Hi, I’m Natalie,


I’ve been stuck in my share of jobs that I didn’t love… 


Like the time I had a “good paying job” that paid well but I had a bout of anxiety before walking in the door.. 


I felt terrified to quit, but I knew I couldn’t handle it much longer. 


The Manager who had hired me and was relying on me was going to be MAAAAD…. (He was a bit of a hot head, and to say he was going to be angry was an under-statement).


My husband was gonna be even more MAAAADDDD….  


But this was my life, I know I didn’t want this for it. 


So I made the very difficult decision.. 


I Quit a “well paying” job, with no immediate place to go.


It was a bold move.


It was very scary to leave a place of being “secure” with a nice paycheque where everything was going fine on the outside…


But it had to be done.


& My boss Got Mad alright…


My husband yelled as expected… and (Oh ya I didn’t tell him I was quitting…)

I don’t all together blame him for being scared, (I was scared too), but I knew I couldn’t tell him before-hand or he’d have talked me out of it.


I’ll never forget the moment I told him, he was livid! 


I heard his loud and powerful voice ringing through the halls of our building. 


“YOU GAVE UP $48,000 DOLLARS A YEAR with no other options! 


Why Would you do that? Are you nuts? What are WE Gonna do now!?” He put his hand over his forehead… 


But, I was the one going into that job every day (not him). 


That’s what led me to ultimately pull the plug. 


I WAS The one living in the decision to go into that office every day (Not Him). 


I’d sit in the car not wanting to go in, delaying it for as long as I could… It was becoming more and more unbearable.


I had a plan and I knew what I wanted. 


I wanted to focus on finding a great work environment, doing work I really wanted to do and enjoyed, + PAID Me even more, and I KNEW it was possible. 


I decided I wanted to work for a Technology Company Downtown and make 60k/year to start (more than I’d ever made before at this point in my career). 


Obviously this also had to happen as soon as possible.

I set a 30 day goal. 


Long story short, that’s EXACTLY what I Did. 


I believed hard enough for both of us and made it happen. 


EVEN when he was mad at my decision, and even when HE didn’t believe it was possible to do it. 


I let him be mad. 


I did what I knew I needed to do. 


And I look back now and I can’t imagine NOT doing it.


If you have a burning desire that eats at you every morning, a nagging voice that tells you things like…


“You could really be working on that other larger project and helping out bigger clients”


“You could really be more involved in those meetings and learning more about the business so you could help implement even more powerful solutions…”


You need to listen and take it seriously. 


You need to treat that nagging whisper as a shout. 


Or It will slowly eat away at you.


If you don’t, you’re missing the journey you’re meant to take in your life. 


You’re missing out on the bigger life you were meant to live.


If I hadn’t made that pivotal decision back in 2014, I wouldn’t have gone on to reach 100k/ year in the next 5 years of my career…


I wouldn’t have helped hundreds of others like you, see that it’s possible to ditch the job you don’t love and find the one you do AND make more and more money as you go… 


Too many of us are living our lives based out of fear. 


Any of this sound familiar?


Fear that you might fail…


Fear someone will be mad at you…


Fear you might “let someone down”… 


Fear that someone won’t be happy with your decision…


Fear that someone (our spouse, boss, or co-worker) doesn’t believe what you want is possible… (So you secretly think maybe they could be right)…


As a result we keep doing what you “Think you have to do.” 


When the heart-breaking truth is, it’s SO FAR From what YOU really want. 


It’s so far from what YOU really want for your life or where you see yourself in 1,5 or 10 years from now.


And as a result you play REALLY Small.


If you’re in a role right now that looks fairly decent on paper, you get paid well enough and you’re good at what you do… 


But you know you want more opportunity to work on more challenging and interesting projects… 


You want to be using new tools, and working with different people, where you can really shine and be in your element… 


You badly want to move forward in your career but instead you spend time feeling stuck where you’re Good (Even GREAT) at what you’re doing, and people tell you this all the time. 


But YOU ARE NOT satisfied.

You want to stop working so hard to exceed other people’s expectations and start focusing on your own. 


You know you have the brains to do it, and if you’d JUST GET THE OPPORTUNITY,  You know you could perform at a much higher level and really spread your wings. 


But you haven’t…


Here’s Why:


You don’t have the self-confidence to go after it, (and that’s totally normal, as you know I Was there)… 


But also… the reason you don’t have the self-confidence yet, is because you don’t know the extent of your own value, and you don’t know how much your capability is really being wasted right now… 


Not just that, but every day, month and year that you stay in the same place you’re eroding away at your confidence without knowing it.


You don’t know Your capability, or your FULL Value YET. 


That is what I help with. 


When you understand your true value and you feel it in your bones. You’ll find you have NO Problem “selling yourself”.


If you’re ready to start:


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