Ep #208: The 7 Breakthroughs Resulting in an Offer: A Client Success Interview with Lora

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | The 7 Breakthroughs Resulting in an Offer: A Client Success Interview with Lora

Today, I’m joined on the podcast by Lora. Lora has been in my program for a few months already, and she’s experienced some major wins. She’s here to share the seven breakthroughs that have resulted in her landing a premium offer, but she’s also highlighting how she’s navigated the struggles that come up for everybody trying to create new opportunities in their career.


Lora has dabbled in a few areas in her career, but she has always prioritized community development and conservation in her previous roles. When working through my program after being laid off, she realized she could combine both of these passions and find a role she truly loved. The breakthroughs she had along the way are proof of what’s possible when you pursue intentional change in your career.


Tune in this week to discover the seven profound breakthroughs that helped Lora land a premium role she truly loves. Lora is detailing each breakthrough she experienced in the 6-Figure Curriculum and sharing how they culminated in her landing a leadership role in a field she’s deeply passionate about.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Lora’s story of being laid off, realizing she’d already burnt out, and deciding to take a personal sabbatical.
  • How Lora decided she would benefit from joining the 6-Figure Curriculum.
  • What changed when Lora realized she didn’t need to fire off a ton of resumes to find the right role for her.
  • 7 major breakthroughs that helped Lora see what was possible for the future of her career.
  • How Lora worked to create safety around the things that trigger a stress response, like posting on LinkedIn.
  • What it means to take weighted action toward the premium role you want.
  • How everything Lora worked on in my program came together and resulted in her landing a premium role.

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