculum Mastermind. So if you want to get started, all you have to do is go to www.nataliefisher.ca/getstarted and sign up for that workshop. And I will see you in there.


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