Ep #174: Reframing Ageism & Career Gaps

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | Reframing Ageism & Career Gaps

If you think you’re too old to land a premium role that you love, or you feel like you’ve been out of the workforce for too long so you can’t start at a new company at the level you want, today’s episode is for you. There are some things you might think are a disadvantage as you try to create new opportunities in your career. However, those same things could actually be thought of as an asset. How do you reframe the story you’re telling yourself about ageism and career gaps?


When you get caught up in your sob story, telling yourself there are younger candidates out there with more recent or relevant experience, that’s a choice you’re making. The story you’re telling yourself isn’t true. But if you choose to believe it, you’ll continue creating the same result over and over.


Tune in this week to reframe your thoughts about your age and the gaps in your career. I’m showing you how your thoughts about your age only perpetuate the problem of ageism, and you’ll learn why your age and career gaps could actually be a real strategic advantage in landing a premium role.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why you can land any role you desire.
  • What you might be believing about your age and the gaps in your career.
  • How believing that your age and career gaps are a problem only perpetuates more problems.
  • Why your age and career gaps could actually be an advantage.
  • How to reframe any story holding you back in your career and prove it wrong.


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