5 Emotions You Need To Master To Get Your Dream Job

5 Emotions You Need To Master To Get Your Dream Job


5 Emotions You Need To Master To Get Your Dream Job


One thing overlooked in accomplishing our goals, is what we’re willing to feel along the way. Most of us spend our lives unaware of the range of emotions we can have as humans.


But the truth is that these emotions are the currency to what we really want in life, and moving forward to create something you’ve never created before will take experiencing a myriad of emotions when we can identify them and purposely feel them we can create what we desire much faster.
5 Emotions You Need To Master To Get Your Dream Job

Here are the 5 emotions we need to move through to master the process of getting your dream job.


1. Clarity


Getting clear on what you want means making a decision, clarity is the most important emotion because if you can get clear on what you want the more you’ll take decisive and intentional action towards that specific thing.

If you’re not clear then you’re floating around in the land of uncertainty and confusion and that could lead anywhere or nowhere.

The first thing is getting clear OR at least deciding to get clear on at least the general direction you want to go, so you can start to explore and get clear from there.

If you’re not clear right now on where you want to go, you can take some basic actions to get clear.

For example: Speak to 3 people who are doing the job you want to do and ask them what it’s really like in that role.

Clarity comes from action, it doesn’t come from thought.

So thinking about it some more won’t provide you with any more clarity, despite what we might want to believe.
5 Emotions You Need To Master To Get Your Dream Job

2. Focus


Once you are clear on where you want to go, you need to have a daily focus on going there.

When you have mapped out daily action towards your clear destination, and you diligently work through the focused plan, there is no way you don’t get there.

The only reason you wouldn’t get there is if you decided to give up somewhere along the way.

Which a lot of people do.

They give up before they reach the destination because it got too hard and they got discouraged, which is why the next emotion will be crucial for you as well.
5 Emotions You Need To Master To Get Your Dream Job

3. Curiosity


You need to approach your goal with the primary emotion of curiosity in order to stay the course to reach your goal.

When you approach your goal like a scientist who’s curious about why his experiment didn’t work, then not only do you access a lot more useful information from your brain, but you also keep moving forward to the next opportunity to improve and refine your skill of interviewing and problem-solving.

When you can realize that no matter what happens along the way, no matter how disappointing it may seem if you get curious about it, it will serve you a lot more than if you get disappointed and let it knock you out of the game.

Even if the outcome had nothing to do with you, think bigger.

Think beyond that one opportunity and get curious about the others that are still out there and curious about how to master the skill of selling yourself effectively in any interview.

That will get you moving straight through to the next emotion which comes from a lot of curious action…
5 Emotions You Need To Master To Get Your Dream Job

4. Confidence


Confidence is built through trial and error.

Confidence is built by going to interviews and not being an expert at them in the beginning, and getting CURIOUS about which questions threw you off and why, and getting curious about the company and what problems they need to be solved and what solutions you have to offer.

Curious about how you can explain how you contribute in the most effective way for them.

Confidence comes from taking action over and over again.

That happens when you make the decision to learn through doing.

A lot of people think that you can create confidence by studying beforehand and preparing for an interview like a test.

That is a small part of it.

Real confidence comes from putting yourself in situations you haven’t been before and learning from those.

The most impactful learning happens in hindsight, and hindsight learning is what creates the highest levels of confidence.
5 Emotions You Need To Master To Get Your Dream Job

5. Certainty


Certainty sells. Period.

The person with the most certain energy wins.

A lot of people show up to interviews feeling uncertain and they aren’t aware of it.

They can sabotage the interview because thinking about if you were a hiring manager would you want to hire someone who is feeling uncertain about themselves, or uncertain about their ability to create successful results in the role, because they haven’t done the role before?

No, of course not but then you might ask me “How can I be certain about something I’ve never done before?”

You can choose to feel certain about what you CAN control, what you do know, and where you’re going to go.

You can choose to feel certain about your ability to figure anything out.

The more times you get curious about why something didn’t work, take different actions the next time, gain confidence through hindsight, the more you can be certain that you’ll figure anything out because that’s the process you’re doing right now.

Now go get that dream job.

You can’t fail if you don’t give up.

And when you realize that, then your success becomes literally inevitable.
5 Emotions You Need To Master To Get Your Dream Job

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