The 8 Reasons You Keep Getting Interviews But No Offers  

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This is a Series of Workshops To identify & Quash the reason why you keep getting interviews but no offers

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DAY 1 REASONS 1 & 2 - Needy Desperate Energy / Energetic Doubt in abilities
DAY 2 REASONS 3 & 4 - Lack of Specifics / Specific Concerns not addressed
DAY 3 REASONS 5 & 6 - Not clear on who you are & what you want / They felt you were not ALL in
DAY 4 REASONS 7 & 8 - Lack of human to human connection / It had nothing to do with you

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Take-away from this Workshop Series

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  • The 8 reasons you keep getting interviews but no offers
  • How to determine which reason is yours
  • How to solve for each reason
  • How to move forward differently
  • How to address the reason & change the way interviewers respond to you
  • How to fix it & move forward to make the money & impact you want in your career

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To be clear these workshops will provide you with clarity around what you are doing wrong & how to fix it.

Warning: Job offers may come in quickly after watching this workshop 😉