5 Unexpected Strategies To Ace A Job Interview

5 Unexpected Strategies To Ace A Job Interview


5 Unexpected Strategies To Ace A Job Interview


In this post you’ll learn 5 unexpected strategies to help you feel really ready for your next job interview and ace it!



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Strategy #1: Check your mindset at the door!


Instead of: Oh any negative self talk that comes up for most normal people (which if this happens to you, you’re not alone) this normally comes from fear or nerves for example:

The normal candidate might think to themselves: “I am probably nothing compared to the other people they’ve seen;, or I there are so many candidates interviewing I don’t see how I would ever get this job. (Or some variation of this).”


Try taking a different approach. One where YOU’RE the one with the decision to make.

Ask yourself questions like: “I wonder if this is the right place for me? I wonder if I will like working here?”

Get in with a healthy curiosity, imagine what your day would be like if you worked there, pay attention to the environment and the vibe of the people you speak to.


Go in with the mindset of a consultant there to help them, rather than a grovelling job seeker hoping for the honour of a job offer.


If you hit it off with them great!

If you don’t, then equally great!

Those who like you and get you as a person will want to hire you, those who don’t get you will exit your life and hire someone that suites them, no big deal.

You know that you can’t please everyone and when you apply that knowledge to job interviewing, you won’t feel ‘rejected’ again.


By committing to this mindset, you will breathe confidence in the eyes of the interviewer and you’ll have more leverage to negotiate a higher salary when it comes time for that later on!



Strategy #2: # Hashtag Interview Goals


Having a desired outcome or a couple of outcomes for the interview means that you now have a clear purpose and picture of how you want things to go.

This is a good rule of thumb for really Anything in your life! (not just for interviews!)


Now what would a good interview goal be? It may be a surprise, but I’m not going to “to get the job.” Maybe the job isn’t right for you. .

You don’t know if you even want the job yet. With that said, some goals might be:


  • To understand their current needs and tell a story that demonstrates how you can meet these needs.


  • To ask all the questions you wanted to ask.


  • To breeze through the interview with confidence – so that after you leave You can say that you stayed true to yourself, and you’re proud of how you did.


  • Another goal could be to make a valuable networking connection with the hiring manager/interviewing team for future potential.


For example: Even if you don’t want the job potentially you may know a friend who would be great and you can create a win win by helping out your friend and them.


If you don’t get a good feeling about the job and if you don’t get hired, an interview is never a waste of time.

It’s still a networking meeting, and you never know what might come in handy in the future!Perhaps later on down the road you may just get a job out of it, some contract work or a new client or customer.


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Strategy #3: Ready, Set GO!


Take time to prepare!!


The more time you take to prepare the better chances of getting the job are. Check out my video How to research a company before a job interview for some good ways to prepare.


The person who doesn’t prepare at all vs. the person who spends 4 hours preparing.

Who do you think will ultimately do better?


The person who put in more time will not be short on questions or things to say that are relevant to the company and role.



Strategy #4: Ask Better Questions, Get better answers!


Get some questions ready that based on your research and prep, you really want to know.


Here are 4 (which turned into 7) good questions to get you going:


  1. What would you say causes you the most stress right now from not having someone in this position?


  3. What would you say is the greatest challenge that the new hire will face coming on?


  5. What will the top 3 priorities for the new hire be when they start?


  7. What problem or headache can the new person in the job help with?


  9. What type of a boss are you? What would you say your communication style is?


  11. What do you think that your employees would say about you as a boss?


  13. What kind of work environment do you strive to create for your staff?



Strategy #5: Finish Strong


I’m going to give you the phrase I’ve used at the end of all of my interviews. It comes from a sincere place in my heart and it goes over very well with the interviewers.


Here it is:


“Regardless of what you decide, I really enjoyed chatting with you today if you ever need anything in the future (Job related or not) feel free to contact me, my door is always open. Have a great rest of your week!”


Shake their hands and make eye contact and smile!



In conclusion


And there you have it 5 unexpected strategies for Acing a job interview.


Now I’d love to hear from you! Do you have any great tips to ace a job interview?

Go ahead and share below!


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In this guide you’ll learn:


  • How to identify the questions they’re really asking you (things are not always as they appear).


  • How to tell captivating stories that trigger the interviewer to remember you above all other candidates.


  • How to proactively identify an interviewer’s concerns, even when they don’t voice them out a loud.


  • How to steer the interview in the direction you want it to go.


  • What I say at the end of the interview to wrap it up and seal the deal.



Do you one person who could benefit from the information shared in this post? If so you know what to do!


And remember, The system for getting hired, is kinda messed up, but you can outsmart the system, and I’m here to prove to you that YOU have what it takes! And I’ve got you covered.


I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!


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