3 Things We Need To Overcome Our Fear Of Interviewing

3 Things We Need To Overcome Our Fear Of Interviewing


3 Things We Need To Overcome Our Fear Of Interviewing


The root cause of fear we have around interviewing comes from our human brains and our natural, normal need for approval from the group.


Looking for approval OR validation is a completely natural, healthy, and understandable human craving.
3 Things We Need To Overcome Our Fear Of Interviewing

It’s important to recognize that and give ourselves compassion and understanding when we notice it coming up.

Let’s just be aware of when fear is driving the car and how it could really hold us back when moving forward in our career.

1. You are where your attention is


Where you put your attention in the interview is the strongest indicator of the outcome.

If your attention is on yourself for example: You really want the job, you want them to like you, or what you want to get from the position, you will feel nervous, tense and worried.

Your brain has a limited ability for where it can put its focus at any given time.

In interviews, your attention is BEST used on the Hiring Manager’s needs, the organization’s goals and what is important to them.

Your job is to find out what is so important to them and align your values to theirs so that you can make what they want to achieve just as important to you.
3 Things We Need To Overcome Our Fear Of Interviewing

2. Subcontracting Out Approval


What if it were only your job to believe that you are liked and valued?

That your skills and experience and you as you right now have value to offer?

No one else is in charge of confirming that for you, and when you lean on the approval from a Hiring Manager OR a Recruiter to affirm your capability to do the job, it will result in 2 outcomes:

1) You’ll only sell a fraction of your value.

And 2) You’ll be looking for them to tell you if what you said was “right” and sometimes even try to adjust your behavior and answer to fit what you (think) they want.

The problem with this is people are automatically turned off by the energy of approval-seeking.

And if you’ve ever had that energy don’t worry we all have, I’m right in there too.

The important thing to take-away is why people are subconsciously going to move away from you because of it.

It’s not because there’s anything wrong with you.

It’s because when you intrinsically believe that you’re not good enough without their approval, they can intuitively sense the untruth of that and something feels off.

We are all wired to move towards truth and away from untruth.
3 Things We Need To Overcome Our Fear Of Interviewing

3. Fear of Rejection


Be willing to show up at your best and still risk rejection.

You’re a lot farther ahead than a lot of people who fear rejection so much they aren’t willing to even go to the interview due to fearing not being able to handle rejection.

Rejection means you’re doing it right.

You’re doing it at all, and rejection is required to succeed in anything meaningful in our lives.

We want a rejection-free life but it doesn’t exist.

There are 9 billion people on the planet? Everyone wants to avoid rejection every day.

How realistic is that? Rejection is not even a big deal, it’s part of the curriculum that successful people embrace early on.

We need to reframe the way we see rejection because it is unavoidable.

So now what?

You can be the best, juiciest, sweetest, most delicious peach in the world. But there will always be someone who doesn’t like peaches and the important thing to remember is…. THAT’S OK.
3 Things We Need To Overcome Our Fear Of Interviewing

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